Rent Assistance

Walton and Newton County rent assistance.

In a crisis, agencies in Newton and Walton County provide programs that offer emergency rental and housing assistance. There are organizations that help tenants keeping their homes or apartments. The resources available include grants to help with a deposit, loans to pay back rent, and other financial aid.

The organizations does not treat people unfairly because of their age, race, or religion. Other people who may be eligible for rental assistance are people who are underemployed, senior citizens, or have some other type of financial crisis. If someone is struggling with housing-related issues like not being able to pay their utilities or having a disagreement with their landlord, those topics can be addressed as well.

The amount of money available for funding in Walton and Newton is limited. The social workers will try their best to help, even if the money for rent runs out.

is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides advocacy and support for people with developmental disabilities and their families ACTION, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that advocates for and provides support to people with developmental disabilities and their families. The Walton County address is 203 Milledge Ave. in Monroe, GA. The phone number is (770) 267-1361. The programs offered may be able to help with rent and other housing costs.

Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 This is the address of FISHLocation, a Deerfield Beach, FL service organization that provides assistance to those in need. Contact the number above for more information on available resources. There are many social services available for people in need, including emergency rent help. For more information on what resources are available, please contact the number above. The staff also directs low income households or the homeless to shelters, offers loans, energy bills, and of course one time rent help.

The Repairers of the Breach organization provides financial assistance for limited home repairs. They are located in Covington, Georgia and their phone number is (770) 787-7250. Newton County families may apply for rental help, shop for low cost furniture from a thrift store, operate a thrift store, and more.

This includes rent, mortgage, and utility payments. The Salvation Army’s Newton County Service Unit provides emergency assistance to families that are otherwise stable, but may need help with rent, mortgage, or utility payments. The charity may offer money to help pay for things like rent, food, security deposits, and air conditioning bills.

St. Augustine Church in Covington, Georgia is a place where people in need can go to receive help. An intake interview is always required in order to get assistance. The church may provide clothing, rent assistance for families with children or the disabled living on a fixed income, shelter, and other resources, such as medications.

There are places where you can get help with housing problems in both counties. If you are facing housing discrimination, denied benefits, or are being evicted, you may be able to get help from LegalAid. They can represent you in housing court if you qualify. Please call (404) 524-5811.

The agency also provides homeless prevention assistance in the form of rent or utility deposits and or first month’s rent. Lastly, the agency can also help with weatherization and home energy assistance. The Walton and Newton County Department of Community Affairs provides assistance with housing, utilities, and weatherization for low-income residents. The agency can help with rent or utility deposits, first month’s rent, and home energy assistance.

Sarah, Inc. provides shelter and transitional housing for women who are out of all other options and who are involved in the trafficking industry.

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