Lee County Florida low income housing assistance.

There are several agencies in Lee County that help provide affordable housing for the working poor and low income. They operate a combination of shelters or transitional units. Individuals or families who do not have a home can go to emergency shelters. These shelters provide a place to sleep and a meal, as well as information on how to get permanent housing.

There will be a mix of volunteers and paid staff at each center, and they will work to provide both immediate and long-term help. Other services that the housing programs in Fort Myers offer include food, clothes, and help with finding long-term housing solutions, like getting a voucher for section 8 or finding an apartment in a low-income complex.

Abuse Counseling & Treatment is a place where people who have been abused can go to get help. They help women who have been hurt by the people they live with, and they also support the children who witness this violence. There are many services available to help victims of domestic violence, including shelters, legal support, and advocacy. The hotline number is (239) 939-3112.

Fort Myers Rescue Mission helps homeless men by giving them a place to stay and food to eat. They also help them get back on their feet by providing resources and assistance. The shelter offers food, clothing, counseling, and meals, including during holidays.

The Serenity Center and Shelter is located in Fort Myers, FL. The main number for the center is 239-693-7911.

The Lifeline Family Center is located on SE 5th Avenue in Cape Coral, FL. Their phone number is (239) 242-7238.

Lutheran Services Florida helps families in need and works to keep them together. They provide various services such as food assistance, financial assistance, and counseling. The government can help provide low income housing for single parents. Lee County provides counseling and other assistance.

The Bread of Life Mission is a place where people can go to get food and help. The address is 6454 Scott Street, Port Charlotte, Florida 33950. The telephone number is (941) 575-4440.

Salvation Army Social Services Campus provides emergency shelter for the homeless at its location on 2400 Edison Avenue in Fort Myers, FL. The telephone number for Salvation Army Social Services Campus is (239) 334-3745. There are dating sites for different demographics of people. Other programs in Less County include helping people with everyday tasks as part of Comprehensive Care and finding housing for people who are transitioning.

The Salvation Army will also provide food and clothes to people who need it. Other services for the homeless include helping them get a GED, finding housing, budgeting, and more. This also includes helping them with a security deposit for housing once they successfully go through the Comprehensive Care process.

The Cafe of Life is a restaurant located at 26724 Nomad Drive in Bonita Springs, Florida.

The Source of Light and Hope Development Center is located at 3903 Martin Luther King Boulevard in Fort Myers, Florida. The main phone number for the center is (239) 334-3739.

If you are a pregnant mom in need of a safe place to stay, you can call the Sunlight Home at (239) 352-0251. They can also get baby items like diapers, furniture, and more.

St. Matthew’s House is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to those individuals struggling with addiction. The main program offered is Justin’s Place Recovery Program which is a long-term, faith-based program that provides individuals with the tools necessary to achieve and maintain sobriety. Males who are going through the recover program may be provided with housing at Wolfe’s Place, but this is only for those clients. This is an apartment complex where the rent is subsidized for low-income people. There are thrift stores that sell furniture as well as places where you can get free meals.

Orthodox Community Services runs an emergency shelter at 820 Kennedy Blvd in North Fort Myers, FL. The shelter can be reached at (239)-997-2846.

The OASIS Youth Shelter is a place for young people to stay in Fort Myers, Florida. It is located at 3634 Central Avenue. The phone number is (239) 278-1030.

Rogers Lane location is for families. The purpose of Goodwill is to help people in the local community who are struggling. They have different programs for different groups of people, and the Hatton B. Rogers Lane location is for families. This community is for seniors who are looking to retire. They are residents with a lower income, and medical care, transportation, and other support is arranged for them as well. There are three locations: Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, and North Fort Myers.

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is a program that helps families in need of housing, financial assistance, and homeless prevention. The program provides information on public housing, financial aid, and homeless prevention. There is also job training for specific vocations, credit workshops, and placement into transitional as well as low income apartments.

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