Eviction prevention and rehousing assistance Santa Clara County.

The Continuum of Care is a program that helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The program provides services such as eviction prevention and foreclosure prevention. A number of different organizations work together to help families who are at risk of being evicted. They provide resources and assistance to help them keep their homes.

The Continuum of Care was created in order to help residents of the county who are in need. It offers a coordinated assessment of their situation and determines what their needs are. If you need help with something, the referral will be given to you for help from West Valley Community Services. Some people in the San Jose area may be able to get government grants to help pay for any rental arrears on their current housing, or they may be placed in a rapid rehousing program. The number of spaces and the amount of money available for these programs is limited.

Eviction prevention in Santa Clara County

This means that if you are a tenant and you receive a notice from your landlord saying that you must pay rent or leave the property, you should seek advice from a legal expert. These programs help people who live in both private and government-subsidized homes to avoid eviction. There is also help for families that have a source of income from public aid, including CalWORKs or SSI disability. There are many circumstances under which a tenant in Santa Clara County may be eligible for assistance with eviction.

The assistance in Santa Clara County is a combination of one time support and an ongoing check in process that will last for weeks or even months. The same is true for the county’s legal aid program. The programs are designed with two main goals in mind. There are two ways to approach homelessness: addressing immediate needs and working to prevent long-term homelessness.

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This means that if you are behind on rent or utility bills, you will need to pay some of the money yourself to get financial help. The non-profits that offer homeless prevention services in the San Jose California region will never be able to pay back the entire amount of what is owed. The grants issued to the tenant will help them pay for housing costs until they are financially stable.

Programs to move families and rehouse them

Santa Clara County’s rapid rehousing program helps homeless families find an affordable place to live in northern California. The program provides financial assistance and support services to help families move into a new home. There may be financial assistance available from Continuum of Care agencies to help with security deposits or other expenses, such as InnVision Shelter of San Jose. They also offer other needs like furniture and household items.

The case managers from the non-profits will contact local landlords to help a family choose a realistic home or apartment. The process of applying for housing assistance is a partnership between the applicant and the local housing teams. This is done to ensure that all community members have access to the same resources. If a family is evicted and needs to find a new place to live, case management can help them by making arrangements for the move.

The goal is to find a new home for the family and to also prevent a future eviction, so many different approaches are used. Grant based financial aid is financial aid that is given based on a grant. HUD (Housing and Urban Development) money is used for this type of financial aid. Paying deposits, like rental or utility deposits, can help a prospective tenant move. A lawyer will go over the lease agreement with the tenant so they know what their rights and responsibilities are.

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Some people and families in Santa Clara County are in a crisis, such as they may be fleeing domestic violence. If someone is homeless and needs a place to stay, they may be moved into a local shelter. When the shelters are full, Motel or Hotel vouchers are provided for emergencies. Both places will offer these accommodations.

Homeless assistance from San Jose Continuum of Care

The interview process will cover the applicant’s income, why they were previously evicted or lost a home to foreclosure, their residency and more. This means that the Continuum will not treat some people differently from others, especially because of their race, gender, or religion. Residents who are struggling to pay their rent or facing eviction often include immigrants, Spanish speakers, single mothers, the elderly, and families living in poverty. Anyone can ask for help. After the applicant goes through a comprehensive assessment, they will be placed into permanent supportive housing in Santa Clara or a motel in San Jose.

The application process for eviction prevention looks at the tenant’s circumstances. The staff will then identify which type of solution would work best for the situation. This could include a cash grant to help pay for some of their rental costs, or the client meeting with a free legal aid attorney. If someone is homeless because they can’t pay their water or electric bills, a Continuum of Care agency may help pay for that or refer them to the crisis LIHEAP program for relief.

The agencies will always focus on helping clients overcome any obstacles that are preventing them from having a stable life. The Employment Services Center will help families in need by providing guidance on how to maximize income and addressing other financial/credit counseling needs. Staff from organizations such as the West Valley Community Services will be offering this service. The staff will work closely with the client and require their full cooperation throughout this process. Every enrollment will be checked and possibly updated every 2-3 months.

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Get homeless prevention and rapid rehousing help in Santa Clara County

If you need help with eviction programs from agencies associated with the Santa Clara County Continuum of Care, or from other groups, please call 866-896-3587.

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