Montana Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army is a organization that helps families in need. In Montana, there are centers that can help low income families with emergency expenses like rent, utility bills, and food. They can also provide social services and other support. There are also many low-cost or free items available during Christmas, such as gifts, school supplies, homeless shelters, winter clothes and other goods.

The Salvation Army has locations in Montana as listed below. The charity organization provides help to people in Montana who may be homeless, without electricity, or without food.

Get emergency assistance from the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides assistance with heating bills and energy costs. A goal is to help families keep their heat on during the cold winter months, or to help them keep their oil tank full. It is important to help people keep their power and water running because it is a basic need for any family. Where can I find information on emergency utility bill assistance in Montana?

The Salvation Army in Montana provides food assistance to lower income families in the form of groceries and meals. This assistance helps families meet their nutritional needs, stay healthy, and have food to eat. There are a lot of soup kitchens that are open at different times of the year. They give out free hot meals or lunches to anyone who needs it all year long.

The Salvation Army food pantries can provide groceries for families and individuals in need of help. Canned goods, Commodity Food Boxes, and summer meals will be distributed to those in need. In addition to the holiday meals and assistance (see below), all of this is done.

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You can apply for food stamp benefits at many social service offices. You can get help from a case worker to see if you qualify for government or public aid, and they can also help you fill out the application.

The organization will try its hardest to make sure that people, especially children, feel happy and have a sense of tradition around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Recognizing and celebrating holiday customs and traditions can help people and children feel more relaxed and at peace. The Salvation Army in Montana organizes programs for the less fortunate at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

These specific resources include free gifts and toys from the Angel Tree, Adopt a Family, and home delivered meals programs. These programs are designed to help families in need during the holiday season. If you live in a rural part of Montana, you may be able to get free Christmas gifts or toys in the mail. The Salvation Army helps families in need so that their children don’t have to suffer from their financial problems. How can I get free Christmas gifts in the mail?

Rent and housing assistance is offered to those who are about to be evicted or are homeless. If you are in danger of being kicked out of your home because you haven’t paid your utilities, you may be able to get emergency cash assistance. This means that they will help you with your finances, give you suggestions for resources, and provide comprehensive help as needed. This can include learning about different job options and getting help deciding what would be the best fit for you.

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The Salvation Army is a great place to shop for gently used items or to donate your own used household items or clothing. If you need clothing, you can pick up items from the donation center. Some of the things people are asking for are winter coats, boots for children, school supplies, and professional work attire. The Salvation Army in Montana will provide free vouchers for basic necessities.

There are other programs that can help you in an emergency situation, as well as social services. The Salvation Army provides shelters, financial aid, and food programs to help low income families and seniors meet their basic needs. The Salvation Army also provides other services such as case management, emergency lodging, gas and free emergency bus vouchers, energy share, furniture/furnishings, and free school supplies.

Senior programs offer affordable housing and living arrangements for older citizens. There are also adult day care centers open across the state of Montana which serve seniors while caregivers are at work.

Free Salvation Army case management and social services in Montana

The League of Mercy, which is also known as the Community Care Ministries, is a volunteer visitation program that provides comfort and companionship to those individuals in Montana who are elderly, invalid or otherwise shut-in. The Salvation Army program can help to manage feelings of loneliness or despair as seniors age. If you are unable to leave your home, you may be eligible for homebound meal services and/or transportation to doctor or medical appointments. The Salvation Army strives to improve seniors’ quality of life by partnering with other non-profits and working together as a team.

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Some programs also focus on helping women and children. Women and children who live in poverty or lack resources often have additional requirements for assistance. The Salvation Army provides different services to people in need depending on the location. These services can include guidance, support groups, parental skills training, counseling, maternity wards, and day-care. This means that any woman, no matter her age, background, or religion, can benefit from learning new career skills and becoming more self-sufficient.

Emergency programs and services in Montana

The following are Salvation Army locations where you can call or stop by. Different types of assistance, like second-hand items or financial aid, may be provided. They may also have referrals to agencies that are more local to the applicant.

The address is 2100 6th Avenue North, Billings, Montana 59101-1413 and the phone number is 406-245-4659.

The address is 32 South Rouse in Bozeman, Montana, 59715-3705. The phone number is 406-586-5813.

Great Falls Corps Community Center is a community center located at 1000 17th Ave S., Great Falls, Montana 59405-4522. The main phone number for the center is 406-453-0391.

This is the address and phone number for the Henderson in Helena, Montana.

The address for the building is 110 Bountiful Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901 and the main phone number for the building is 406-257-4357.

35th St. The address 339 W. 35th St. would be written as three hundred and thirty-nine West thirty-fifth Street. The address for the University of Montana is: Broadway Street Missoula, Montana 59802-4116 The phone number for the University of Montana is: 406-549-0710

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