Help from churches in the Western Greenbrier Ministerial Association.

Families who cannot afford basic necessities can seek help from the Western Greenbrier Ministerial Association. This charity is made up of several churches and religious organizations, and assistance is provided without discrimination or judgment. If you need help with food, clothes, or money, there are places that can give you what you need.

The programs we offer are mostly possible because of donations from kind members of the community, as well as money raised from fundraisers. The churches in the Association usually help the people who are most in need, such as children and senior citizens in the Greenbrier West Virginia region.

The Western Greenbrier Ministerial Association provides hot meals to those in need every day throughout the year. The meals are nutritious and filling, and help those who may not otherwise have access to a hot meal. In Lewisburg and across the county, thousands of free meals are served downtown.

The food is the result of partnering with the community. This means that the food is made by people who are part of the community, and not by outsiders. There are many opportunities for people in the parish to help those who are less fortunate. Community members are needed to help cook and serve hot meals, collect food donations, and organize boxes of groceries. The Association is always looking for more volunteers and support from the Greenbrier County community.

The Western Greenbrier Ministerial Association is a group that works with other organizations to help those in need. They collect coats and other winter gear to give to people who can’t afford it. They also work with the Salvation Army to help the less fortunate. This partnership provides individuals in need with free winter coats, hats, gloves, and more. There are clothes that can keep you warm. The non-profit provides winter clothing donations and high impact distributions for Greenbrier County.

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The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides assistance to low-income households with energy bills. Churches may also have programs to help pay a portion of a heating bill for vulnerable households. The government helps low-income families pay for high heating bills in their homes during winter using LIHEAP grants. People can either fill out the paperwork themselves or go to the Western Greenbrier Ministerial Association offices to get help from a case manager.

When a church offers help, it is more limited in what it can do. Families from cities such as Lewisburg West Virginia may be given a few dollars from time to time based on the donation levels in place. This money will be focused on helping people pay for their winter heating bills, so that families with children or seniors can stay safe and warm.

The Western Greenbrier Ministerial Association provides free gifts, clothing, games, stockings and toys to the area’s most needy families through the Christmas program. The agency uses money that it has been donated to buy goods. The parents choose what their children will get for Christmas ahead of time based on what the children need and want.

Some items may be available for purchase on the premises. This happens when the office is run by volunteers who are supervised by staff. The churches in Greenbrier partner with other local charities such as the Salvation Army and the Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots program to avoid duplication and provide a central location for donated toys.

The Thrift Store is managed by churches in the area. It has affordable new and used clothing and household items as well as vouchers. The items are available to the public at a lower cost. If you are referred to the store by an agency, you may be able to get clothing for free. This is only for special cases.

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The Homeless Youth Continuum provides social services and support for young people under the age of 25 who need emergency shelter. The program also offers support that help them lead healthier lives and be productive members of the community.

The Western Greenbrier Ministerial Association is partnering with other organizations to provide support for the community, including a 24-hour access and assessment center, mental health counseling, alcohol and drug addiction support, and transitional housing. When the time is right for the guest to leave the shelter, they may be referred to the church’s financial aid programs to help with rent as well as other bills.

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