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Lawrence, McDonald, Barry County assistance programs.

The resources in the area are not limitless. OACC is a non-profit organization that provides resources and support to low-income individuals and families in the Ozarks region. They offer a variety of programs and services, including financial assistance, job training, and community outreach. If you need help finding a job, getting medical care, or accessing other resources, OACC may be able to help. They want to help people who are struggling and help them improve their lives.

There is not a lot of financial assistance available. This can include providing referrals to public aid that can help, or offering other assistance. They have government-issued vouchers that cover rent payments in counties such as Lawrence. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides grants to low-income households to help pay for heating and gas bills. The non-profit also has information about local food pantries and/or government programs such as food stamps.

Ozarks Area Community Action provides utility assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This program helps low-income families with energy costs. A one time cash grant can be used to help pay winter heating bills for very low income families, seniors, and the disabled. The Energy Crisis Intervention Program is a program that provides assistance to people who are out of fuel or facing imminent disconnection. Weatherization is a program that provides free energy efficiency upgrades to homes. The Missouri Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) provides free weatherization services to low-income households in order to reduce energy costs and improve the home’s comfort and safety. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides financial assistance to low-income households to help pay for energy costs.

The education that children receive in McDonald and Lawrence comes from the Head Start program. This program is for young children. Children who go to this school will learn about dental care and be able to get free dental screenings and health checkups. There may be both full-time and part-time classes and sessions offered. In addition to providing educational opportunities for children, Ozarks Area Community Action also offers social services to parents. This includes help with things like job training, financial assistance, and housing.

There is low income, subsidized housing available in southwest Missouri. The community action agency uses financial support from HUD to provide housing to low-income clients.

The regional Neighborhood Centers offer different activities and projects for the community. Social workers help people who are unemployed and living in poverty by connecting them with resources and opportunities. They work to help stabilize families in crisis situations. Some funds can help with things like rent, medication, food, and other medical expenses.

Community Action is a organisation located in Cassville, Missouri that can be contacted on (417) 847-2140.

This church has a food pantry where people in need can come and get food. The center may have some money to pay for utility or heating bills in some situations. The amount of groceries given out by the food bank depends on how much food is donated by the community. This is the address and phone number for Shell Knob in Missouri.

The American Red Cross Greater Ozarks Chapter can help you in times of disaster. These programs provide financial assistance to people affected by natural disasters. Park Ave The address is 1545 N. Park Ave. If you are in the area of West Bypass 65803, please call 832-9500.

Habitat for Humanity may be able to help with housing for very low income families. The non-profit partners with volunteers and businesses to help build houses that are affordable, safe, and decent in the community. Telephone number 829.4001.

Harmony House is a safe place for women and children who have been affected by domestic violence. They offer help and support to these individuals so that they can heal and move on with their lives. There are places that can help you start over with a roof over your head and some money to get by. When you are ready to move, you will be given food and information about security deposit programs. 59th Ave. is a five-bedroom house This is a five-bedroom house on E. 59th Ave. Cherry, please call 837.7700.

The Economic Security Corporation helps families who live in poverty in McDonald County. The community action agency can also help you apply for programs like LIHEAP, which can help pay for your heating bills, and section 8, which provides housing assistance. Case managers will also help clients with their educational and employment needs. The government is also working on ways to prevent homelessness, such as providing emergency rental assistance through loans or grants from the ESG program. The Economic Security Corporation of the Southwest Area provides assistance programs to help people in need. These programs can provide financial assistance, food assistance, and other forms of assistance to help people get back on their feet.

The Kitchen Medical and Dental Clinic offers free basic medical and dental care. The assistance is also for people who are low income, poor, and uninsured in the region. Some patients may be offered medication as part of their treatment plan. 3rd Street. The address is 1630 N. 3rd Street. To reach Jefferson, dial 837.1504.

The organization One Door works to prevent homelessness. 61st Street The address is 420 East 61st Street. Call 225.7499 to reach Pacific. This charity helps to stop and end homelessness by working with different emergency rental programs and government resources in Barry and Lawrence county Missouri. They help people by providing them with different services and resources that they might need.

The Ozarks Literacy Council is an organization that helps adults improve their basic reading and writing skills. Helping people gain new skills may lead to employment for them. The phone number is 616-0505. The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) provides employment and training assistance to eligible adults, dislocated workers, and youth. WIA services are delivered through a nationwide workforce development system that includes One-Stop Career Centers. The WIA system offers an array of services that helps job seekers prepare for, find, and keep employment. WIA services are also available to businesses that are looking to train new or existing employees.The Workforce Investment Act provides employment and training assistance to eligible adults, dislocated workers, and youth. WIA services help job seekers prepare for, find, and keep employment. WIA services are also available to businesses that are looking to train new or existing employees.

The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that helps people in need in southwest Missouri. The food bank has free food, snacks, and drinks for anyone who needs them. They also have a pantry where people can choose what they need. Case managers work with people in need of emergency assistance such as housing, shelter, utilities, rent help, food, clothing, and furniture. The center provides assistance for disaster relief, an after-school recreational program, senior programs, and a summer day camp program. Please call 862.5509.

The Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation Family Planning Clinic can help women, teenagers and others with family needs. This company is based in Cassville.

The Barry County Health Department may provide some basic medical care and check ups, with a focus on public health resources. There are many services that can help women stay healthy, such as HPV immunizations, women’s health centers, pap tests, medications, and counseling. This is the address and phone number for a business in Cassville, Missouri.

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