Assistance Program

Wisconsin Public Services low income utility assistance programs.

If you are a customer of Wisconsin Public Services and are struggling to pay your energy or heating bills, the company may be able to offer you assistance. There may be opportunities to get help paying for college from organizations or government programs. There are options available for people who cannot afford their Wisconsin Public Services bills. This includes low income families, seniors, and the disabled.

If you’re struggling to make payments on your Wisconsin Public Services bill, the company may be able to help you set up a payment arrangement. The company understands that it can be tough to pay your monthly bills, especially when heating costs go up during winter. If you have a past-due balance on your account and you meet the income requirements, you can sign up for a payment plan. It will allow the customer to set up monthly payments and pay off their account. This means that if you have not been told that you will be disconnected, and you are not behind on payments, you can choose this option.

The customer must follow the terms if they are able to enroll. If someone doesn’t make their power or heating payments on time, their service can be turned off.

It is important to also enroll in the Wisconsin Public Services program early. If you want help from the company, it’s best to contact them as soon as possible. If you only need money for a short period of time, the company is likely to be able to work out a satisfactory agreement with you. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, the company may be able to help you find other sources of financial assistance.

There are organizations that can help people who are less fortunate with things like paying for their heat and air conditioning. This is a program where people can donate money to help low income families, seniors, and others afford winter or summer heating/cooling costs.

The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund is a non-profit organization that helps people pay their heating and cooling bills. They are committed to helping people who are elderly, disabled, or have very low incomes. Grants can help people pay for energy bills, like heating and cooling, during tough times. Some Wisconsin families who have low incomes may have to pay up to 50% of their income for heating bills. If these families are struggling, the fund may be able to help them.

In addition to receiving cash grants, participants can also receive immediate financial assistance, referrals to other community resources, credit and budget counseling, and free weatherization assistance and conservation measures. If you would like to learn more about this option, you can contact Wisconsin Public Services, but it is recommended that you dial the non-profit directly at 800-891-9276.

The federal government offers assistance through the Wisconsin Energy Assistance Program. This can help with heating bills for those who need it. WHEAP can help out lower income households that qualify by paying a portion of their home heating costs. The amount of money you can get from the government to help pay for your heating costs depends on how much money you make, how many people are in your household, and how much it costs to heat your home.

This means that if you are awarded a grant, you will only receive it once. Cash benefits are available to help cover the cost of your Wisconsin Public Services bill between October 1 and May 15. However, these benefits are not intended to cover the entire cost of your bill. You will not have to repay the money, and the benefit will be paid directly to your fuel supplier.

The program helps eligible households pay for part of their non-heating electric costs. Crisis Assistance is offered for families that are in danger of being disconnected from their heat source, or that currently have no heat available. Households that are nearly out of heating fuel and do not have any way to pay for their bills can also receive grants.

Many very low income customers of Wisconsin Public Services may also qualify for the federally funded Winter Weatherization Program. Making your home more energy efficient will help lower energy bills and save money.

The Wisconsin Public Services gift of warmth certificates can be used to pay for energy bills. This allows people to donate money to help pay the bills of anyone they want. Someone who is close to you and whom you can trust. The person named on the certificate will get a discount on their next energy bill.

If you would like more information, you can call the company at 800-450-7260.

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