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Haskell, Jones, Kent, Knox, Stonewall, Throckmorton assistance programs.

The following website provides information on how to get help with bills and expenses in Haskell, Jones, Kent, Knox, Stonewall, and Throckmorton Texas: There are organizations that can help low-income people with financial assistance, food, housing, and other resources. There is a list of free food, dental or medical care, mortgage help, eviction assistance and other resources available. There are many resources available for local churches, charities, and non-profit agencies.

The Aspermont Small Business Development Center is a community action agency that provides coverage to the region. They may be able to help low-income families by referring them to grant programs or providing emergency financial assistance. The counselors will work with the applicant to help them become independent over time.

Some programs can help low to moderate income residents with things like services and resources. There may be financial assistance available to help pay for heating and utility bills, emergency funds for disconnect notices, security deposits, eyeglasses and dental care, and rental eviction notices.

The community action agency can help connect you with other resources and programs. Texas has a lot of places where people can get food for free. Community action agencies can help patients find places to get free health care, such as community clinics.

If you want to start your own small business, you can call the Aspermont Small Business Development Center at (940) 989-3538 for help. The goal is to provide financial aid, but in some cases a referral is given to loans and other sources of funding.

The Salvation Army provides a number of services and assistance programs to those in need, including free food, community services, overnight shelter, hot meals, emergency aid services (such as rent and utility bills), residential substance abuse treatment, disaster services, and counseling. This organization provides a limited amount of financial assistance for emergency expenses such as rent, cooling bills, utilities, or other unique needs. The federal government also has an eviction prevention program called Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP). To place an order, please call 325.677.1408.

The Modest Needs Foundation is a non-profit that provides financial assistance to individuals and families who have a one-time emergency expense. A lot of different types of expenses and bills are paid for. The organization’s website is, and their phone number is 415.956.9395.

The Rolling Plains Management can help you with your energy bills from the state’s Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). This resource provides financial assistance to low income individuals and families who are struggling to pay their utility bills. If you would like to speak to someone at our company, please call the number 325.672.3969.

The food pantry at the Christian Ministries center provides food for anyone in need, regardless of their religion. They focus their support on Haskell County, but may give referrals to other charities. They focus on providing food, clothing, and other necessary items to those in need. The Christian Ministries of Highland Church of Christ provides food, clothing, and other items to those in need. This is a phone number.

By God’s Hands Food Pantry provides free food, groceries, and perishable items to the community and meals for the disabled and elderly. If you need help, call 325.514.4931.

The address of Helping Hands Ministries is 401 Commercial Ave, Anson, Texas 79501. There is a room in the house where there are shelves with food that does not go bad, laundry soap, presents for Christmas or Thanksgiving, and more. The number is three two five, seven two one, zero eight one seven.

The Ministerial Alliance is an organization of ministers that provides assistance to those in need. If you need assistance, please call 940-864-2581. The church based group in Haskell, Texas offers free food, groceries, and other assistance. The Ministerial Alliance is a group of Christian ministers who work together to promote the welfare of their communities. They provide assistance to those in need, and advocate for social justice. The Ministerial Alliance also works to promote understanding and cooperation between different denominations.

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