Assistance programs in Bryan, Coal, Love, Pontotoc County Oklahoma

If you need help paying for bills, food, or medical care, there are organizations that can help. The following is a list of the main churches, charities, pantries, and government programs that offer help with rent or utility bills, free medications or food, and cash aid. There are agencies in Bryan County, Pontotoc, and nearby regions that also have money for paying security deposits or a mortgage program, case management, and any other critical bills.

Find help for paying rent, energy bills, free food, and other services

is a 501(c)3 organization that helps families and individuals in crisis with housing, food, clothing, and other necessities. Big Five Community Services, Inc. is a charity that helps families and individuals in crisis by providing them with housing, food, clothing, and other necessities. This is the local community action agency. They help people in the community who need emergency financial assistance. They give free food, rent help, and utility assistance to people who meet the criteria for aid. There is help available through Outreach, low interest loans or referrals to outside organizations and non-profits for most of this.

The goal of the non-profit is to help families in need of emergency assistance. This organization also provides temporary housing for people in need. A roof is a structure that provides cover and protection from the elements, especially rain and snow. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program helps people prepare their Income tax returns and submit them electronically. The weatherization program helps people to save money on their energy bills. This program is available to people who meet certain income requirements.

The Big Five organization also offers Head Start, a program designed to support children from low-income families. This program provides students with educational support, dental care, and meals. Other counties besides Pontoto and Bryan also offer low-cost transportation options. If you need more information, please call Big Five Community Services at (580) 332-3430.

If you need help managing your debt, you can contact Consumer Credit Counseling at (580) 745-9600. They will help you create a budget and work out a payment plan with your creditors. This credit counseling group offers events where attendees can learn about things like foreclosure prevention and financial literacy. The goal is to help people achieve financial stability in the long term. To learn more about a subject, topic, or issue, you can conduct research, read articles or books on the topic, or talk to experts.

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The Oklahoma Department of Human Services of Bryan County can help with energy bills. The government program requires that customers show that their utilities are either turned off or no longer provided by the company. They need to show that their service will be cut off within 72 hours.

If someone is about to run out of heating oil, and they have been refused service from their oil company, the assistance organization can provide them with information on how to get more oil or establish a new connection. A small amount of aid will be given. The amount you have to pay for your energy bill will only be the amount that is necessary to restore or maintain service or to get new service from the energy company. The most you will have to pay for your energy bill is $500.00, no matter how big your household is or how much money you make. The phone number is 800-225-0062.

The Cornerstone Praise & Worship Center sells food at a very discounted price (up to 50% off). Anyone is welcome to purchase food from them. The food at Angel Food is cheap and high quality because of the national program. The number you have dialed is 927-3900.

If you have received an eviction notice or 5 day Notice to Quit, Ada Homeless Services may be able to help you by providing financial assistance. If you need help, you can only get assistance once a year, so be careful when you request it.

Robertson Blvd The non-profit can offer some help at the start of each month for things that may stop someone from becoming homeless or being kicked out of their home. To apply, go in person to 627 N. Robertson Blvd. The address for the Ada Public Library is Broadway Ave., Ada, OK. The phone number is (580) 272-0211. All money is limited, and there is no guarantee you will get help with rent or be prevented from being evicted.

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The Salvation Army provides assistance with heating bills only. Different types of energy are discussed, including gas, propane, and wood heating sources. Help is provided for each. An electric home is one that is powered by electricity, either through an electrical grid or through alternative means such as solar panels. This is a phone number.

The Southwest Church of Christ of Ada can help people in need by giving them free food once a month.

The Choctaw Nation provides assistance to Native Americans with their housing and rental needs. The housing authority manages low income shelters, housing units and apartments. If you are facing eviction, you may be able to get money to help pay your rent. This website provides a helpful way to rephrase a sentence.

Residents can make money from a MLM job. Pre-paid legal Services, now known as Legal Shield, is based in Ada Oklahoma. This company is a publicly traded multi-level marketing company. The “Millionaire Club” is a group of sales associates who have earned over $1 million in commissions during their time with the company. The service is provided by people who work from home. Pre-paid legal plans are a type of legal insurance that allow members to receive discounted or free legal services. These plans are typically offered by employers as a benefit to employees, but they can also be purchased by individuals.

Medical, dental, and child care

If you need healthcare and live in or near Coalgate, Oklahoma, you can call the Helton Rural Health Clinic. This clinic provides free or low-cost medical care, as well as help with paying for medical care and hospital bills, to patients who meet the clinic’s guidelines. This is a phone number in Coalgate, Oklahoma.

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Compassion Outreach Center may be able to assist you with your medical bills if you are low income and have no financial means or resources to pay for them. They provide care for those who need it most. The center offers free eye examinations, prescription medications, dental extractions, eyeglasses, blood test, used clothing, wheel chairs and other health care equipment to those in need. Ada is a city in and the county seat of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, United States. Ada is home to East Central University. The phone number is (580) 310-1021.

Head Start is a program that helps children from low-income families get ready for school. Big Five Community Services, Inc. helps run the program. The phone number is located above. The program offers free high-quality child care services for children up to age 5, as well as their families. Head Start provides individualized emotional support for every child and works to identify and address any learning disabilities before the child enters public school. Medical, dental, nutritional, and mental health services are all available.

The First Baptist Clinic provides general health care and prescriptions to anyone who needs them. We do not perform surgeries or specialize in health care such as a broken arm, etc. Durant is a city located in southern Oklahoma. The city is home to a variety of businesses and attractions, including a museum, an art gallery, and a variety of restaurants. Durant is also home to a number of universities and colleges, making it a hub for education in the region. This is a telephone number.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health provides physical examinations, well child checkups, measurement of growth and development, orthopedic and behavior programs, vision and hearing screening, screening and referral of problems, treatment of minor illness, immunizations, counseling with parents on infant care, child behavior and nutrition, and diagnosis. This is a phone number.

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