Giving HOPE financial assistance programs.

Giving HOPE provides assistance to families in Denton County who are facing eviction or who are homeless. The non-profit will also try to help other residents who are poor or have very little money. The assistance includes emergency financial aid, case management, and employment advice.

The 30-90 Day Assistance Program helps people in Denton County with their rent and housing needs. The organization will provide limited financial assistance to people who are homeless in the form of a grant to pay for a security deposit. There may be other money available to help pay for part of the back rent in order to prevent eviction.

The funds are for those who have a low income and are facing a one-time crisis, such as loss of employment, unexpected auto repair, or some form of medical emergency. The other conditions of this grant are that participants must attend follow-up appointments, develop and follow a budget, and adhere to family service plans. This means that the family must be willing and able to work toward becoming self-sufficient, financially independent, and able to support themselves.

The duration of the 30-90 Program varies for each individual, depending on how willing they are to follow the guidelines and how long it takes them to become self-sufficient and participate in activities. Household members who successfully complete the program may be eligible for additional assistance after 12 months, with the recommendation of the program director and manager.

The Giving HOPE Emergency Food and Shelter Program provides financial assistance to Denton County residents who are struggling. The program is funded by a federal grant and the state of Texas. The aid is to help them with making rent payments due to an emergency that has caused financial hardship.

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This means that before Giving Hope provides rental assistance, clients must show that they are able to work toward the goal of stability. The program only provides benefits for one month’s rent or help with the deposit for a new low income home. Other services that may be provided include assistance with creating a budget and developing a plan for how to pay rent in the future.

Transitional housing provides a temporary place to stay for people who are working towards stability. The housing includes rent and utility bill assistance. Clients who receive long-term intervention, intensive case management, training in basic financial and decision-making skills, and guidance in setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them benefit in many ways. They learn how to budget and make responsible decisions, and are given the tools they need to set and achieve goals. This guidance and support can make a big difference in their lives, helping them to improve their overall well-being and reach their full potential.

This program’s goal is to help the client keep their housing and improve their financial situation. provides housing and home ownership opportunities to people with low incomes.HOPE, Inc. partners with local organizations to provide housing and home ownership opportunities to people with low incomes. The government provides rent payments, access to affordable apartments, and a utility allowance for several families.

Clients need to pay a security deposit for their transitional housing, and then they will be responsible for paying 30% of their adjusted gross income for rent and utility payments. Whether or not someone can receive assistance depends on if there is money available and if there is an open spot in the program.

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To apply for the Giving HOPE Transition Housing Program, you must meet the following requirements: They must have minor children in the house, meet the HUD definition of being homeless, be willing and able to work, and also be motivated to do what is necessary to build the skills needed for self-sufficiency.

Self-sufficiency from Hope will help people deal with significant barriers to obtaining stable housing, such as needing a GED or job skills training, a past eviction or credit issues barring eligibility for renting an apartment, and/or temporary health issues.

HOPE provides services that are based on financial planning and education. The non-profit Housing Counseling Solution helps low-income qualified clients explore their options for housing, delinquent rent, and other financial issues. A key point to remember is that the client should develop a plan to take action.

Without proper financial management skills, people are at risk of failing to maintain their housing. Housing Counseling helps people develop these skills, especially when they are in controlling or abusive relationships. The agency’s skills and advice can mean the difference between a family’s success or failure in the long run. Anyone who needs help can use this service, not just those who are receiving financial assistance. If you are receiving financial assistance, you are required to participate in Housing Counseling.

Phone number and location

If you would like to learn more about the agency or its programs, you can visit Giving HOPE at 306 N Loop 288, Denton, TX 76209, or give them a call at (940) 382-0609.

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