Salvation Army emergency assistance programs McDonough and Henry County.

The Henry County Georgia Salvation Army helps the working poor and less fortunate by raising money from the sale of goods at its thrift/family store. Families who are struggling to make ends meet may be able to get help with rent, free food, or seasonal items like free school supplies or Christmas gifts. The McDonough provides assistance with drug and substance abuse, as well as other social services.

In addition to the funds that the local center has, there may also be grants from the United Way and federal government programs, such as EFSP – Emergency Food and Shelter. There may be help provided to a small number of qualified families in Henry County through these resources.

If you need help with things like rent, prescription medication, or energy bills, you need to make an appointment. The Salvation Army provides a food pantry that is open to anyone who needs assistance. They also operate a thrift store where people can purchase discounted items such as clothing, toys, and electronics. When applying for seasonal programs with the Henry County Salvation Army, such as free school supplies or the Christmas Angel Tree program, applications are needed at least a few weeks before the holiday in question.

Assistance for bills, food, and housing

The Salvation Army in Henry county provides a variety of housing options for people in need, including overnight shelters and transitional housing. These programs are often available as the result of partnerships with groups such as the Rescue Mission or churches. The shelters can temporarily house people who are homeless and help them to recover from difficult circumstances. There are also housing options for veterans, women, and children who need a place to stay for a shorter period of time.

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In some cases, the Salvation Army in McDonough may provide financial assistance for housing. If there is enough money, someone may be able to get help with expenses like rent, water bills, or heating costs. In order to qualify for this benefits program, the applicant must have a reliable and steady source of income, be without any other options, and be willing to contribute to the costs of the program.

The Salvation Army helps the client to find the reason for their hardship and work together to solve it. There are many people who need to either learn new job skills or get help with budgeting. Some people in Henry County cannot afford to buy or maintain a car, which limits their ability to get to work. The center is here to help with whatever you need, whether it’s transportation, money management, or something else. Other sources of free automobile programs can be found online and in automotive magazines.

The McDonough and Henry County Salvation Army uses outreach to connect with the local community and provide free seasonal services. The school will have an annual list of supplies that are needed, as well as clothing items and Christmas toys. – A holiday meal – A food box – A toy for each child – A winter coat – A pair of boots – A gift card There are a lot of options for giving back, like buying school supplies for kids who can’t afford them, adopting a family at Christmas, or providing Thanksgiving meals for people in need.

Additional Salvation Army social services available

The Salvation Army responds to families impacted by disasters such as fires and floods. They provide food, clothing, water, and lodging.

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The Henry County Salvation Army has a food pantry where people can go to get free groceries. The pantry is open year round, but the hours are limited. The pantry may also have some hygiene products, special food boxes for holidays, and other household items. There are more free food pantries in Georgia.

Parents may need a place for their kids to go before or after school. They need a place to stay during the summer. Assistance is being provided.

The Salvation Army will also help families by referring them to other resources that can help them. The different social service agencies in Henry County are all interconnected and easy to access. Whether someone needs a community clinic, job training, or social security assistance, they can easily find the help they need.

Care for seniors typically includes providing supportive housing, delivering meals, and visiting nursing homes.

Applying for help from Salvation Army in McDonough

The Henry County Salvation Army provides support for students and youth, including Boys and Girls Clubs or snacks and activities from Summer Camping. They also offer opportunities to volunteer as well as housing for senior citizens. There are many other resources available for both emergency needs and long term support. For more information on the Henry County Salvation Army center, you can call them at (770) 957-8868, or you can stop by their location at 401 Racetrack Road in McDonough, GA.

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