Rent Assistance

Rental assistance in Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

There are organizations in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area that can help with housing needs like rent assistance and other resources. This can be either short term or long term assistance. The residents of Dauphin County can receive grants, loans, section 8 vouchers, legal aid and more from a variety of different sources. These types of organizations may be able to help people pay for housing costs like security deposits or back rent.

A wide range of emergency assistance is offered. Resources are available to help residents of Harrisburg and Dauphin County with security deposits, monthly rental expenses, and other expenses like home repairs. There are also organizations that can help you with your legal problems for free.

For people who cannot afford their current home, there are many agencies and government programs that can help with low income housing or rapid rehousing. Individuals who are homeless may be offered temporary shelter in Dauphin County. They will work with a social worker to find a longer-term housing solution. After someone has been settled into their new place, a grant may be given to help pay for the first month’s rent or even a security deposit.

There are other options for low income people besides emergency rental assistance. Look into subsidized and public housing in the area. The state of Pennsylvania and federal government offer affordable housing options to people with low incomes through various programs. These homes and apartments are decent and provide a decent standard of living for those who may not be able to afford other options. There are other organizations that can help with low cost mortgage loans or grants for those in need of repairing their home.

Upper Dauphin Human Services is located at 20 Clearfield Street, Box 157, Elizabethville, Pennsylvania 17023. To speak to someone at the given phone number, dial 717-362-3321. The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program provides financial assistance to eligible Pennsylvanians who are renters or homeowners. The Emergency Assistance program provides short-term help for eligible households who are experiencing a housing crisis. The program offers referrals to people who need assistance with housing or rent issues. This is a great place to get information and referrals. Can someone please help me with this question? I am not sure what it is asking.

The Pennsylvania Rent Rebate Program is for people who are currently receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In order to qualify for this program, applicants must be over the age of 65, or over the age of 50 and be a widow or widower. This rebate is also provided to those who are disabled and earn less than $15,000 per year. This program is funded by the state. If you need to speak to a customer service representative, please call 1-800-362-2050.

The Harrisburg Housing Authority can help people with their housing and rent. They can help coordinate programs and make sure people are getting the help they need. Social workers can help improve living conditions for people who are very poor, working poor, or living in poverty. They work to keep a family’s rent payments affordable so that they can keep their housing over the long term. Other programs that help with housing costs include section 8 housing and vouchers. The address is 1315 North 6th Street, Suite 103, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17102. The phone number is (717) 232-6781.

You can get free or cheap housing and legal advice about being a landlord or tenant from MidPenn Legal Services. If you are facing eviction, it is important to know your rights as a tenant, as this may help you keep your home. The legal aid can help people who are homeless to have a safe place to live.

The lawyers from MidPenn Legal can help with questions about public housing programs and other government aid. What are some questions about security deposits that a tenant might have? For example, how can a tenant get their security deposit back when they move out? Or, if there are repairs needed in the apartment, how much can the landlord charge? The phone number is (717) 232-0581.

The Harrisburg Shelter-HELP organization provides temporary emergency housing for low-income individuals in need. The location also provides a number of services, such as shelter and food, to homeless women, children, and men. If you are in danger of being homeless because you are being evicted, you may be able to get help from a crisis assistance program. This type of assistance can include emergency rent payments or deposits. The number 717-238-2851 could possibly be a phone number.

The Homelessness Prevention Agency of Dauphin County Pennsylvania is a non-profit agency that helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They provide case management, transitional and emergency housing, rental assistance, and a number of other support programs and resources.

Dauphin County Mental Health & Mental Retardation may have programs that are specifically for people who have disabilities. The office address is 100 Chestnut Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101. The phone number is 717.780.7050.

The Dauphin County Department of Public Works provides grants for rent and assistance to homeless individuals and families who are at risk of eviction. Pulaski. The Emergency Shelter Allowance is available at the office at 2432 N. Pulaski. The 7th Street in Harrisburg may also give out loans with no interest to help pay for rent that is owed or utility expenses. The phone number for the company is 800-788-5616.

The Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area only offers rent assistance to women, including those with children or single parents. Other support includes finding and moving into housing in Harrisburg, as well as help with managing different cases. To reach the office, please dial 717-635-5957.

Shalom House will help families, seniors, and the working poor become independent by providing housing. This means that if you need help with rent or utilities, you can also get help with case management or a short-term voucher for a motel room. To speak to someone, please call 717-232-3482.

The Harrisburg Fair Housing Council offers advice on how to find and maintain fair housing. There are programs that can help with back rent, credit counseling, legal aid to stop evictions, and home buying. The goal is to prevent homelessness or help residents get back into a new apartment. Referrals are for rent or deposit programs. 7th street The office is located at 2100 N. 7th Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17110. – To contact the Sixth Street office, either go there in person or call the provided phone number.

The YWCA of Greater Harrisburg runs a program to help keep people from becoming homeless, and to quickly help those who have become homeless to find housing again. This service provides information and support to help people with their housing situation, including some financial assistance through a partnership with Housing Stabilization Case Workers.

Other services that can help you become more independent are credit counseling and job training. A variety of programs are available to low-income residents of Dauphin County who are struggling with poverty, including rent assistance and eviction prevention. The address is 1101 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17103, and the phone number is 717-234-7931.

Pathstone is an organization that provides housing and rental assistance to migrants and seasonal farm workers in Dauphin County. Their phone number is 610-925-5600. There is also money for security deposits, mortgages, energy bills, and shelter.

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