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Community Action Partnership of Mercer County assistance programs.

The Community Action Partnership of Mercer County can help low-income residents with things like housing, food, and utility bills. There are several resources available for people who are struggling or unemployed. Programs that help with housing issues, like preventing foreclosures, can be helpful. There are also funds and grants available to help with heating bills and other basic needs for people who are less fortunate in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

CAPMC helps with mortgages and foreclosures. The organization is certified by the government to provide HUD housing counseling services. They also work closely with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to make sure resources are used efficiently. The center provides services such as Budget Counseling, Homebuyer Education, Landlord Mediation, Rental Housing Assistance, Default and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling, and Loss Mitigation to help people with HUD housing. There is also guidance available for prospective home buyers on how to manage their credit and budget.

The Community Action Partnership of Mercer County also provides grants to cover closing costs as well as workshops on homebuying. This includes foreclosure and refinancing assistance.

The $1 Energy Fund is an option for people in Mercer County who need help paying their energy bills. The community action agency can help low-income families and individuals with utility bill problems by providing support, assistance and financial aid. The focus is on paying for natural gas and heating bills. Only applicants who have made at least $150 in payments on their account in the last 3 months could be eligible for help with this program.

The $1 Energy Fund may not apply to everyone, such as seniors age 62 and over, who must have paid at least $100 during the last 90 days. Applicants will need to provide a recent bill as proof of payment. Other forms of income, past payment history and more is required to qualify for a cash grant for heating bills.

The Water Heating Repair or Replacement Program helps people with faulty or dangerous primary heating systems, such as furnaces. The label is also for water heating equipment.

Customers who have an active account with National Fuel Gas and who use natural gas as the primary heat source are eligible to apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, provided that the family’s total gross income is at or below 200% of the Federal Government Poverty Guideline. This program is only available for people who own their homes and have lived in them for at least one year. If someone qualifies for help, then the arrangement to replace or repair the equipment is made within 2 days of referral notification.

Housing assistance is available from CAPMC for seniors and people with disabilities. They manage housing units in the area, including those below. Others may be referred to assistance with rent, or case managers can help with arranging loans for housing or rental expenses. Passavant Memorial Homes, 488 Memorial Drive, Zelienople, PA 16063 The following are transitional housing units: Westfield Towers Tushim Manor 20 Coolspring Street Mercer, PA North East Manor 4132 South Washington Street North East, PA Garden Way Senior Apartments 2350 Garden Way Hermitage, PA Hempfield Apartments, South 94 Hadley Road Greenville, PA 16125 William A. Passavant Memorial Homes 488 Memorial Drive Zelienople, PA 16063 The Gargano Towers is a tall building located at 941 Sharon-New Castle Road in Farrell, Pennsylvania.

If you are a tenant who is struggling to pay rent, or if you are homeless, CAP of Mercer County can help you by referring you to agencies that can help you pay rent. There are many national and regional programs.

The CAP – Customer Assistance Program agreement is a payment plan for customers who are struggling to pay their bills. This means that the energy company itself provides and installs the solar panels on your home. This is the cheapest payment plan that Penn Power can offer to its customers.

If you qualify for the home weatherization program, you must also sign an agreement with Penn Power’s WARM Program. These resources, such as the CAP and weatherization programs, are only for families that meet certain income requirements.

If you need help paying your heating bill, the Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund may be able to provide you with financial assistance. The program is funded by donations and is designed to help families and individuals who cannot afford to pay their utility bills. it is a voluntary program that provides financial assistance to those who qualify.

If you owe money for utilities, you can use money to pay that bill. You might also need money to replace old equipment or to buy heating fuel. A person must be receiving disability benefits or unemployment income, 55 years or older, able to demonstrate a certified medical emergency and be a resident of the National Fuel Gas service territory to be eligible for Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Funds.

Aid is only available to those who have used up all other energy assistance programs. To be eligible for this program, they need to do this first. The amount of help available is limited, and it can only be used once during the year.

The SSVF provides housing assistance to veterans and their families in the county. The community action group helps Veterans in Mercer County who are experiencing a housing crisis and provides them with resources to improve their living conditions. It can help with things like preventing you from being evicted, getting emergency rent assistance, and finding shelter.

The CAPMC provides eligible Veterans and their families with support. This means providing help in getting food, housing, healthcare, and other needs met for Veterans. Other services available through the organization include affordable child care, help with daily living tasks, healthcare guidance, personal financial planning, free transportation, and housing counseling services.

If you are a veteran, you may be able to get help from the government to pay for things like rent or a security deposit. This fund can help the homeless get and keep a place to live. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides rental and housing assistance to eligible veterans through a variety of programs. Veterans can learn more about these programs and how to apply for them by visiting the VA’s website.

Weatherization Works helps low-income families make their homes more energy efficient by installing things like insulation. Additionally, contractors will also resolve any current minor safety and health concerns. This weatherization program provides assistance to households whose income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

Job training and education from CAPMC Community Action Partnership of Mercer County

The Pennsylvania Work Ready Program helps people become more independent by providing assessments, social services, and job training. The program enables individuals to identify their strengths and work on overcoming any difficulties they may face, rather than dwell on any limitations they may have. Case managers help their clients develop problem solving skills so they can be more independent and self-sufficient. Other services that are available include things that can help someone become more independent, like self-sufficiency counseling. There is also Remedial Education, which can help improve skills needed for a job. There is also Subsidized Employment, which can help with finding a job. And finally, there are classes on things like Microsoft Office and Computer Skills, which can help make someone more employable.

The Mercer County and CAPMC Head Start Program is a government-funded program that provides free services to children, pregnant women, new moms, and their families. This program is for people who make less money than what is defined by the Federal poverty guidelines. Education services from Head Start and schools include teaching children how to read, write, and do math. Health and Nutrition services include teaching children about healthy eating habits and providing nutritious meals. Mental health services include teaching children how to cope with stress and providing counseling. Disabilities services include teaching children how to communicate and providing access to special education services. Social Services include referrals to agencies that can provide assistance with food, housing, and medical care. To place an order, please call 724.346.4482.

The Community Action Partnership of Mercer County is located at 75 South Dock Street in Sharon, Pennsylvania. The community members can use the toll-free number 888.508.5216.

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