Columbus and Franklin County Urban League assistance programs.

The Columbus Urban League provides services that focus on housing, education, and employment. The agency provides resources to families in the Franklin County area to help with homelessness prevention and to increase employment and educational opportunities.

This means that the agency has been approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide counseling services. The Housing Services Department from the Urban League can help with different problems that tenants, people who want to buy a home, and people who are having trouble paying their mortgage face. Below are some of the main programs.

Renter, homeowner and tenant resources from Urban League

This means that if you are a tenant, you may be eligible for assistance. They can help landlords and tenants by giving them counseling or helping them work together to solve their differences. Any discriminatory housing issues that renters face can be addressed as well. The urban league may have referrals for emergency rental programs for those who are behind on rent or have an eviction notice. If you’re looking for a new, affordable apartment, we can help you search for a home or find security deposit assistance.

There are a lot of resources available to help renters in Columbus, Ohio. If you think you’re being discriminated against by a landlord, call the HUD approved Urban League right away. They can help with things like referrals and financial aid.

Homeowners can receive counseling after they purchase or foreclose on a home if they need it. The city of Columbus Ohio offers a Pre-purchase Education course to help residents learn about the process of buying a home.

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The Urban League is fighting for those who are disadvantaged. This means that people have both safe and affordable places to live. They often work with other groups to provide this kind of service. If you need legal assistance in Ohio, you can get help from a free lawyer.

Franklin County Ohio employment and educational assistance programs

The Workforce Development and Career Services Department from Columbus Urban League can help you find a job. This will help people become economically independent, earn enough money to support themselves and their families, and have a stable life. The programs that are administered include finding a job, free career counseling, staying in a job and advancing in a job. The organization helps connect employers with potential employees in the Franklin County area. They aim to help companies find quality employees and help people find jobs that match their skillsets.

The additional employment resources are from the organization New Beginnings. This was designed to help people move from being able to take care of themselves to being able to maintain their stability over a long period of time. This program provides food assistance to Franklin County residents who are currently receiving assistance or are unemployed.

The Urban League and New Beginnings are organizations that help people to improve their skills so they can find jobs. They offer courses that teach people how to interview for jobs, how to write resumes, and how to do other things that will help them to be successful in the workforce. The services provided will help with writing resumes and cover letters, as well as providing training on how to keep a job. After successfully completing the education component of the development program, participants will be helped to find a job and will be referred to potential employers.

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The Education and Youth Services provides opportunities for leadership development and life-skills training for teens and young adults in Franklin County and beyond. There are many programs and resources dedicated to helping young people.

The Summer Youth Empowerment Program helps young people aged 22 and under to gain work experience. The CUL Urban League participates in the After school Educational Enrichment Initiative in partnership with the Hannah Ashton Middle Schools as well as the Columbus Collegiate Academy. This Initiative provides educational enrichment opportunities for students in grades 6 through 8 who attend these schools. The goal of the Initiative is to help close the achievement gap by providing these students with opportunities to improve their academic skills and to develop positive relationships with adults who can serve as mentors and role models.

More employment focused resources include First Step, which is a program that provides workforce development and education resources for out of school youth. The program will provide them with opportunities for job placement, occupational skills training, academics, and college preparation. There is a summer reading program available as well as a program to help prevent alcohol and drug abuse.

Head Start is a program for kids in Columbus. The Urban League was created to use the talents, skills and resources of the people in the city. This program is designed to help young students succeed academically by providing them with the necessary tools and resources.

The goals of the Urban League are to improve literacy, language skills, cognition, and general knowledge. This means that children and youth can get help with improving their physical health, as well as their ability to learn and develop new motor skills. Additionally, they can also work on general social skills. CUL partners with many different organizations and non-profits that work with Head Start, including Ohio State University, Southwestern City Schools, Columbus City Schools, Canal Winchester Local Schools and Groveport Madison Local Schools, as well as Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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The urban league will help those who have not finished high school or only have a GED to find a job in the Franklin county area. This can help people who are not in the majority, people who have come from other countries, and people who have few opportunities. The Urban League is a resource for jobs that require skills as well as for jobs that only require a GED.

Applying for help

The Columbus Urban League can help low income families in many ways including providing resources, referrals, and programming. The goal is to help clients become independent. This means that both short-term and long-term needs can be met. The center is at 788 Mount Vernon Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43203. Contact them at (614) 257-6300.

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