Clay, Jackson, Rockcastle County assistance programs.

If you are low-income or struggling to support your family, you may be eligible for emergency assistance. There are many organizations that provide grants, cash loans, or free items to people in need in Jackson and Clay counties. There are many resources available to help with utility bills, rent, or security deposits. Some examples include government assistance programs, nonprofit organizations, and community action agencies.

There are charities in the Rockcastle and Jackson County area that will give you free groceries, diapers, back to school supplies, or clothes. Other financial aid programs include free debt counseling, Christmas gifts, and money to pay for transportation services. There are other options available if you cannot pay your bills on time, such as a payday or salary advance loan.

Locate help for food, rent, and energy costs

The Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program is available in all counties. This program provides assistance to eligible households who are looking for affordable rental housing. The program is designed to help households with low incomes and is available to all county residents. This organization can help with a variety of needs, from providing a place to stay to giving money for rent or moving expenses. There is financial assistance available for tenants who are at risk of being evicted, in the form of help with rent or utility bills. Other forms of support include credit counseling, information on low income apartments, and help for domestic violence survivors. Please call the number 859-624-2046.

The Daniel Boone Community Action Agency is the best organization for residents of these counties to contact. There are a number of staff members working for the non-profit who will be able to meet with applicants and direct them to emergency financial assistance or another type of resource. DBCAA is responsible for a total of 20 programs.

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ESG provides grants for paying utility bills, rent, free food, and security deposit help. When all other options are used up, some clients in the Clay or Jackson County KY area may be given loans as a last resort based on the applicant’s paycheck. They can learn more about payday loans here.

This organization is part of a statewide network and has offices in Clay, Rockcastle, and other counties. The goal is to help the working poor become better employed and more self-sufficient. In addition to job training, the following services are available.

There are three main sources of financial aid. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides assistance to low-income households for paying utility and cooling bills. The TBRA can help low income families pay for housing by giving them a subsidy. The third option, Emergency Solutions Grant, is for preventing homelessness. There may be money to help with paying back rent, deposits, or overdue bills for water or electric.

Other than what Daniel Boone offers, there are a few other resources available for families in Rockcastle and other counties. They provide vouchers to help with the cost of child care, especially for single parents or families who are in job training. A ride can be provided for someone to get to their job interview or medical appointment. The Weatherization program, which is funded by the federal government, will help homeowners or tenants save money on their energy bills. There are various job training and placement services that can help you, including assistance programs like getting paid to watch TV or videos at home.

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The agency can be contacted at (606) 598-5127 for more information about any of these programs. They have a few main offices in different parts of the country. There may be emergency assistance available for people who are less fortunate. If someone does not meet the requirements for something, then they are given referrals.

Salvation Army has social service and thrift store centers in central Kentucky. The services offered at each location may vary, but most locations offer a few different options. One key focus is preventing homelessness. They provide information on government grants for rent or home repairs. The non-profit will also give clothes that have been lightly used, food, and loans to help with certain bills.

Other forms of aid include but are not limited to homeless shelters, case management, a thrift store, Christmas toys from Angel Tree, hot meals, and back to school supplies. These groups help with things such as providing food, clothing, and shelter to those who need it. They also help by providing things like medical care and education. These groups work to help people in need in whatever way they can. The Salvation Army in Kentucky provides assistance programs to help those in need. These programs include financial assistance, food assistance, and housing assistance. The Salvation Army also provides other services such as counseling and referrals.

The Jackson County Food Bank partners with local churches and other charities to help feed those in need. This includes not only Jackson County, but also neighbouring counties such as Rockcastle. They offer groceries or serve free meals together, including during holidays. The pantry is located on the highway. The address 421 McKee, KY 40447 can be rephrased as follows: The address is for a property in McKee, Kentucky, and the ZIP code is 40447. Call (606) 287-8336.

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God’s Outreach is an organization that can help with food, hygiene products, groceries, and more. Before school begins, there may be free clothes and backpacks or other school supplies available for students. The number to call is (859) 623-2220. Call the non-profit for hours.

The Christian Appalachian Project provides free food to those in need. The charity also has information on everything from job training to public aid, such as how to apply for SNAP food stamps. 3095 Richmond Street is in Mount Vernon, Kentucky and the telephone number is (606) 256-3035.

The Health First Community Health Center in Clay County is a medical clinic that provides health care services to the community. They offer care to those who cannot afford it or do not have insurance. The center may provide services such as Women’s Health Services, Counseling/Mental Health Programs, Primary Care, Pediatric Services, OB/GYN, Immunizations, and Medicaid Application Assistance. Free dental care may be given to adults or children as well. Some patients may need to pay fees.

There are other types of health care services available as well. Many people find it difficult to afford their medication or health care. There is financial aid and advice available in the area, including Clay and Jackson County. There are a variety of free or low-cost healthcare options available to people who need them. These include community clinics, charity care, and more. There are programs that can help with medical bills if you are struggling to pay them.

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