Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions – HELP programs.

Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions offers both assistance and case management. The non-profit organization and its partners help people with everything from applying for emergency rent or utility assistance to getting food from a pantry or Bag lunches. Another focus is on addressing basic medical needs, which might include referring people to community clinics in Hampton or similar services.

HELP will provide temporary financial support to income qualified clients in the form of short term assistance. This won’t last long, and there’s not much of it. The next step after averting a crisis is to help families become stabilized. A case management plan will be created which will include one-on-one counseling. The goal is to solve the problems that caused the hardship for the family.

Connections are provided to health services. In the eastern Virginia region, clinics have doctors (most of whom are volunteers) and often a part-time nurse on staff. The centers provide checkups, screenings and basic medical care. There might also be vaccinations for the flu, tests for substance abuse, counseling sessions, and care for diabetes and heart disease. There may also be vouchers available for medications. The clinic will provide other medical professionals as needed.

The Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions outreach and support includes basic needs such as financial assistance. This is combined with financial aid to help those in need. There may be free items available for things like grants for household supplies and clothes. The services offered by the company are also accompanied by any necessary health services, as mentioned above.

Income qualified families can get some or all of the following for free. The amount of resources available to an organization is determined by the amount of money it has to spend. The basic needs may be things like clothes, cleanliness, and personal care items. You can use telephones and computers to look for jobs or to get training. If you have complicated financial needs, there may be aid available to you. Where can I find free resources for people in need?

The homelessness prevention team helps people who are about to be evicted because they haven’t paid rent or utility bills. The staff from the non-profit organization will help the people become self-sufficient. This may include applying for grants and getting advice on how to improve their current situation. There will be educational resources provided to help them manage their finances going forward. If you’re struggling to pay your utility bills, Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions may be able to help. They offer cash assistance for overdue heating or electric bills to income-eligible individuals who have received notice of service termination.

HELP will provide tenants with initial financial support in the form of temporary support. The goal of client-centered support is to help the client become stabilized and independent. Once the initial goal is met, the client is then given support to become more self-sufficient. This program offers both general workshops as well as other forms of guidance.

If someone does not have a home or cannot keep up with their housing costs, Re-Housing may be an option for them. This is available for residents from the Hampton Roads service area that are homeless.

Transitional housing and the Nights Welcome shelter may help people who are homeless to find a place to live. This is for single men and women who are qualified and for whom permanent housing is not yet available. The program offers clients time to save money and gain skills that they need for a job, or a higher paying position. This allows them to improve their financial situation and become more self-sufficient.

When ready, rehousing will offer support in many other ways such as finding a job or getting an education. The programs will help people find housing that is stable and suitable for their needs in as little time as possible. There is a possibility that financial support may be available for expenses such as security deposits or application fees, depending on the situation and availability of funds. The staff will also help participants find subsidies or enter long-term housing programs.

The Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions Food Pantry is a food assistance program for when families are struggling to make ends meet. The Hampton Virginia community has access to free, short-term emergency food assistance from local centers. If an individual is visiting the pantry, they will be given a three-day supply of groceries depending on the results of an application process. This organization relies on donations from different sources in order to help those in need. Some of their partners include the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, local churches, and the national Feeding America Organization. There are other food resources available in the community for low income individuals.

The case management system set up by the social workers is unique and comprehensive. This organization will help low-income families overcome the challenges they face every day. There is also support available for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Every little bit will help them achieve their goals of independence. It includes what is needed.

People who want to take the GED can sign up for self-study classes. This is a program that offers free tax preparation for people who may not be able to afford it otherwise. This can help them get their taxes done correctly and get any refunds or credits they may be entitled to. You can also get help with applying for other public assistance programs like Human Resource Development and Job Training, Food Stamps, Meals on Wheels, and more. Different types of support services are offered. To get more information on the services from HELP, call 757-727-2577.

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