Westchester Community Action Agency Opportunity assistance programs.

The resources from the Westchester Community Opportunity Program are mainly geared towards helping those who are living in poverty or struggling to make ends meet in the county. The Putnam and Rockland Counties are also eligible for assistance. Many organizations that offer assistance do so in partnership with local social service agencies or charities. The amount and type of assistance available from the non-profit community action agency varies and can include food, clothing, eviction prevention services, energy bills, and more.

The agency has several locations in Westchester County. The goal is to help the community become stronger and more self-sufficient over time by providing things like school supplies and clothing, employment and job training, and other assistance.

Food and financial help from WCAAO

Food that is free of charge is available at the Westchester Community Opportunity, and this is often done in collaboration with local businesses. One option for food assistance is to provide ready-to-eat meals that are surplus from places like Fresh Market and other retailers or restaurants. Additionally, there is a food distribution every other month for families who are income qualified and registered. They may receive items such as non-perishable food, canned food, fresh produce.

Basic needs can be satisfied. Some things that may be included are: There may be free clothes available, as well as work attire or books and education supplies. The purpose of this job is to help those in need of employment and assistance with any related issues.

There are many different types of housing programs available to help people in need, including programs to prevent eviction, provide transitional housing, and offer information on rental assistance, including section 8. The Westchester County Housing Help program can help people who are homeless or looking for a new apartment. The program can help people find a permanent home and learn about programs that can help pay for the first month’s rent or a security deposit. The community action agency can help you find resources for your needs. To find rental assistance in Westchester County, go to the county’s website and search for “rental assistance.”

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Other needs that may be offered are back to school clothing, supplies or gently used clothing and furniture. Some people will get a voucher for free clothing while others will be able to get clothing at a low price. WestCOP partners with other non-profit organizations, like the Salvation Army, to help meet the basic needs of residents in Westchester County. Christmas toys and goods may be offered for sale.

The New Rochelle CAP is an organization that works closely with WestCOP. The staff at this branch is mainly concerned with housing issues and meeting the needs of low-income and senior citizens. The non-profit is committed to helping with housing, energy, transitioning, senior nutrition, renting, child care, food, and utilities. The need for assistance in New Rochelle is great, and not all requests can be met.

The Southern Solutions Coalition Foundation helps veterans from the Westchester County region. The focus is on helping homeless or veterans who are about to be evicted from their homes or apartments. This includes people who have a disability, mental illness, or other challenges. The SSVF Program’s primary objective is to help very low-income and/or impoverished Veteran families stay in their homes or move into permanent housing.

Some of the things that are part of the SSVF program is help with finding or paying for a new affordable home’s rent or deposits. This means that along with providing people with food, clothing, and medical care, we also need to make sure they have a place to live. The case managers from community action also work with clients on breaking the cycle of homelessness. This will include services such as job training and financial literacy.

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Westchester Community Opportunity provides assistance with transportation. Many lower income families in the region struggle with the costs of commuting. The non-profit will try to help them find programs that can give them money for free or discounted bus fare, or help them get a loan for a car.

Educational and child care programs

WIA and referrals to local one stop job centers are government resources that can help with employment and job training. These websites can help people who are looking for new skills or who are currently unemployed. There may be job postings in all counties, including Westchester and nearby counties like Rockland.

Westchester Community Opportunity Assistance Program helps people in need of assistance with things such as Head Start. It can also be found in Putnam County.

There are over 20 different places that help with child development. They offer care for part of the day, six-hour Head Start, full-day child care, therapeutic classrooms, information on voucher programs, and after-school services.

The Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide full-scale child development services for children from birth to five years of age. The agency will offer skills that will help prepare children for social interactions and school.

The child’s parents are also important and can get help if needed. The goals that they have can be pursued, they can become involved in all aspects of the Head Start program, and they can be referred to resources such as job training. There are many different community organizations that collaborate with WestCOP on this project.

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The after school program can help coordinate child care needs. This is for families who need help with taking care of their children after school.

Locations of community action – WestCOP

The Westchester Community Action Opportunity Program has offices in several cities, including New Rochelle, Greenburgh, White Plains, and Peekskill. The company’s primary office is located at 2 Westchester Plaza in Elmsford, New York. To get information, dial 914.592.5600.

Washington Street – Suite 700 – Pearl River, New York 10965 The address for Rockland County is 17 W. Washington Street, Suite 700, Pearl River, New York 10965. Maple Ave, Spring Valley, NY 10977, Phone: (845) 728-0688 The offices of Dr. Gary J. Rosenberg are located at Broad Street in Haverstraw, New York, and at North Maple Avenue in Spring Valley, New York. The phone number for the Haverstraw office is (845) 728-0688, and the phone number for the Spring Valley office is (845) 728-0688. Our address is Main Street, Spring Valley, New York 10977 and our phone number is (845) 262-1987.

The Putnam County center is located at 121 Main Street in Brewster, New York. The number to reach someone by telephone is 845.278.8021.

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