Polk County Florida Social Services programs.

The main programs provided by Polk County Social Services are designed to meet the medical needs of the community. The county works to ensure that all families, regardless of whether they have insurance or not, have access to health care. Other resources that may be available are the Elderly Services Program, veteran resources, and applications for grants to help with energy bills.

Support for senior citizens and veterans in Polk County

There are two main programs run, as noted below. Elderly Services is for disabled adults 18 years of age or older, as well as those 60 years of age or older. The professional case managers in Polk County work together to figure out what social services each client needs based on their physical, medical, emotional, and mental needs. There are many different aspects to this, which are listed below.

The goal of every type of assistance is to help the individual feel confident and respected while also allowing them to stay in the least restrictive environment possible. There are specific types of assistance available, as follows. There are many different types of financial assistance for things like help with home energy bills, transportation, adult day care services, long-term and rehabilitative care, respite care for caregivers, emergency alert response systems, homemaking, and food/nutrition.

Seniors are also referred to other resources. Individuals can research federal grants that may assist with paying rent or utility bills. There are other resources available, such as applying for the Affordable Health Care Act or Medicaid. The Polk County Social Services Elder Help Line provides information and referral services for elders.

The Rohr Home is a skilled nursing program that is highly rated by the American Health Care Association. The setting is beautiful among the moss-laden oak trees and azaleas in Bartow, Florida. Rohr Home focuses on long-term and sub-acute care, but also provides opportunities for residents to interact with staff and other residents. The client will be able to attend daily activities, such as birthday parties or special events.

This program is run by a staff of full-time nurses, an activities director, and a social worker. Other services available at the nursing home include dental care, 24-hour nursing care, a clinical laboratory, pharmacy and dietician services, podiatry, and mental health care.

Guests of the home can access medical care as well. Some of the assistance available for residents of Polk County, Florida, includes counseling for residents and their families, hospice care, prescription medications, speech therapy, and basic needs such as laundry and beauty services.

Polk County veterans are also a focus of the social service programs. This means that the programs are designed to help them in some way, whether it be with housing, food, or other needs. Polk County’s Veteran Services is a resource for veterans and their families living in the county. The department provides information and assistance with benefits, health care, housing, and other services. The county will help former, current and future military service members with their income or financial challenge.

A case manager can help you with the complicated process of getting military benefits from the government. Many veterans in Polk County, Florida are eligible for public assistance from the federal and state governments. Some of the things that are available are listed below.

-The life insurance will cover their family and any survivor benefits they may be entitled to. -The compensation will help with things like paying bills, rent, and other veteran expenses. -The education and job training will help them get a job and vocational rehabilitation will help them keep it. -The home loans will help them with financing a home. This means that the state of Florida will help veterans, reservists, service members and unmarried surviving spouses obtain a military pension, as well as free medical care and prescription drugs. In addition, the state will also provide burial benefits. If a veteran or active-duty service member passes away, they may be eligible for a government-furnished headstone or marker, burial in a national cemetery, a federal government presidential memorial certificate, or reimbursement for costs.

Polk County Social Services provides more support for people in need. Healthy Families helps build and support families within the community. The program was designed to provide support and guidance to families, single mothers, and children through voluntary home visits.

The Healthy Families program helps parents learn how to better care for their children by providing positive parenting tips and resources. It tries to stop bad things from happening, like poverty, abuse and neglect. Case managers provide services that help parents create trusting relationships, bond with their infants, and provide a healthy physical, emotional, and intellectual environment for their children. They also help parents find job training and education opportunities. The Polk County Florida program helps families access available community services and resources.

Polk County Social Services can help residents connect with county, state, and federal benefits programs. The company’s headquarters is located at 1290 Golfview Ave., Bartow, FL 33830. To make an appointment, please call 863-534-5200.

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