Financial help from Shore Up! community action agency.

If a family is struggling to make ends meet or is in the middle of a crisis, they can go to Shore Up for assistance. The community action agency helps clients who are struggling to break the cycle of living in poverty. They provide emergency financial help as well as self-sufficiency services, such as Adult Basic Education or VITA, as part of a case management plan.

Staff give help to families who live in different counties, for example Queen Anne’s, Kent, Talbot, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester. Shore Up partners with Second Harvest, the United Way, and other non-profits in the area to support even more people.

Emergency food, housing, medical and financial help

The community action agency helps people in difficult situations. The organization provides emergency housing, medical care, food and financial services to people in need using funding from the United Way and other sources.

The City Utility Department offers a service to help with electricity and heating bills. Other organizations offer grants to help pay for electric and gas utilities, depending on how much money they have available.

The Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program provides funding to help with housing needs. Shore Up may help with rental or mortgage payments or heating expenses if there is extra money available. There may be emergency housing assistance available in some counties, like Talbot.

Weatherization makes homes more energy efficient and lower energy costs. The program really helps with heating costs, which can be a big help for low-income homeowners and renters in Queen Anne’s or Worcester Maryland. It makes heating systems more efficient by eliminating sources of heat loss.

The USDA provides free food to people in emergency situations through a program called Second Harvest. There may be assistance available for medical needs, such as medications or transportation to a clinic. The non-profit will provide information about other organizations that may be able to help, including the Salvation Army, City Utilities, Second Harvest, and more. -Homebuyer’s education -Financial counseling and coaching -Rental counseling and coaching -Mortgage default counseling -Mortgage delinquency counseling Shore Up! Also offers programs to help with buying a home, renting, financial counseling, and avoiding mortgage defaults and delinquencies.

Loretta Village offers subsidized housing in Princess Anne, Maryland. There are many apartments for low-income families and seniors. The apartment complex includes a shared laundry room, stove, refrigerator and carpet in each unit. Additionally, tenants have access to water and trash services.

Shore Up uses repairs and rehabilitation to improve living conditions for eligible low-income homeowners. There are services to help people keep their homes, as well as financial assistance to pay for fixing up and repairing homes.

Shore Up offers many different types of programs to help meet the needs of seniors and disabled residents in its service area. These needs include emotional and social support, recreational activities, physical assistance, and educational opportunities. The Adult Day Program provides services for the elderly and people with disabilities aged 16 and over. These services include activities such as socializing, recreation, and health-related services. Adult Day Services provide specific programming that includes therapeutic activities, help with personal care, and meals served. They also help with other daily tasks. The majority of these services are offered by social workers and an on-site registered nurse.

The Wicomico Senior Citizens center collaborates with Shore Up to provide Meals on Wheels and other center-based programming. Volunteers from the community action agency deliver hot, nutritious meals to people who cannot leave their homes. The Senior Center Plus Program also provides respite services.

The elderly are taken care of more if they need it. Shore Up! also provides services for people who live in their own home and need help with activities of daily living. These services are provided in Maryland. This means that there are people who are certified to help with things like getting to appointments, doing light cleaning and cooking, as well as helping with personal care.

The Foster Grandparents Program offers seniors the opportunity to find employment. This means that seniors in certain counties who are aged 55 or older can work part-time with children and earn money without having to pay taxes on it. Some options for working with children include working at a day care while parents take job training; working one-on-one with a child who needs extra help; helping preschool teachers with their students; or help them participate in another type of child-focused programming.

Shore Up education and financial literacy services

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) provides free federal and state income tax return preparation for eligible taxpayers. VITA sites are generally located at community and neighborhood centers, libraries, schools, shopping malls, and other convenient locations. Shore Up will also help clients with filing taxes electronically, for qualifying families and individuals. VITA services can help you with your taxes if you have income from wages (W2), pension and retirement (1099R), Unemployment (1099G), or Social Security/Disability. They can also help you complete Schedules for C-EZ, A, B, and D.

When applying for VITA, people need to bring Photo Identification, including State of Maryland or Driver’s License for everyone aged 18 and over, the IRS Intake/Quality Review Form, Social Security Card or ITIN for each individual listed on the return, and all tax as well as income forms such as W2s, 1099s, and so on.

Shore Up! is an organization that helps people break the cycle of poverty by providing education and training courses. These courses include Adult Basic Education (ABE) or GED General Equivalency Diploma preparation. Instructors and partners of the community action agency help students and see their progress as they work independently using computer-based programs that are personalized for each student.

The Office of Employment and Training helps people learn the skills they need to get a job and keep it. This is done to help people become more independent and to build their confidence. The training programs help with employability in the difficult Maryland job market and help with job placement.

The Job Program for Youth is a free, 40-week training course that is offered to 16 to 19-year-olds who have been adjudicated in Maryland. The agency will give people the opportunity to get a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or to improve their skills. This program provides job seekers with the opportunity to learn essential skills that will help them be successful in the workforce. The program offers training in a variety of areas, including job readiness, interpersonal skills, and job-specific skills.

The other service is Health Assistant Training. The Shore Up program is a multiple-week program that includes both classroom and hands-on experience. The program is designed to train participants to become either Geriatric Nursing Assistants or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs).

is a website that helps with English Shore Up! Inc. is a website that helps people improve their English skills. Helping children also helps the adults who are helping them. The programs offered by Head Start, Early Head Start, and Wicomico Family Support provide support and resources for families with young children. These programs can help families with everything from early childhood education to food assistance and parenting support. The last one is for parents with newborn to five-year-old children, as well as pregnant women. The following are the components of it.

Social activities and recreational activities help families bond with each other, and there are also workshops that parents can attend to get Involved in the community. This is to support fathers in their children’s education, including volunteer opportunities, with an emphasis on encouraging fathers to participate. The Wicomico Family Support and Early Head Start offer services such as nutrition, hot meals, prenatal education, medical care, and infant care and development.

The agency’s main office is located at 520 Snow Hill Rd., Salisbury, MD 21804-6031, but it offers support in several other counties as well. To speak with someone about the SHORE UP program, call 410-749-1142.

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