Assistance Program

Colorado mortgage assistance and foreclosure help programs.

There is assistance available in Colorado to help with paying your mortgage, as well as assistance if you are facing foreclosure. There are many resources available in all cities for those who need advice, counseling, or financial aid.

Colorado Foreclosure Hotline

Colorado has set up a telephone hotline for people who are facing foreclosure on their homes. The number to reach customer service is 1-877-601-4673.

The Colorado Foreclosure Hotline is a service that helps homeowners connect with mortgage counselors who can provide information and assistance with foreclosure. These counselors can help communicate between the borrower and lender about bills and mortgage loans. Colorado has a hotline available for people who are experiencing financial difficulties or other problems related to their loans.

Borrowers who are currently behind on their mortgage payments.

Even people who have not yet missed a mortgage payment, but who may be concerned that they may fall behind or miss a future payment should call.

If you get a foreclosure notice from your lender, call them right away. If you wait too long to ask for help, you probably won’t be successful.

If you are having trouble communicating with your mortgage lender or servicer, you should call the government program. If you don’t hear back from your bank, call the hotline for help.

The state tries to help borrowers by giving them information about programs that may be able to help them from the federal government and private banks.

Non-profit organizations that provide counseling

The state of Colorado has several agencies that homeowners can contact for free mortgage delinquency counseling and foreclosure help. A list of housing agencies in Colorado can be found online and in most phone books.

Denver housing counseling agencies

Homeowners in the county and city of Denver can contact a foreclosure and/or non-profit housing counseling agency for free advice and services. The non-profits will try to help families with mortgage problems and try to stop them from losing their homes. There are many agencies in Denver that help people keep their homes and avoid foreclosure. These agencies can help with things like budgeting, finding new employment, and negotiating with creditors.

Colorado law that delays foreclosures

The state of Colorado has created a new law that will give most homeowners an extra 90 days to keep their homes from going into foreclosure. This delay will give families more time to work out arrangements with their banks and lenders in order to prevent foreclosure from happening. It also allows time for someone to receive help from a professional counselor or lawyer. The foreclosure law has been changed so that homeowners will now have more time to modify, negotiate, or refinance their current loan.

People have time to sign up for government programs. If someone cannot afford to pay their mortgage in full, they may be able to make partial payments, pay a portion of their loan, or potentially keep their home. There is a new law that has been put into place in Colorado that will delay foreclosures. This will give people who are struggling to make their mortgage payments some extra time to get back on track.

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