Assistance Program

Hamilton and Suwannee County assistance programs.

Resources for help with bills and basic needs

There are not many non-profits in the area, but there are some options available for low income families, the unemployed, seniors, and others.

Catholic Charities provides services to many communities in the area. The resources they offer are not very abundant and will largely rely on donations from the public. Some examples of the help they provide are listed below.

Some programs focus on providing people with the basic necessities that they need in order to live. This can include providing gently used clothing, free food, and items such as bedding or personal hygiene.

Transportation assistance may be offered for local travel within Suwannee County. This can include discount cards for public transportation or vouchers to pay for gasoline.

There will be very little financial assistance available. Some low income people may be able to get help with rent, mortgage or utility bills from the government. A security deposit is money that a person gives to a landlord as a way to make sure that the person will pay rent on time and will not damage the property.

This agency is also a good place to find information about government programs in the state of Florida. You can get help completing a Food Stamps/SNAP application or learn about how to apply for and pay for IDs such as Birth Certificates. This means that people who need help from the state of Florida will be able to get it. This includes things like food assistance, cash assistance, and health care.

Special holiday meals and gifts may be offered for children.

The main Catholic Charity center that supports Hamilton and other counties can be reached at (386) 754-9180.

A non-profit organization based in Florida that seeks to improve the quality of life of those in the Suwannee River Valley through economic development. The Community Action Agency is a regional non-profit organization that helps people in need. The organization provides food, clothing, and other necessities to people in the community. The Community Action Agency also offers programs and services that help people improve their lives. Some organizations may offer direct financial assistance, but in most cases, case managers will help people apply for government assistance programs at the county, state, and federal level. If you qualify, you may be able to get some or all of the following.

Providing help with paying for utility bills, including costs for heating and cooling. If you are struggling to support your family and are living in poverty, speak to a staff worker who can help you access case management and support services. These services can help improve your situation and provide you with the resources and assistance you need to get back on your feet. I can help you find referrals and applications to other social service agencies and organizations that can help you. If you need help with things like rent, housing, and food, you can get emergency assistance. The agency is committed to helping people who are struggling with poverty and providing them with the resources they need to achieve stability.

The council will use a grant to try to meet needs. However, there is only a limited amount of funding available, and in some cases a low-income family may be referred to other non-profit organizations in Suwannee County, or they may be given a loan to help pay their bills. The Suwannee River Economic Council is located at 214 West Hatley in Jasper, Florida. The Council provides programs and services to help improve the economic conditions of the area. For more information, call 792-2941.

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Mayport Auxiliary support members of the U.S. Naval Service and their eligible family members. Some veterans may need help, and there are programs in place to assist them. Get help applying for government benefits like veterans’ health care. The non-profit can receive and manage funds to carry out these programs. 1234 Baltimore Street, Mayport, Florida 32228. To get intake and information, call 270-5418.

Christ Church of Peace has a food pantry where people in need can go to get food. The food pantry offers groceries, canned goods, and emergency food boxes. To reach customer service, please call 387-2020.

The NAIDE pantry in Jennings, Florida provides free food to those in need. Please call (386) 938-3609. The non-profit will provide free food to people in need of help. Each household will get a maximum of 25 pounds of food every other month.

The Suwannee County Health Department can provide public health services. This can include things like making sure people are vaccinated, taking care of people with STDs, HIV/IDS, and helping with family planning. It can also include improving pregnancy outcomes, providing primary care, dental health, child health, and making sure diseases are not spreading. Some other medical care options include things like promoting healthy communities and preventing tobacco use. There are also programs to help expectant mothers and improve school health. The government health centers have information on discounted prescription programs, but these programs are rare. To reach the health department, please call 915 Nobles Ferry Road in Live Oak, Florida. If you need help paying for your medication, you can call this number or click on the patient assistance programs link.

The Love in the Name of Christ of Suwannee County organization may have some funding available to help with paying bills and everyday living costs. Other things that may be offered are material goods, such as clothing or household items. Get help with your water and electric bills. Other types of support that may be available include help with emergency expenses such as rent or utilities, furniture, and clothing. A food pantry is available for those who need it. This is the address of Howard Street in Live Oak, Florida. The number to reach the telephone is (386) 364-4673.

There are regional clothing banks which provide free clothes, holiday goods, Christmas assistance and more. There are many ways that churches, charities, and non-profits can help those in need in the community. They can provide food, clothing, and shelter to those who are homeless or struggling to make ends meet. They can also offer programs and services that can help people get back on their feet and improve their lives. There are a lot of things available, and some places may even have food or money to help you out. This refers to clothing closets in the northeastern region of Florida.

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