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Wesley House Community Center assistance programs.

The Wesley House Community Center’s Crisis Intervention Program helps low-income families, including seniors, with a variety of issues. The goal of this service is to help people help themselves by empowering them. There may be help available in Lauderdale County Mississippi for avoiding utility shut-offs, obtaining free food and affordable medication, managing debts, working through emotional crises, and avoiding eviction or foreclosure. Resources for these services may be found through referrals.

The Wesley House Community Center provides food pantries and “banks” for non-perishable goods to help individuals and families in need. This support can help them get through a difficult period of time. A client choice model allows families to choose which food and personal care items they need, without having to pay for them. This means that families may be able to get free food and other items, such as soap, paper products, cleaning supplies, and more. Households in Lauderdale County that meet the eligibility criteria may visit the food pantry once per month. Each person should call the food pantry as needed to get information about hours and how to apply.

The pantry will need donations and volunteers to keep it running. The staff will also provide nutrition assistance to individuals and families from the area. There are nutrition coaches who can help you and your family figure out which healthy foods you need and will actually use. This means that not only will their health improve overall, but also the usefulness of what is given to them.

Donations of food allow families to receive more food based on the number of people in their family. By clients filling out minimal paperwork, volunteers from the churches that are part of the Wesley House can help them apply for long term aid, such as food stamps. This is more important for sustaining success over time and preventing hunger.

There is a Children’s Clothes Closet where children from low-income families can get donated clothing and school supplies. The center is managed by an RSVP worker, who connects with area stores, churches, businesses, and individual community members to coordinate the collection and distribution of clothing. The goal is to help children feel better about themselves by giving them free or inexpensive clothes. A coat can help protect against the cold weather by keeping a person warm and dry. The school supplies given to them can help improve their school attendance.

Wesley House Community Center will work with people who are willing and able to take the necessary steps to end their own poverty. This program provides financial assistance to families in need on a one-time basis. It is designed to help families who are living in poverty or are otherwise disadvantaged. The program is administered by the Lauderdale County Department of Social Services. There is money available to help with things like rent, mortgage payments, food, and utilities. This program was created to help people living in poverty from being evicted from their homes, becoming homeless or going into debt.

If a client does not have insurance, the center may be able to help with some of their medical needs. This can be fixed by giving the customer coupons to pay for their medicine. This type of insurance will only cover a small part of the costs associated with health problems, and is only meant for those with serious health conditions.

The agencies that work with Wesley House Community Center help their clients by meeting with them and teaching them how to help themselves. The holistic process will help you figure out what your strengths are, what’s preventing you from reaching your goals, and connect you with resources that can help you achieve success. Lauderdale County offers educational opportunities, job training, and vocational services to its residents. There are also references to sources of financial support, such as food, housing, clothing, and shelter.

The process will also cover transportation, budgeting, free food, help with rental needs (if needed), educational resources, and local job and vocational training resources. This process is lengthy and complicated.

How to apply for financial help or services from Wesley House Community Center

To apply for the Wesley House Community Center, you only need to contact one agency. However, the Community Center is made up of multiple agencies. The address is 1520 8th Ave., Meridian, Mississippi. Please call the center at (601) 485-4736.

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