Assistance Program

Madison and Dane County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army Centers in Dane County can help with both short-term and long-term needs. There are many programs available to help people in need, such as medical and dental clinics, job search programs, food pantries, housing, and rent assistance. The employment services in Madison, Wisconsin help residents get back on track and improve their financial situation.

Health centers and clinics typically offer a variety of services, such as dental care, basic medical care, and wellness programs. The dental clinic operates for one day per week, and the Salvation Army provides dental services to those who are uninsured and living in shelters. They work with teachers and students from Madison Area Technical College. Some of the services the dentist offers are cleanings, exams, and basic dental procedures.

The Meriter Health Program is a monthly meeting between social workers, doctors, and nurses from the local Meriter Hospital and the adult residents of the local Salvation Army center. The medical staff will help with any medical or mental health needs you have.

The University of Wisconsin Medical School also has a clinic in the area for people to go to. This organization provides health care to those who cannot afford it or do not have access to it. They also help those who have emergency medical needs.

Public Health services are also offered by local medical students. They will visit local Salvation Army centers at least once a week to help with whatever is needed. The students will go to the Single Women’s Shelter to talk to the residents there. They will also provide free medical or dental care to homeless people in Dane County.

The Personal Essentials Pantry in Madison provides other products, such as household and personal items. This can include items like laundry soap, detergents, diapers, and paper products that are related to hygiene. Families who qualify for help will be provided with a list of available products that they can pick up.

A key service is to help people get their finances back on track. The library offers resume assistance and employment search help. The Dane County Job Center offers residents assistance with job searches and resume writing. Incentive Groups help people who are struggling to pay for housing and other basic needs. They provide assistance so that these people can become self-sufficient and not rely on government assistance. These groups help clients with different areas they may need assistance with, such as parenting skills, budgeting, and personal writing. The Wisconsin Job Center offers free job and employment placement services to residents of Wisconsin.

The college offers a course for those who want to improve their English skills. The college has an ESL program at the Community Center a few days a week to help residents who don’t speak English as their first language. This can help people who are new to the country, speak Spanish, and have not gone to school for very long.

The Salvation Army of Dane County helps people during the holidays and at Christmas. Social workers and volunteers can help families register for holiday assistance programs such as providing toys for children or adopting a family. There are many programs available to help those in need during the holidays. Free meals may be offered around Christmas in Dane County, and may even be delivered to the homebound.

The Adopt-A-Family program is when a local family who is struggling is matched with a private donor who can help them out during the holidays. The donor will be given information about what the family needs, and they will then buy presents, toys, or clothes for them.

Housing, preventing evictions, and solutions for homelessness. The Salvation Army of Dane County Wisconsin can provide financial assistance to those who are behind on their rent, facing eviction, or who are currently homeless. This assistance can help single moms, families with children, and others who are in need. The agency can help people in need by providing for their basic needs, and the organization can provide case management to help them meet long term stability.

11th St There are a few homeless shelters located at 630 E. 11th St. There are three main types of shelters in Washington: the Single Women’s Shelter, the Emergency Shelter/Warming House, and the general Family Shelter. Some shelters are for people to stay overnight, and some are more like transitional housing, which can help people for up to 60 days. Holly House is a home for single women without children that offers them a place to stay until they can become self-sufficient.

The Salvation Army refers people who need food to a food pantry in Dane County. This means that there are no health care providers at this location and that you will need to be referred to another location for care. This service helps families choose and pick up their own groceries. Your family size and income will help determine how much non-perishable food each household is able to take home.

The food will also include additional choices of produce, meat, pastries, and bread. The Salvation Army believes that all adults and members of the community have the right to choose what foods they want for their families and themselves. This means that clients can only visit the pantry once a month. There are other food pantries in Dane County that can help with food needs.

Location of the Dane County Salvation Army

The 630 East Washington Avenue office in Madison has additional resources available, including the Rapid Rehousing program, the Family Stabilization Program, and House-ability. The Salvation Army is responsible for organizing all of these programs. There are programs that can help low income and struggling families with rent or moving into new housing.

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