Rent Assistance

Find help with rent in Shelby County Alabama.

There is rent assistance available for those in need in Shelby County Alabama, as well as other housing programs. The goal of these organizations is to help those in need with any housing needs they have, including the very low income, working poor, elderly, and even single moms or dads. The type of assistance available varies, but can include financial assistance to help pay rent, grants to help with security deposits, free legal aid or mediation, and shelter.

There is only a limited amount of financial aid available to help people pay their bills, whether it is for energy to prevent homelessness or rent to prevent eviction. In many cases one of the Shelby County agencies will provide the following services. so that the client can keep their home They may try to help the landlord or tenant come to a solution, refer the client to a government grant that can help with their rent, help them move into a new affordable home, or address any employment or budgeting needs so that the client can keep their home.

The chances of getting money to help pay rent or other expenses like a security deposit are not high. Some people may use loans to finance their purchase. This means looking at things like help with chores, transportation, or other needs that don’t involve money. If you need help from other programs that offer rentals, you can use this program.

They are located in Columbiana, Alabama. The phone number is (205) 669-3836 They help fight poverty by giving referrals to emergency rent assistance programs. This may include money to pay rent, services to help you find housing quickly, shelter, and more. They will not have money themselves; they will only give advice.

call 1-866-456-4995 for free legal aid Lawyers can provide free legal assistance to help prevent an eviction.

The church is located at 6107 Highway 31 in Calera, AL, and offers assistance with things like home repairs, rent, loans, and home repair for the elderly or disabled.

The address is 111 Alabama Ave, Columbiana, AL 35051 and the phone number is (205) 669-6921. The organization provides housing assistance through section 8 HUD vouchers and other support services such as shelter.

The Salvation Army provides food, clothing and other necessities to the needy. There are many programs that can offer help with finding food, housing, and other resources. If you are at risk of becoming homeless, or are already homeless, there are programs that can help you find and keep housing. These programs are called homeless prevention and rapid rehousing.

The Shelby Emergency Assistance organization can help people who are behind on their mortgage or rent payments, or who have other urgent financial needs. They also help with utility or rental payments – utility deposits when moving.

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