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Salvation Army assistance programs Minneapolis and Hennepin County.

The Salvation Army provides assistance to low-income families, fixed-income seniors, and persons with disabilities in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Caseworkers can offer help or referrals. This can include free vouchers for gasoline or a hotel, money for rent or electric bills, free food for struggling households and other aid.

The Minneapolis Salvation Army provides a range of programs to assist people in financial crisis or emergency situations. People can get help with things like rent, food, and bills. They might also be able to get help paying for medicine. Some organizations offer resources during specific times of year, like free Thanksgiving turkey dinners, Christmas toys from Angel Tree, or back-to-school supply drives.

Emergency, short term financial help in Hennepin County

The HeatShare program is a Salvation Army initiative that is not affiliated with or sponsored by the government. This program helps people who have a limited or fixed income pay for their heating and utility bills. The Minneapolis HeatShare program helps people with low incomes pay their energy bills. This includes people who have had a shut off or other crisis. This program also offers education on energy conservation, and participants can learn about resources to help with weatherization.

FreshStart provides self-sufficiency to its recipients. This seminar is about how to manage your money and budget your expenses if you have trouble paying your heating and utility bills over a long period of time. This seminar will last for 6 weeks. If you finish the FreshStart class, you will still have to pay your monthly utility bills. This means that they will need to track their income and expenses, and make sure that their spending does not exceed their income. If people take the necessary steps, they may be able to get a $750 grant to help pay for energy costs.

You may offer household and material goods. Services are not always available, but when they are, they might include vouchers for clothing. Every 12 months, single adults can go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and pick out a coat or piece of work clothing with a voucher. Families who meet the qualifications can get a referral to the Silver Angel Thrift Store every 6 months.

Furniture is not free. The city of Minneapolis provides vouchers to residents that can be used to purchase household items such as furniture. The Thrift Stores will offer all items at a discounted price to qualified individuals. To be eligible for this program, clients must be able to provide proof that they have recently left a shelter, are currently facing a crisis, or that they have a new living situation due to reasons such as domestic violence. They can get help from someone who is familiar with the process of getting housing. Vouchers are limited to $100 per family and cannot be used to pay for beds.

Other items that are available to single parents, moms, and others who are in crisis situations include baby items such as diapers. Some programs give baby supplies four times a year and others limit aid to one can of formula per baby per month. There is a variety of personal hygiene products that can be distributed among people. Clients are allowed to receive products only once a month.

As part of material goods assistance, there are programs that provide free school supplies for students from kindergarten to high school age. Some families cannot afford to buy notebooks, backpacks, shoes, books, and computers for their children. These families may qualify to receive these items for free from certain organizations. Children who are not English speakers or who come from immigrant families can still get the supplies they need for school.

Christmas and holiday programs that are free provide gifts, toys, and other items for children 14 and under as well as food assistance. The Adopt-a-Family program provides families in need with presents and food during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, while the Phone Home Project provides free long distance phone calls so that people away from their families can stay in touch. The Salvation Army has food and Thanksgiving meals available at some of its locations in Minneapolis and Hennepin County.

Most transportation assistance is offered only once a year. The applicant must have either a medical appointment or a job from which they have not yet received their first paycheck in order to be eligible. The caseworker will need to confirm that the client meets all of the requirements. If an applicant needs transportation for a job, they will need to bring a letter from their employer on company letterhead. The letter should state when the applicant started working at the position and when they will receive their first paycheck. The person requesting the ride must provide proof of the medical appointment, such as a confirmation from the hospital, clinic, or doctor.

There are food pantries located throughout Hennepin County. You can can only go to a Salvation Army food shelf once a month at the most. You will need to make an appointment by calling a day in advance. Different foods from various cultures are available at this location.

The unemployed and people looking for new job skills can use the employment services. The Salvation Army in Minneapolis offers services to help people find jobs, including help with creating resumes and preparing for interviews. The organization also provides job leads.

Apply for government and public assistance in Minnesota. You can get help with applying for the Minnesota Health Care Program, food support, and SSI/RSDI benefits. Seek advice from budget counselors, HeatShare, rental assistance, and car repair services to help with expenses. Minnesota provides assistance to its residents through a variety of public and government programs. These programs include financial assistance for those in need, as well as access to government services and programs. Minnesota also offers a variety of assistance programs for businesses and organizations.

Salvation Army resources for children, teens, veterans, and the elderly in Minneapolis region

Programs for kids and teens are available. They have access to resources for school supplies distribution at the beginning of school. The Salvation Army provides camps for single mothers and their children ages birth to 14. Coats for Kids is an organization that provides coats for children in need during the cold winter months. Free coats may be distributed to children aged 0-17.

Veteran and military assistance means that help is available for veterans and active military personnel. It is a way to ensure that they are receiving the resources they need to remain stable. Case management is a service that helps veterans who are at risk of homelessness, or who are already homeless, to get the resources they need to stay stable. Services that help people with housing can include giving them money, helping them set goals, making plans with them, listening to their concerns, and connecting them to other resources. There are also programs that can help military members find a job in Hennepin County.

The Salvation Army Hennepin County also helps those who are elderly, retired, or senior citizens. The services that are provided are meals on wheels, field trips, workshops and companionship. At many holiday parties, the elderly are also in attendance. There are additional programs in Minnesota that can help seniors with things like housing, transportation, and other needs.

Applying for Salvation Army in Hennepin County

The main locations are as follows. They have a variety of resources available such as Family Stores, food pantries, and emergency financial assistance programs.

There is another center located at 2727 Central Avenue NE in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The phone number for this center is (612) 789-1512.

2024 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411 could be better phrased as “2024 Lyndale Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411.” The phone number for the company is (612) 522-6581.

The Salvation Army has a social service center at 1604 E Lake St in Minneapolis. This center provides various services to those in need, such as food assistance, clothing, and more. The phone number is (612) 721-1513.

In addition to 1010 Currie Ave in Minneapolis, you can also call (612) 767-3100.

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