Assistance from churches in Westchester County.

The aim of churches in Westchester County is to help those in need of housing, food and other essentials. This includes those who are at risk of eviction or homelessness, or who are already homeless or hungry. The charity provides food and other social services to low income families and the poor through the largest soup kitchen in the region.

Rental and affordable housing solutions from Churches

Housing stabilization programs can help with emergency rental assistance, eviction prevention, or providing low income, short term housing. If a family in Westchester County is struggling to pay their utility bills and are in danger of becoming homeless, then they may be eligible for financial assistance to cover their energy expenses. Donations and resources play a big role in what we are able to offer. The more that is donated, the more we are able to offer in return.

Homeless prevention is a program offered by some local churches. It typically provides temporary housing and other assistance to those who are at risk of becoming homeless. They are trying to help with the problem of not having enough money for rent and other housing expenses that low-income and unemployed people have. The people who use this service are mostly people who are poor and can’t find work, or who are new immigrants, and elderly people from West Chester.

There is financial assistance available for people who do not qualify for government assistance from DSS, and for DSS applicants who are still unable to cover their rental payments. The program has been successful in preventing evictions and homelessness by providing short-term cash assistance to pre-screened clients.

The Westchester County and White Plains community center church programs offer counseling from qualified experts on how to avoid eviction, as well as financial assistance or loans for paying rent or utilities.

If there is extra money available, it may be used to pay for things like security deposits, rent for the first month, storage, or other necessary expenses related to keeping or getting new housing. If the staff from a church in Westchester County is not able to help with your housing needs, they will refer you to other service agencies or local charities.

Housing assistance is a type of help that is given to people who are struggling to pay for housing or are at risk of becoming homeless. This assistance can come in the form of money to help pay rent or mortgage, or it can be help in finding and keeping a place to live. The Housing Services Office can help residents who have HIV/AIDS, people who are in danger of losing their housing because they spend more than half their income on rent, disabled people, people with a mental illness, or seniors. If you are in danger of being evicted or cannot afford housing, you may be able to get help with a security deposit, mortgage, or rent.

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The Shelter Plus Care Program is a program that helps people who are homeless and have mental illness or substance abuse issues. The program is run by the government and churches in Westchester County. This program helps single, homeless people with substance abuse or mental illness problems by giving them money for rent, loans for deposits, and access to case management support services.

The government supported housing resource helps clients with finding and moving to affordable housing. There is also support for developing the goals and skills necessary for progressing toward a stable, independent lifestyle. Shelter Plus Care uses a sponsorship system to operate. They work with landlords to get leases for dozens of apartments in the area and then sublet them to clients. The Church has a partnership with the Department of Community Mental Health in Westchester County.

Tenants are responsible for paying a portion of their monthly income towards rent and other bills related to their housing. The government’s housing department says that people who get help from them should pay 30% of their income towards rent, and the department will cover the rest. GCCC has a “continuum of care” approach that helps residents of Samaritan House and Open Arms who are determined to be ready to move on to low cost rental housing. The Shelter Plus Care Program is one part of this continuum of care.

If people can’t find housing and shelters are full, churches in Westchester County may offer emergency motel vouchers. The accommodation provided will be temporary and for those in need, such as children, women escaping violence, immigrants, and those with no other options.

The Open Arms Program provides housing and rehabilitative services for single, homeless adult males. This is an option for those who need temporary housing. Open Arms is open 24/7. There are many services available for single homeless men, administered by both the Department of Social Services and local churches.

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The goal is to help residents move toward independent living by providing transitional or permanent housing within a few months, and by integrating basic shelter services with other aid to address the varied needs of residents. The Open Arms residents have access to job-readiness evaluation and training, psychiatric assessment, medical care, and other activities. These activities are essential components of the rehabilitation process.

The Samaritan House is a place where homeless women can go to get help. The community center offers a temporary shelter for homeless women in Westchester County who are suffering from domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental illness. Housing is also available for women who have recently been released from prison on parole.

The Westchester County Church Parish House program provides both emergency shelter and rehabilitative services as necessary for each individual. Case managers work with residents to help them find and access the best mix of treatment options. The women who stay in the shelter are given assistance in finding a job, keeping track of medical appointments, meeting with therapists, going to court appointments, visiting their children, and attending job training programs. Other places where homeless people can stay overnight besides shelters.

HOPWA is a program that helps people with AIDS who are in danger of losing their homes because they cannot afford to pay rent. Persons with CDC-defined AIDS or severe symptomatic HIV are given first priority.

The HOPWA program is operated by Westchester County Church Parish House. Under this program, participants are involved in a direct landlord-tenant lease relationship. The program also provides case management, which gives people information about primary health, dental, and mental health services, helps them get government entitlements, and provides free food and nutritional support services. The Department of Planning provides grants to administer this program in conjunction with HUD rental assistance.

The Ryan White Title I Program provides housing assistance to Tri-County residents living with HIV/AIDS. The Department of Health is a key partner in administering this resource. This program provides financial assistance and support services to help people with HIV/AIDS keep their homes. Services may include help with rent, utility bills, and other expenses. Clients can access the following services: Budget Counseling, One Time Emergency Rent Payments, Assistance with Relocation Expenses, Free Legal Assistance and Representation, and Relocation Assistance. There are also funds to help with utility and rental deposits.

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The Neighbors Home Care Services are located at the Westchester County Church Parish House. This agency provides care for seniors and disabled people in Westchester. The care is customized and compassionat, and it also provides comprehensive care.

Working with the attending physician, a registered nurse performs a preliminary assessment and develops a Plan of Care for providing each disabled or elderly client with appropriate services. This plan may include things such as making sure the client receives their medications on time, providing physical therapy, or helping the client with activities of daily living. All aides or registered nurses are certified to perform simple health care tasks, such as monitoring vital signs and helping clients with managing medications. Other assistance may include taking someone to doctor appointments, being a simple companion, going grocery shopping, helping to prepare meals, managing medication, cleaning the house, and providing home care services.

Meals, clothes and food programs

There is a soup kitchen in White Plains that offers free meals. The only place serving hot meals Monday through Friday and on holidays. The Church Community Center Soup Kitchen helps a lot of people who are poor or don’t have a place to live every day. Free holiday meals are served on many days throughout the year, including Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Day, Easter, July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Some churches in Westchester County have places where people can go to get a free meal. They give food to people who are poor or don’t have enough to eat. Whether it’s free meals at lunch, breakfast or dinner, or holiday events and parties, help is always offered. There are many other places to get food for free, including the Salvation Army and Catholic centers.

A food pantry can also help families in Westchester. In addition to the free daily meals, the charity will offer canned goods, boxes of groceries or sandwiches for those who need them to take home each day. Every Friday, clients can take home enough groceries or food items to last them through the weekend. The Church Parish House is a place where anyone in need of assistance can go for help. They will not be turned away. Churches can be found in most towns and cities, including White Plains. Call 211 for assistance with money matters and everyday needs.

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