Rent Assistance

Find rent help in Long Beach.

Several charities in Long Beach California are committed to providing emergency rent assistance and other support to families with low incomes who are struggling. They provide financial assistance to help with housing costs, as well as advocating for more affordable housing options in the city. Funding is limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis to residents who qualify. There may also be short-term rent assistance or funds for other housing-related expenses, such as a security deposit or utility bill.

Clients need to be in a difficult situation that they did not create. There are several examples of when someone may need help paying their rent. This could happen if they lose their job, have an unexpected medical bill, or are going through a divorce. There are many organizations that can provide assistance with rent, and they can be found through a simple online search.

If you are a veteran and are struggling to pay your rent, you can seek help from the government. The government provides referrals to grants or voucher programs, such as section 8, which can help you pay your rent.

There may be other types of aid available for senior citizens or the disabled in Long Beach. This means that when the current funds are gone, no more will be given.

8th Street Los Angeles, CA 90017 The main address for Beyond Shelter is 1301 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles, CA. The Housing First program provides outreach to landlords and financial assistance for rent to help people experiencing homelessness. They also provide services such as job placement, case management, credit repair and rehousing for the homeless. Federal grants are used to fund these rental assistance programs.

5th Street Suite 409 Long Beach, CA 90802 The City Of Long Beach Housing Authority is responsible for the Department Of Community Development. The main address for this department is 521 E. 5th Street Suite 409 Long Beach, CA 90802. The government office on Fourth Street in Long Beach, California will process applications for rent subsidy vouchers from section 8 housing. They also administer the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS). There is often a wait list for these resources. Other programs offered by the government include public housing, mediation, and grants.

The Unity of Life Foundation in Long Beach, CA offers interest-free loans for rental expenses, social services, and other eviction prevention services to those in need. The city of Long Beach is focused on keeping families together, including single parent households.

Lutheran Social Services of Long Beach and Southern California rarely gets any funding. The main focus is on helping veterans and children who are homeless with security deposits or transitional housing.

The Long Beach Community Action Partnership can offer referrals to help people in poverty. ESG grants can help with rent, low income apartments, job training, and utility bills.

The Salvation Army provides emergency financial assistance for things like energy bills, rent, and shelter. These programs are funded by donations.

Long Beach Legal Aid is a non-profit organization that provides free legal services to low-income residents in the city of Long Beach, California. They offer a variety of services, including help with housing issues. If you are a tenant or landlord and have any legal issues, the free legal support can help.

The Veterans Initiative provides assistance to veterans and their families through federal grants from the SSVF. This assistance can take the form of rental assistance, utility bill assistance, or other necessary support. They need to make an income at or below poverty level, which is 30% of the city of Long Beach Area Median. There are also services to help with the transition to a new home, reintegration into society, applying for VA benefits, job placement, and more. These services are in addition to the grants for paying rent.

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