Programs from Oregon Care to Share.

Care to Share is a non-profit charity in Oregon that helps people in need. The organization provides emergency financial assistance to income-qualified residents who are struggling. This group helps poor people by working with local churches, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The caretoshare website exists to help people in tough situations get access to emergency food and other resources they might need. The goal is to help low income people and families through tough times. Many referrals are offered by the organization. If needed, they will connect the referrals with other regional services or public assistance.

Utility assistance programs may help with paying for heating, water, and electric bills. Our organization provides several services, as listed below.

Oregon Heat may offer heating bill assistance and grants. The resource will have a limited amount of money and will have some restrictions. Oregon Heat is a regional charity organization that serves the state of Oregon, including the greater Portland area. If someone is out of fuel, facing shut-off, or has already had their power disconnected, the group may be able to help them.

Care To Share may be able to help with your water bill. The agency provides assistance to clients who are in danger of having their utilities shut off. If you have had your water disconnected, you may also be eligible for assistance. The three entities providing funding are Tualatin Valley Water District, City of Beaverton, and Clean Water Service Employees.

This means that some expenses and bills cannot be covered by Care to Share. This means that they will not provide any help with things such as renting a place to live, transportation, school supplies, or money. They also will not give you a bus ticket or vouchers for a motel room, or reimburse you for medical costs.

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Some places that might have food are local pantries, churches, and other groups. If you would like to know more about different food resources in Multnomah County and Portland, Care to Share is a great place to look. Many charities only have enough food or groceries to last a few days. If you need help or have questions, you can call 503-591-9025 for information or referrals.

Their primary service is to offer emergency food for people who request it over the phone. The organization will then give the caller the information for a nearby church that can help with pick-up or delivery. The churches in Beaverton and Portland will use their volunteers to help deliver and distribute free food or meals at their locations.

Another option is to get food after hours or maybe a hot meal. The Hillsboro Family Shelter has a supply of this. This shelter is next to the light rail line. For people who are low income and homeless and need a family style meal, Faith Café is an option. This is the Beaverton, Bethel Congregational Church located at 5150 SW Watson Ave. in Beaverton, Oregon. There is also the option of a free lunch which can be served at St Matthew Lutheran Church on 10390 SW Canyon Rd in Beaverton. What are the emergency food services offered at Christ’s Table in Cedar Mill Bible Church?

Care to Share provides assistance to many parts of Beaverton and Multnomah County. The organization provides assistance and resources to residents of Beaverton, Aloha, and Portland Oregon who meet income limits and other criteria. This means that every year, churches and pantries will work together to give out tens of thousands of dollars in funding. They will also provide money for water, heating, and other utility bills.

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If someone does not qualify for help, they may still be able to get referrals. If you want to know more, please call Care to Share. For food, you can dial 503-591-9025. If you need help, call 503-726-0407. You can call the water program at 503-924-3129.

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