Rent Assistance

Rental assistance in Richmond Virginia and Henrico County.

There are a few organizations in Richmond and Henrico County Virginia that offer rental assistance to people who need it. The agencies try to prevent people from being evicted, help families or the homeless with security deposits, and work to stop homelessness. There are many organizations that can help with low income housing, free legal aid to stop evictions, section 8 or emergency help with rent.

The main goal is to stop people from becoming homeless, so people who already have an eviction notice will usually be able to get money for emergency rental assistance before anyone else. There are many housing assistance options available for low income, unemployed, and impoverished individuals in the Richmond Virginia area. These assistance options can include free legal aid or landlod-tenant mediation services. If you’re struggling to pay rent, there are programs that can help you get money for rent.

Many agencies have information about other government programs or local charities and churches. Some of the rental or security deposit assistance may be offered in cash or grants, and some may be a short term loan.

How to get help with paying rent from agencies in Henrico County

The Salvation Army of Central Virginia, which is located in Richmond, operates the Financial Aid/EFSP program. Each case and applicant will be evaluated through interviews. The results of this study suggest that short-term financial assistance can help cover the cost of rent or other bills in cases of emergency. If you need help with rent, you may be able to get assistance from your state or local government. You may need to provide an eviction notice to get this assistance. There may also be other resources available, such as free motel vouchers or transitional housing. 4th St. The location is on West 4th Street. Grace Street P.O. Box 12400, Richmond, VA 23220, is a phone number you can call for help.

The eviction and homeless prevention programs offered by Henrico County Social Services can help those who are struggling to keep a roof over their head. The programs provide assistance with things like finding new housing, getting help with rent, and connecting with resources like food pantries and job training programs. This may include government grants for paying back rent, information on shelters or public housing, and more. The financial aid is for those Henrico County citizens who are about to become homeless due to being behind on their rent or mortgage. The telephone number for the social service office is (804)501-4001, and the office is located at 8600 Dixon Powers Dr, Richmond, VA 23228.

The HEARTH of Henrico social service agency provides assistance to Henrico residents in need. Services provided include food, clothing, and shelter. The government can give you money if you’re in a tough situation. Emergency rental assistance, short-term loans, and other housing solutions are offered to people who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. The address for the Henrico Department of Social Services is the same. The telephone number is eight zero four, five zero one, four zero zero one.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul can provide financial assistance for rent, security deposits, lot rent, and other expenses to residents of certain zip codes in Virginia. If you are a tenant, homeless, or working poor and you are not in the right region, you can get referrals for other housing assistance. The telephone number is (804)997-4489.

The Henrico County Housing Resource Line provides assistance to those who are homeless, struggling families or those close to eviction, and others with housing needs. There are many resources available to help those experiencing homelessness. Shelters can provide a safe place to stay, and grants or loans may be available to help with rent, security deposits, or moving costs. Additionally, utility bill assistance can help prevent evictions, and motel voucher programs can provide temporary lodging. Please call the number 804-422-5061.

Commonwealth Catholic Charities may be able to provide financial assistance for a past due rent or mortgage payment. This assistance may help you avoid eviction or foreclosure. The applicant must have either a pay or quit notice, or an unlawful detainer notice, in order to be eligible for rent assistance. The HELP Program from Commonwealth Catholic Charities offers help with housing and rent. They also help people with Aids and/or HIV as part of the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA). This program provides housing assistance and supportive services for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS and their families. The address is 1601 Rolling Hills Drive, Richmond, VA 23229. I suggest you call (804)285-5900.

Richmond’s Senior Connections and the Capital Area Agency on Aging may be able to offer assistance to seniors and people who are over 60 years of age. Rental and housing assistance is designed to help those who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship. The non-profit can help seniors apply for a number of other government assistance programs that they may be eligible for. g. In order to succeed in life, one must be determined and never give up To be successful in life, you need to be determined and never give up. The address is Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia 23219. The phone number is (804) 343-3000.

The Central Virginia Legal Aid Society is located at 101 W Broad St in Richmond, VA. They provide assistance to those who are less fortunate, including the elderly, low-income families, minorities, and the poor. Call 804-648-1012 to speak to a free lawyer or get assistance. They can help with a lot of different things related to housing, like getting into low income housing, preventing eviction, and dealing with discrimination.

The Home Ownership Program (HOP) is a program that helps people in the Richmond area to buy homes. The program is run by the Richmond, Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation. It can help people find a new place to live. The address is 1624 Hull Street in Richmond, Virginia, 23224. To reach someone by phone, dial (804)231-4449.

Interfaith Services of Henrico County provides the community with emergency rental assistance funds and grants. 8600 Dixon Powers Drive, Henrico, Virginia 23228. This is a phone number.

is a non-profit organization that offers food assistance to anyone in need Eastern Henrico FISH Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides food assistance to anyone in need. The organization provides a service that helps people in emergency situations. To reach the Richmond non-profit, dial (804)257-7730. There are a few services that you can choose from. You can only get rent help once every six months. If you are struggling financially or have experienced an emergency, you may be able to get help from the government. This help can come in the form of money, food, or other necessities. To receive this assistance, you will need to be able to document your hardship or emergency. FISH of eastern Henrico can provide more information on renting and other services.

Saint Joseph’s Villa collaborates with other organizations as part of Flagler Housing & Homeless Services to provide comprehensive care and resources for people experiencing homelessness. This program provides temporary housing for people who are homeless. If someone is homeless or about to be evicted, they may be able to get help from the government with things like security deposits, housing, and other expenses. The goal is to help the homeless gain stability and afford rent on a new home. Call 804-553-3258

A hotline is available in Henrico County that provides referrals for free housing, eviction prevention, and foreclosure assistance. This website provides information for low income tenants about government grants to pay back rent, how to get help in eviction court, legal rights as tenants, and how to find a local transitional housing program or free motel voucher. If you need help with rent or are in danger of being evicted, call 804-972-0813 for information on emergency rental assistance and eviction prevention services.

CAP Partners is an organization that helps fight against poverty. They work to provide resources and support to those who need it most. The organization provides grants, housing, employment assistance, rent assistance, motel vouchers, and other aid. Many of the clients served by this organization are low-income or working poor people living in or near Richmond. If you are behind on your rent, or are in danger of becoming homeless, the Community Action Partnership (CAP) may be able to help. CAP provides one-time rental assistance to low-income families who are in danger of becoming homeless. The Community Action Partnership (CAP) can help low-income families who are behind on their rent or at risk of becoming homeless. CAP provides one-time rental assistance to help families stay in their homes.

The VA Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports Hispanic-owned businesses in Virginia. The phone number for Richmond is (804) 378-4099. This means that if you are Hispanic, an immigrant (legal or illegal), or a minority, you can get free legal help from certain organizations. This document talks about housing discrimination, benefits like section 8 rent vouchers, documentation, and more.

There are programs that can help you if you are being evicted or need to move. Tenants in Henrico County who need help paying some of their past-due rent or advice on how to fight a landlord’s “pay or quit” notice can apply for assistance. If you are at risk of becoming homeless, there are programs in Henrico County that can help you keep your home.

The Legal Aid Justice Center provides free legal assistance for civil matters such as housing. When a tenant faces eviction, they can consult with an attorney. If you’re struggling with your living situation, there are resources available to help you. Whether you’re dealing with difficult landlords, unsafe housing, or other problems, you can get help and support. The number 804-643-1086 spelled out would be eight zero four, six four three, one zero eight six.

The Virginia Supportive Housing is a program offered in Richmond that helps people who are homeless. They provide housing and services to help people get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. This means that if you are about to be kicked out of your home, this program may be able to help you. This is an address and phone number. The address is 1010 North Thompson Street # 200, Richmond, VA 23230 and the phone number is (804)525-1950 Ext 1.

The Henrico County Department of Housing and Community Development is located at 501 North Second Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. The agency helps to prevent homelessness by working with the state, landlords, and property developers. Richmond offers grants to pay rent and create affordable housing for low-income and working-poor residents. Call the number (804) 371-7122 or (804) 646-1262

The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority is responsible for public housing in Henrico County and the city of Richmond. They have their headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The PHA will process HUD section 8 housing choice vouchers, which is a government income based program, for paying rent. There are also home buying services, case managements, lists on affordable apartments, and low income housing for families in poverty or the elderly. These services help people in poverty or the elderly find affordable housing and provide case management to help them keep their homes. To reach a caseworker, please call the number above.The American Legion Department of Virginia has a program where you can get help paying for rent or other bills. To talk to someone who can help you, call the number above. 1708 Commonwealth Avenue is the address for the office in Richmond, Virginia. The American Legion processes applications at their local offices in Henrico County. is a non-profit organization that works to end hunger and malnutrition. The main phone number for the organization is (804) 353-6606. The program was created in partnership with the Richmond Department of Social Services years ago. If you need help finding a place to live, are low income or unemployed, and/or are homeless, there are people who can offer you advice, referrals, and information about housing. The charity is at 4046 Crockett St, Richmond, VA 23228-4114.

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