Rent assistance in Jackson Mississippi area.

There are many places to get rent help. Some places are government organizations and others are private organizations. There are also many places to get section 8 housing or grants to pay security deposits. There is financial assistance available for low-income families in Jackson and Hinds County Mississippi. There are a few organizations that can help with emergency rental assistance, housing resources, or security deposits. There are programs available to assist low income renters, seniors, disabled individuals, and single mothers.

Visit one of the places listed below. If you need help with paying for a security deposit, first months rent, free legal aid or funds to assist with moving costs in the Jackson MS region, there are organizations that can help you. If you are looking for safe and affordable housing, there are options available that are based on your income. This means that you can find an apartment or home that is affordable for you, based on your income level. Do you need help with anything? Because if you do, there are agencies that will be more than happy to help you out with that.

In Mississippi, many families receive money from the government to help pay for their housing every year. This money can help a lot in decreasing the number of homeless people in this area. Many of those who receive assistance, such as government hardship grants, are doing so for the first time. Do not hesitate to call any of the organizations below for low income housing or rental assistance.

The First Baptist Church of Jackson offers a resource known as the Metro Assistance Ministry to help those in need. The government provides qualified individuals with assistance through programs like emergency rent help, utilities, and housing counseling. The address is 431 North State Street in Jackson, Mississippi and the phone number is (601) 949-1900.

The Community Services Division (CSD) is responsible for administering the federal government’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program for Hinds County. This program provides financial assistance and other support services to eligible individuals and families who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. This can provide money for things like moving costs, deposits, rent, energy bills, and even credit and housing counseling. Some people will be given a loan that they don’t have to pay back right away to help pay for their housing. The goal is to help people who are about to be evicted so that homelessness can be prevented in the community. The zip code for Jackson, MS is 39205. Please call the number (601)359-6676

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The MS State Department of Health provides a program called HOPWA which gives rental assistance and grants to people who have HIV or AIDS. They also provide resources and information to help people with HIV or AIDS. 4th Ave.The address is 570 E. 4th Ave. The Woodrow Wilson PO Box is located at 1700 Osbourne Building in Jackson, Mississippi. The room number is 350 and the phone number is 601-576-7723.

The South Central Community Action Agency provides support to Hinds County. Please call (601) 407-5473. There are grant programs that can help with the costs of housing, rent, utilities, or mortgages. There are also resources for tenants who are seniors, disabled, or single parents. There are other programs that can help renters who are struggling to keep up with their payments and are at risk of being evicted. The address is 168 W Center St, Canton, MS 39046.

The address of Mississippi Regional Housing Authority VI is 2180 Terry Road, Jackson, Mississippi, 39204. Call the regional section 8 housing authority agency at (601) 373-7040. Rent subsidies, public housing, and other resources are for people with low incomes. HUD rental vouchers can help pay for a mortgage, including emergency section 8.

The Jackson Housing Authority is another option for housing. It is based at 2747 Livingston Rd, Jackson, MS 39213. They focus on making housing more affordable in the city itself. The number to reach someone by phone is 601-362-0885.

Lutheran Episcopal Services In Mississippi may be able to help you with emergency expenses like rent, security deposits, and vouchers for hotels or motels. These are various programs that provide housing and financial assistance to people in need. The address for the Old River Place Suite E. in Jackson, Mississippi is 39202. The phone number for the suite is (601) 352-7125.

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The SVDP of Hinds County is a chapter of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, a Catholic organization that provides assistance to those in need. Different places of worship help people who are struggling financially or have other difficult situations. Different organizations offer different types of assistance for those in need. Some may offer free furniture or help with rent or bills, while others may operate homeless shelters. SVDP Hinds County is a branch of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic organization that provides assistance to those in need. The Hinds County branch provides assistance to residents of Hinds County, Mississippi.

The Jackson Mississippi Office of Housing and Community Development is a local government organization that can help with low income housing or rent assistance. The city of Jackson, Mississippi has a population of 39,201 people. Our main phone number is (601) 960-2155.

The Good Samaritan Center is a place where people can go to get help with things they need, like finding a place to stay or getting food. They also provide referrals to other organizations that might be able to help people with their specific needs. The agency provides resources for low-income families in Hinds County to help with rent. The charity is located at 114 Millsaps Ave., Jackson, MS 39202, or you can dial 601-355-627 for referrals to rent and housing.

PTEH is a regional non-profit agency that helps people in need. They provide a number of programs to help people keep their homes, including grants to pay rent or utility bills, free motel vouchers, and more. People who are struggling to pay rent or deposits may be able to get loans or grants. PTEH provides additional help for those who need assistance with their housing. This includes help with rent, utilities, and other necessary expenses.

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The Clinton Community Christian Corporation is only for residents of the school district. Some families in a crisis may receive emergency financial aid, loans for rent, or other support. The number 601-924-9436 is a phone number.

The Salvation Army in Jackson, Mississippi is located at 110 Presto Lane. Call the number 601-982-4881 They operate a shelter for people who are homeless. The government may offer grants that can help pay for a security deposit or first month’s rent. This assistance is sometimes available for senior citizens. Other options for short-term housing can be found through referrals and case management.

This organization provides free legal help to low-income families in Central Southwest Mississippi. This can include things like providing representation in court, or giving advice on what to do in a legal situation. The pro-bono firm in Jackson can help Hind County families with defense against eviction, unsafe housing, and also provide referrals to homeless assistance programs. This is a telephone number.

Low cost housing or apartments in Jackson Mississippi region

The Madonna Manor Apartments are a cheap, safe place to live for seniors aged 62 and up. The amount of rent they will need to pay is limited to 30% of their total household income. If you would like to know more about this topic, please let us know. The company is based in Jackson, MS but has units in the county.

The Gateway Rescue Mission provides emergency shelters and transitional and short-term housing programs in Jackson, Mississippi. To speak to someone at the Mississippi Department of Revenue, call (601) 353-5864.

The Azalea Christian Manor Apartments use a sliding scale to figure out how much rent to charge each tenant. This scale is based on the income of the tenant. The center offers apartments for individuals with mobility impairment, and the applicant must be 18 years old or older. 4th St. The address 439 W. 4th St. is located in New York, NY. The address is Northside Drive, Jackson, MS 39206 and the phone number is 601-366-0723.

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