Rental assistance in Outagamie County.

There is help available for people who need to pay rent in Outagamie County and the City of Appleton. Most of the funding is to help low-income families, senior citizens and disabled residents. The security deposit and rent programs are designed to provide financial assistance to tenants while they work on the root of their problems.

If you’re struggling to pay rent, there are government programs that can help. Both veterans and non-veterans may be eligible for assistance from the federal government or the state of Wisconsin. Some tenants may receive money for back rent, utility or energy bill payments, security deposits or moving costs while their application for benefits is being processed. There are many different resources available in Outagamie County.

Appleton Housing Authority provides housing assistance through two programs: HUD-VASH and Section 8. There are rent assistance programs that help homeless veterans, families that are poor or near poverty, and seniors or disabled people. So if you do not have much income, you can apply for a HUD grant to help with rent. HUD grants are given to people who can’t afford to pay their rent. The grant is based on how much money you make, so if you don’t have a lot of money, you can apply for a HUD grant.

The Fox Valley Veterans Council is located at 2N Systems Drive in Appleton, Wisconsin, and their main phone number is (920) 358-0662.

The Outagamie County Legal Aid office provides free legal assistance to low-income residents with housing issues. If you have a problem with your landlord, are facing eviction, or have been a victim of a predatory lender, please call 920-233-6521 to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. In addition to helping with eviction proceedings, free legal aid can also help with other tenant issues.

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The money can be used for things like rent, utility bills, medical costs, and gas. Other Outagamie County charities are also given referrals.

The Salvation Army in Black Creek, WI has a Housing Resource Center that can help with housing needs. The main phone number for the Salvation Army is (920) 984-9305. The goal is to end homelessness. The office runs a shelter, gives housing counseling and landlord mediation, as well as money for rent.

Some churches in Outagamie County offer one-time rental assistance. The parishioners donate money to help those who are poor and homeless. The money can be used to pay for a place to live, such as a house or an apartment. It can also be used to pay for things like utilities, a deposit, or even shelters in the region. I am looking for a church rent assistance program.

It is owned by the Kaukauna Housing Authority. It is a four story, elevator-equipped apartment building that has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the physically disabled. It is located on 125 W 10th Street in Kaukauna, WI. For more information, please call (920) 766-4772.This is a public housing unit that is available for those who need assistance. It is owned by the Kaukauna Housing Authority. It is a four story apartment building that has an elevator and is specifically designed for people who are physically disabled. The address is 125 W 10th Street in Kaukauna, WI. For more information, please call (920) 766-4772. This means that there are more people wanting to use the service than there are spaces available. This means that the government will help pay for your rent if you meet their requirements.

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The Saint Vincent Churches in Kaukauna, Wisconsin offer rent assistance, transitional housing placement, gas bill payment assistance, and other services to qualifying individuals and families.

The St. John’s Conference Society of Saint Vincent De Paul Seymour church provides rent assistance and household items, such as furniture, beds, and cribs, to those in need.

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