Food Pantries

Hendricks County food pantries.

There are almost 15 food pantries located across the area that serve families who are struggling in Hendricks County. Many of the centers will give out a free bag of groceries that can feed a family for a few days. Some people only sell food at a low cost. The hours are limited at some of the primary centers.

Some organizations have a set amount of money that people must make in order to be a part of the organization. There is also typically a waiting list for these types of organizations. This means that if you are seeking help from a USDA or federal government program, such as SNAP food stamps, you will be particularly affected. Centers in Hendricks County also usually have other things available too, depending on what has been donated. Clients can get a variety of products from clothing to cleaning supplies or personal hygiene goods. There are a lot of different programs available in the county, like volunteers delivering meals.

The Faith Lutheran Church runs a client choice pantry which helps those in need. The food that does not go bad easily is called nonperishable food. Some examples of nonperishable food are soup, rice, and more.

Hendricks County Senior Services is a center that helps senior citizens in Hendricks County. They provide different services that help support them. Some places also offer meals on wheels, which can be really helpful if you can’t leave your house. The church volunteers only help those who live nearby. If someone is unable to leave their home, they may be able to have a meal delivered to them, or participate in other activities that do not require leaving their home.

The Light and Life Free Methodist Church provides a food pantry and clothing closet for families in need in Hendricks County, Indiana. There are items for taking care of your appearance, clothes for different occasions, and things for keeping clean. Of course, food is usually available. The charity will have a supply of baby formula and diapers for single moms during some months.

Cornerstone Christian Church is a church located at 8930 North State Road 267 in Brownsburg, Indiana. The church can be contacted at (317) 852-2411.

If you or your family are struggling to afford food, emergency assistance is available. Please contact Lighthouse Christian Fellowship at (317) 852-8054 for more information.

The address for the Messiah Lutheran Church food bank is 801 South Green Street in Brownsburg, Indiana. They offer nonperishable food items, children’s shoes and winter coats, infant clothing up to size 8, and diapers for low income parents in need. This non-profit can only be used once per month.

The Hazelwood Christian Church is located at 9947 South County Road 0 in Clayton, Indiana. The church can be reached by dialing (317) 539-6157.

The center is open for a limited time every Thursday afternoon.

The Whitestone Christian Church is located at 8045 West US 36 in Coatesville, Indiana. The church’s telephone number is (317) 539-6029.

The Danville United Methodist Church has a food bank that is available to Hendricks County families.

The Eel River Township offers many services to help residents in need, such as providing emergency food and housing, vouchers for gasoline, and helping with applications for food stamps and WIC. The service is a last resort. This means that it is only to be used when all other options have failed.

The Pittsboro Christian Church is a church located in Pittsboro, Indiana. The church has a capacity of 216 people and offers a variety of services and programs for its members.

The Cathedral of Prayer is a place where people in need can go to get free groceries, emergency food, and vegetables.

There is a food pantry at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church, but there are other food pantries in the area.

The address for Saint Stephen’s Lutheran Church is 1001 Concord Road Plainfield, IN 46168. The phone number for the church is (317) 838-9600.

The Journey Church has a food pantry available for emergency use by low income families. The soup kitchen provides meals for the homeless and others facing a crisis, including free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

The food bank at Stilesville Christian Church provides many resources for people in need. They offer a variety of food items, as well as other resources such as toiletries and clothing. You will find things like toiletries, paper products, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies. The church has volunteers who serve holiday meals.

To find additional locations, dial 317.925.0191. Some of these locations may be in your town. There are many other food pantries and soup kitchens that are run by charities. Other programs that provides assistance to students and families in need are available throughtout the year.

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