Free eye exams and prescription glasses in Wisconsin.

In an effort to prevent blindness, and ensure full access to free prescription glasses as well as vision testing, the Wisconsin Project was created by several different organizations. A number of agencies that do not make a profit contribute to its success, as well as volunteer doctors, optical labs, and optometrists who participate fully in the service. You can find information on how to get free eye exams, glasses and other eye care below.

The focus is on helping children, but others can get referrals for programs to help with vision needs. The Wisconsin Project is a program that provides health care assistance to low-income families who do not have health insurance. It is possible that the insurance company has a policy that does not cover the cost of prescription glasses or eye exams. In these situations, the agency may be able to help.

The majority of the assistance provided is for residents under the age of 18 who have not had any care in the last 12 months. The main users of this program are students and infants or newborns. This project will have the most impact if it focuses on this age group. If there is a problem with the patient’s eyes, it is better to diagnose it as soon as possible.

Wisconsin families can apply for assistance from the Wisconsin Project if they are over the age of 18. Some senior citizens may have special eye care needs, regardless of their income. maybe they need an operation to remove cataracts or for other needs The WOA can provide referrals for free care in Wisconsin. There are many community clinics in Wisconsin.

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The applicant for vision care will need to have a low income, no matter the age of what is needed. This means that they need to earn less than twice the amount that the government considers to be the poverty level. This will also depend on the number of people in the household. The income cut off is higher when there are more family members.

There are many types of free eye care assistance available in Wisconsin. One type of assistance is free testing. Other potential treatments that may be required include surgery, hospitalization, and treatment for diabetes diseases. The cost of this may be very low. The Wisconsin eye doctors that are part of the Project may bill patients based on how much they can afford to pay, or they will request a donation. This means that the cost is only meant to cover the expenses that the agency has spent. This does not generate profit.

Prescription glasses and contact lenses usually have a small price. The Wisconsin Project will never give these out for free. If the applicant has no money or income, they can try the Lions Club for glasses. This national organization will also try to solve vision problems for low income and uninsured people.

As noted, the focus is on children. The Wisconsin Optometric Association will provide free check ups for children before they go back to school. Some eye doctors offer free services to those who qualify.

The non-profit wants more children to get their eyes checked. This means that when a family does not have a lot of money, they often do not get the medical care that they need. So WOA and their partners work together to fix this problem. It is important to get eye care for your children as early as possible, whether you are a single mom or have a newborn.

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Applying for free eye care, glasses, or lenses in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Project is a research organization located in Madison, Wisconsin. Families with children who need free eye care can dial 1-877-435-2020. Other individuals who need free eye care should contact a clinic as noted above.

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