Rent assistance in Chesterfield County.

The rent assistance programs available in Chesterfield County are designed to help people who are struggling to pay their rent and are in danger of becoming homeless. The programs provide financial assistance to help cover rent expenses, and also offer other services such as case management and help with finding housing. There are organizations that help senior citizens and agencies that support people with disabilities. Other qualifications for receiving rent assistance are often in place, but in general, only income-qualified residents who have the means to pay future costs on their own are given funds.

The organizations that you should contact first are listed below. If someone is in danger of being evicted from their home, they may be able to get help from a government grant. This money can be used to pay for things like past-due utility bills or to help with legal fees. An agency may give money to someone so they can buy a house, pay for a security deposit, or help with other expenses.

The Chesterfield County housing programs have different terms and conditions. Although they are not perfect, free and reduced lunch programs can help struggling families.

The Chesterfield/Colonial Heights Alliance for Social Ministry is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to low-income families in the Chesterfield and Colonial Heights areas of Virginia. Funds for the organization are limited, and they rely on donations from the community to continue their work. The mailing address for the organization is PO Box 1741, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832, and the phone number is (804)-796-2749. The charity may be able to provide assistance with overdue rent or mortgage payments, energy bills, and other expenses. However, CCHASM also provides other services, such as food assistance.

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The Chesterfield County Area Agency on Aging provides services and support to senior citizens aged 60 and over. To access their services, dial (804)-343-3000. If you are in need of help with housing, medical, or supportive accommodations, you can be referred to financial aid or grants that can help with rent and other bills.

The Salvation Army of the Tri-Cities provides emergency rent assistance to people in need. The address is 1228 South West Street, Petersburg, VA 23803, and the main phone number is (804) 732-8449. Case managers help clients with finding shelter, budgeting their money, and providing housing counseling.

100Chesterfield, VA 23832 The Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Department Of Social Services is a government organization that provides social services to the residents of Chesterfield and Colonial Heights, Virginia. Some of the services they offer include financial assistance, food assistance, and housing assistance. The phone number to call for help is 471-7682 and the address is 100 Chesterfield, VA 23832. There is also a website, which is There are many government grant programs available, but there is usually a long waiting list to get approved for them.

They also help with civil and housing legal matters. The Chesterfield County pro-bono firms help with legal matters such as evictions, landlord mediation and more.

The Commonwealth and Chesterfield Catholic Charities provides financial assistance for housing expenses including rent arrears, mortgages, energy bills, and rental deposits. There is also information on low income apartments and cold weather shelters in Chesterfield County.

St. Joseph’s Villa is a place that helps the homeless or recently evicted. They offer Rapid Re-Housing Services to help those in need. The address is 8000 Brook Road, Richmond, Virginia 23227 and the phone number is (804) 553-3258. There are programs to help with security deposits, job training, credit repair, and more. Financial assistance for rent and other housing costs is available to those who qualify, including veterans, the disabled, or people in an emergency.

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The Chesterfield County Department of Community Development and Housing may be able to help with things like security deposits and rent. For more information, call (804) 318-8866. The goal is to reduce the number of families who are forced to leave their homes due to a short-term crisis.

The Home Ownership Program (HOP) of Chesterfield County can help those who are currently renting to buy a home of their own. The agency provides assistance with down payments, closing costs, and credit counseling. Interest free loans are available for certain expenses related to buying a home, such as closing costs and down payments. Homeownership can help a family that was renting in the past to own their home and build equity.

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