Rent Assistance

Help with rent and housing in St. Joseph County Indiana.

There are several charities, churches, and government assistance programs throughout St. Joseph County that offer emergency rent help, homeless shelters, and low-income housing. There are a variety of resources available to those in need, including financial assistance, free legal aid, grants, low-cost loans, and energy assistance. There are many ways to get funding to stop homelessness or pay for a new home or apartment. Some ways include government assistance programs, nonprofit organizations, or private donors.

Most of the housing resources are in the South Bend area, but there is also assistance available for college students who live in apartments or houses countywide. There are a few different types of financial assistance for housing, such as emergency rent help or HUD section 8 vouchers for income subsidized homes. Most of the rent or security deposit help is for those who are employed. The vulnerable people in St. Joseph County are the elderly, disabled, and single parents.

There are organizations that give money to college students to help them pay for rent, utilities, and other housing expenses. If the resource can’t help you with getting a rental, then try looking for other ways to get assistance.

The Department of Community & City of South Bend Economic Development helps builders develop low cost housing, have referrals to grant programs and homebuying loans, and information on government rent help.

There are many places in St. Joseph County where people can get free legal aid and assistance with housing problems or evictions. There are law students who volunteer at Notre Dame as well as at pro-bono law firms. They help with applications for government assistance in housing, discrimination in housing, and other legal matters. The Volunteer Lawyer Network is a non-profit organization that works to provide free legal assistance to low-income individuals and families in the South Bend, Indiana area. Call the number provided, as well as Indiana Legal Services for assistance. Call the number 574-234-8121. The Notre Dame Clinical Law Center provides legal assistance to low-income individuals and families in the South Bend, Indiana, area. The center’s phone number is 574-631-6704.

The Salvation Army St. Joseph County Kroc Center is a social service office that provides a variety of programs to help those in need, ranging from a homeless shelter to emergency rent, medical, and utility assistance. The main phone number for the center is (574) 233-9400. There is also help with managing cases, getting free motel vouchers (when there are enough resources), food, and other financial assistance. The Salvation Army in St. Joseph County provides housing assistance to those in need. This assistance can include help with finding housing, paying rent, and other related expenses. For more information on how the Salvation Army can help you with your housing needs, please contact them directly.

The Casa de Amistad is a non-profit organization in South Bend, Indiana that provides assistance to residents of the city, with a focus on helping youth, teens, and single parents. One time rent help, legal aid, DV services, storage help, and other financial aid may be arranged. This means that if you need help with rent, legal fees, or other financial assistance, there are organizations that can help you. They also help Spanish speakers and immigrants who are not familiar with common English phrases.

They help with things such as food, utility assistance, and weatherization services. The Real Services, Inc. Community Action Agency helps with things such as food, utility assistance and weatherization services for people living in St. Joseph County, Indiana. The government provides financial assistance for rent or mortgage payments, loans, anti-poverty programs, job placement, and many other programs. A main focus is on preventing homelessness, getting people employed, and giving referrals.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul South Bend and St. Joseph County is a group of churches and volunteers who help people with rent and housing. To speak to someone at our company, please call (574) 234-6000.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fort Wayne and South Bend Indiana provides assistance programs that may include free furniture, money for rent, food, or transportation. For details, call 574-234-3111. There are many services available to those in need, including free clothes, household items, pregnancy services and financial assistance for rent. Many people struggle to pay for their mortgage, especially during difficult times like winter. Some companies offer help with security deposits and heating costs to make it easier for people to keep up with their payments.

The United Religious Community of St. Joseph County is an organization that helps people, regardless of their faith. They provide food, clothing, and other necessities to those who need it. Main Street The main address is 501 N. Main Street. The street address is 501 North Main Street. The address of the street is Main Street, South Bend, IN 46601. Donations to the religious charity go towards assisting with rent, storage costs, mortgage payments, furniture needs and other bills. The churches provide shelter for immigrants and homeless people. Please call 574-282-2397, press 2 for the next available representative.

The agency also manages the Community Development Block Grants and HOME funds. The agency strives to enhance the quality of life for low to moderate income residents of South Bend, IN. The South Bend Housing Authority is an agency that is approved by the HUD. This agency offers the section 8 HCV, public housing, rent subsidized homes, FSS, and other housing resources. This agency is also in charge of the Community Development Block Grants and HOME funds. The goal of this agency is to improve the quality of life for low to moderate income residents of South Bend, IN. The main concern is for those who are elderly, impoverished, and have disabilities.

The ERA program in St. Joseph County is a joint effort between the government and local charities or non-profit organizations. The work to prevent evictions and foreclosures. This means that if you are qualified and there are funds available, up to a few months of your rent, water, or other housing bills can be covered. Call the united way 211 or 574-284-2060 for applications.

Short term and emergency housing

Hope Ministries is a charity located in South Bend, Indiana. I would like to call the number (574) 235-4150. They offer a safe place to stay, help with substance abuse problems, and food and support to people who are very vulnerable.

The address for St. Margaret’s House is 117 N. Lafayette Blvd in South Bend, Indiana. The main phone number for this company is (574) 234-7795.

The Our Lady of the Road organization provides assistance to homeless individuals and struggling college students. A place to shower, sleep, eat dinner, and get referrals to transitional housing. This is the address: 744 S Main St, South Bend, Indiana 46601. Please call 574-235-0623.

Archambeau was born in 1951 Robert L. Archambeau was born in 1951. The Miller, Sr. Veteran’s Center offers free housing, addiction treatment, support for VA benefit applications, and other support services. The location is 747 S Michigan St #3101, South Bend, IN 46601. This phone number is for a company called 574-968-5349.

The Center for the Homeless is a free homeless shelter that provides food and shelter for those in need. You can also get counseling, budgeting, health care, showers, and information on future rent or deposit assistance. The address is 813 S Michigan St, South Bend, Indiana 46601. To reach our customer service line, please call (574) 282-8700.

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