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The Christian Assistance Network provides assistance to families in emergency situations. It is a source of information and help during difficult times. The non-profit organization will try to direct applicants to resources that help them become independent, and not reliant on others. The church does this to help the client become independent and successful in the long term.

Typically, financial aid is only available in cases of extreme poverty and is focused on meeting basic needs like food and shelter. If you don’t pay your rent or utility bills, you might get evicted. This means that there may be money available to cover those costs. Some other uses for this financing could be to cover food and job training costs, or even transportation expenses.

The people who use Christian Assistance Network’s services are mostly old people from Bell County, but also includes unemployed and low-income people. There are also resources for people who are vulnerable, including disabled and single parents with children. A person does not have to belong to a certain religion or have a certain set of life circumstances to request help.

Emergency funds from Christian Assistance Network for housing expenses

CAN provides assistance to qualified individuals and families who are at risk of eviction. This assistance includes crisis intervention and one-time financial support. This issue includes many things that need to be addressed, such as a safe place to live and money to help pay for back rent. The homeless can also apply for funds to help pay for a security deposit or first month’s rent in Killeen.

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If a tenant doesn’t pay their utility bills, sometimes the landlord can evict them. If you need help paying your energy bills, you can get cash grants from LIHEAP. This includes advice and mediation services.

The Christian Assistance Network provides help to homeless people, including single mothers with children and veterans. They coordinate services so that homeless people can get the help they need. Outreach means providing information and assistance to people who are not yet using services. Medium-term transitional housing refers to housing that people can stay in for a limited period of time while they are getting back on their feet. Permanent supportive units are housing units that people can stay in permanently, with access to support services as needed. These temporary shelter services are usually provided by partnering with government organizations and/or local non-profit organizations.

Short term shelter is available in Bell County at the Bell County Expo Center and in Killeen at the Killeen Special Events Center. The church will interview the client and assess their needs. This means that if you need help, it will be provided to you based on how well you are doing. The capacity for emergency shelters in Bell County expands during winter months as there is a greater need for assistance during that time. Case management services helps homeless clients by connecting them to services they need, like substance abuse treatment, employment, housing referrals, and applying for government benefits like section 8.

The Senior Nutrition Program provides low cost meals in group settings for the elderly and their spouses. There are a number of activities held for seniors, in addition to getting low cost food. This means that there are workshops available to help people apply for prescription assistance from Medicare. Other services available include nutrition education, screening and counseling.

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The Christian Assistance Network provides information and assistance for people who want to apply for free home delivered meals. Staff members help connect seniors to Meals on Wheels programs in their area. The focus is on offering nutritious food for persons that are home bound, including those with diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. This is done in order to improve their health and quality of life.

This means that all meals served by volunteers have to include at least 1/3 of the recommended dietary allowances for seniors, in order to meet federal USDA standards. This means they will follow the recommendations for a healthy diet set by the US government.

The federal government’s Child Care Subsidy helps with the cost of child care for families in need. The subsidy is a state and federal government benefit. Vouchers can help families with expenses, especially those who are in the military. The program will help with the cost of child care if the parent is in job training or working. You only need to fill out one application, and you must meet low-income guidelines and other eligibility requirements.

Free holiday and school supply programs

School supply and Christmas drives are held each year. The Christian Assistance Network will also work with local charities, churches, and elementary schools on these projects. They will get a list of things that are needed for the next holiday season or school year and then try to get those things.

The CAN food bank is requesting donations of food items from Bell County residents before the start of the school year or before the holidays. The staff work to collect coats, either new or gently used, for distribution to those who need them for winter. They also hold other events. There are also events where you can get free Christmas toys in the city of Killeen.

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Many of the programs offered by the company are available year-round. The charity will collect different types of toys, notebooks and other items. Many people who belong to churches and other groups help out with these different projects. This non-profit organization will work to provide Christmas gifts, meals and stocking stuffers to as many children as possible, depending on how much supplies they have.

The network is located in Killeen, Texas at the address 201 East Avenue D. They will support people who are disadvantaged, no matter how much money they have. To reach someone by telephone, dial their number. In this case, the number to dial is (254) 634-0178.

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