Non-profit credit counseling in Utah.

There are several non-profit credit counseling agencies in Utah that can help you eliminate debt. The organizations offer families a variety of resources, some of which may be free or low-cost for income-qualified individuals. Some services that are offered in Utah to help with financial problems are creating a plan to pay off debt, getting help from a counselor if you are behind on mortgage payments, bankruptcy advice, and programs to reduce medical debt.

A counselor will talk to you either in person or on the phone. You will work together to review your financial situation, including your income and expenses, and create a budget. If you qualify, the counselor can put you on programs such as a low-cost debt management plan, foreclosure counseling, or mediation services. Many of the Utah non-profit center are approved by HUD to provide housing counseling services as well as credit counseling services that are certified by the government. They provide many services to people who need assistance.

Many places that offer help with unpaid bills also offer longer-term programs to help people become more self-sufficient, including budgeting, education workshops and classes. Talk to a counselor about consolidating your debts and bills, negotiating reduced interest rates, and other ways to improve your financial situation. There are several programs available that can assist Utah residents with their finances and help improve their credit scores.

The main office for Globous Financial Relief is located at 1775 West 1500 South in Salt Lake City, Utah. The phone number for the main office is 801-977-0555.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers a Debt Management Plan program to help people with their finances. The program offers assistance with budgeting and money management skills, as well as helping to negotiate with creditors. This program helps people pay back their debts from things like credit cards, medical bills, and loans. It’s voluntary, so people can choose whether or not to participate. The tool can help get rid of debts that are not secure. Although the process may take some time, if you follow the terms of the agreement, you can repay most or all of your outstanding debts within 36 to 60 months. We offer other programs such as Financial and Housing Counseling, Pre-Bankruptcy Advice, and Mortgage/Foreclosure help.

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The USU Family Life Center is located at 493 North 700 East in Logan, UT. The primary phone number for the center is (435) 797-7224.

The American Credit Foundation is a not for profit organization that provides financial consumer credit counseling, free foreclosure prevention counseling, and credit education. Their office is located at 7720 South 700 East in Midvale, UT 84047 and their phone number is (801) 208-1000.

This organization provides consolidation loans to help people with multiple debts pay them off with a single loan at a lower interest rate. This makes it easier for people to pay their bills and saves them money.

Some of their programs include down payment assistance, homebuyer education, and mortgage financing options. They also offer a wide variety of development services to help build strong and healthy communities. There are programs that can help homeowners with their mortgage payments if they are struggling to make them on their own, or if they are at risk of foreclosure.

Some of the services provided by this agency include information about the legal timelines, details on the foreclosure process, and the counselor can even contact and negotiate with a lender on your behalf. Housing counselors can provide you with detailed information about avoiding foreclosure and can refer you to other resources if necessary.

The AAA Fair Credit Foundation is a nonprofit organization located at 230 West 200 South Ste 3104 in Salt Lake City, UT. The organization provides financial education and counseling to individuals and families in order to help them improve their financial well-being.

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The BYU Counseling and Career Center is a place where people can go to get help with their credit and career planning. They offer some fairly basic credit counseling, repair, and similar programs. If you’re looking for help with your career, talking to a specialist is a good idea. They can help you find a new job, learn new skills, and give you advice about your career. They can also tell you about local job training programs.

The American Credit Foundation offers programs to help people with their monthly bills, debts, and finances. These programs are available to people of all income levels and backgrounds.

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