Mesa County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army offers many programs to help low income families in Mesa County. This business is open to serving all types of clients, regardless of race, age, or background. The church may give out free school supplies, food, shelter, clothing from a thrift store, help for paying rent or utilities, and other resources.

The Salvation Army will send case workers to meet with the client to see what kind of help they need. There are also people who volunteer at the food pantry or thrift store in Grand Junction. This organization provides presents for underprivileged children during Christmas, as well as collects money from donors during the holiday season. Those volunteers help with stocking the shelves, food drives, and serving meals during holidays, among other tasks.

Free food, clothes, and vouchers

The goal is to provide the items people need to get through the week. The Salvation Army in Grand Junction has a few resources they use to help people in need. They have a food pantry where people can get food, a clothing closet where people can get clothes, and a thrift store. These are all for offering those basic needs.

The family will have to pay for some of the expenses in some cases. This will be at the second-hand store. Sometimes people are given free items, like food from a food pantry, or vouchers for clothes from a clothing closet. Clients may be given a free box of groceries once a month. Some things you may need for school are supplies, work clothes, or a winter jacket.

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Mesa County Salvation Army Family Services

This program provides both financial assistance and case management. There are social workers who manage this program. The client’s eligibility for assistance may be determined by several factors, including income, age, residency, and disability payments. If this is the case, there may be financial aid available in the form of grants to help pay for essential expenses such as rent, medication, gasoline, or utilities. There may be some other expenses that are important and need to be paid for. Find other sources of income to help pay rent.

There is always someone available to help manage your case for free. The Mesa County Salvation Army social workers are available to help people with food, energy bills, and rent, even if they only need help with one of those things. If someone just wants general advice and not use any other resources, case management is still arranged.

The housing support program in Grand Junction provides a safe place to stay overnight for people who need it. The Salvation Army provides a soup kitchen for the homeless. This will provide a hot breakfast or lunch. A cold, prepackaged lunch may be given out as well. The shelter will, in an ideal situation, help the person find a long term housing solution. This may be a housing situation that is temporary and transitional for people. This program provides financial assistance for homeless people who are able to maintain stability. This may include help with security deposits or first month’s rent. There are programs in Colorado that help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. These programs provide things like temporary housing, food, and other assistance.

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Volunteer driven assistance programs

There are several main reasons. The Salvation Army relies on both donations from the community and volunteers to help those in need. The main programs are the Angel Tree, which provides gifts for children at Christmas. The Salvation Army in Mesa County collects toys that children have requested and are identified by a tag on the tree. Children of both genders who are under the age of 13 can apply.

The Salvation Army in Mesa County also provides free school supplies for those in need. Backpacks, shoes, notebooks, pens, pencils, and other goods are given to people. This is also a donation-based organization. A gift card can be used to buy things at a store.

There are two other places to buy clothes: the thrift store and Red Kettle. The store sells items that have been used before. This is a place that has been used before, but is still in good condition. This store sells furniture such as tables, chairs, couches, and vintage items. They also sell toys for birthdays or Christmas. The Red Kettle campaign raises money during the holidays. Donate money to the Salvation Army bell ringers.

Applying for help and phone number of Salvation Army in Mesa County Colorado

The Salvation Army in Mesa County offers many services such as referrals, disaster help, ministry, and veteran support. If you need help, you can call them at (970) 242-7513, or go to 1235 N 4th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

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