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Society of St. Vincent de Paul Cincinnati assistance programs.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul can help with expenses such as rent and utilities. Other resources such as household items or food may also be distributed. The Society of St. Vincent in Cincinnati and Hamilton County Ohio is a charity that provides help to those in need, however their resources are limited so not everyone whoapply will receive help.

Many people apply for help every day. The agency’s representatives will try their best to help everyone who asks for assistance, but not everyone will qualify for help and there may not be enough money to go around. If the St. Vincent de Paul organization is not able to help you, they may know of other non-profit organizations, local volunteer groups, or government assistance programs in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that can help you.

The programs are only available to people and families who are living in Hamilton County, Ohio. This means that requests and applications will be looked at to see if they qualify for reimbursement for one or more of the following expenses. Individuals may be able to receive assistance with their monthly rent expenses. There may be funds and information available to help people pay their water, heating, or Duke Energy bills. -Individuals who meet the requirements may be able to get assistance with their security deposit or first month’s rent.

Other assistance programs and resources are administered in addition to the ones already mentioned. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati and Hamilton County Ohio is a non-profit organization that may be able to help people facing economic, spiritual, or emotional crisis. They can connect people with programs that offer help with food, prescription drugs, rent, clothing, utilities, companionship, and transportation.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul donation centers and thrift stores may provide free household items, furniture, and clothing. Often, during visits to low-income families in need of help, volunteers from charities see that people have a need for basic items such as beds, work or school clothing, kitchen supplies, or personal hygiene items. When visits from case workers occur, families in Cincinnati who qualify will be given vouchers to purchase items from thrift stores such as clothing, furniture, and household items, at no cost to the family.

Bus tokens are offered to qualified people who need transportation to a job or doctor appointment. The majority of transportation assistance is spent during the first week of the month. This pass is only good for travel within Hamilton County, Ohio. There are many other bus pass assistance programs available.

The Cincinnati Society of St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry operates for families living in the zip codes that end with 02, 03, 14, 19, 25, 29 and 32 only. The program’s clients can choose which groceries and food they want. This resource is supported by many volunteers. What is the Angel Food Ministry?

The pharmacy, medications, and pharmaceutical care are for those who cannot afford their health care or prescription medication. For information on dialing (513) 562-8841 x 230. In Hamilton County, low income and uninsured people can visit the St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy for free or low-cost medication.

You can only pay for utilities and rent by appointment. St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati receives applications from people requesting assistance with paying for housing, heating, and energy bills. Complete various forms. There is only so much financial aid available.

If you need furniture and meet the requirements, you will be given priority to receive furniture assistance. This is available once a month on the first Wednesday. Go to the Bank St. Outreach Center to apply in person. To reach customer service, please call 513-421-0602.

The Saint Vincent charity provides free furniture, couches, and beds to low-income and working-poor individuals and families. However, depending on how much inventory and donations are available, as well as the applicant’s income, there may be some minimal fees involved. If you are looking for more charities that give away free furniture, you can check out this list.

There may be programs available for elderly or senior citizens who have a low income. Those who cannot afford to shop at stores with full prices may be able to get help from Hamilton County St. Vincent de Paul stores. These locations provide high quality, new or gently used, affordable goods in clean and well-lit environments. This can help people care for themselves in a way that preserves their dignity.

The centers also offer referrals to local non-profits and other partner organizations that can help with specific needs. To find out more about this organization or to apply, you can call them at 513.562.8841, or go to their location at 1125 Bank Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214-2130.

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