Kootenai County assistance programs.

What resources are available to help people in Coeur d’Alene and Kootenai County, Idaho? There is financial assistance available to help with expenses such as rent, housing, food, and energy bills. Low income families with children can also get free back to school supplies for all grades, winter coats, and Christmas toys.

One focus is being able to do things without help. The organizations also provide free advice on how to manage money. Credit counseling is when someone helps you manage your money and debts. They can give you money-saving tips and help you make a plan to pay your bills. This website provides information on various topics related to Christianity, including health care and insurance costs. The following programs and agencies can provide more information on the topics mentioned.

Food, groceries, free pantries and soup kitchens

There are many organizations and charities that help to distribute food to those who are in need. The organization may also provide hot meals or frozen food, including Meals on Wheels, Christmas or Thanksgiving food baskets.

Cherished Ones is a charity that provides a free soup kitchen for the needy, homeless, and low income every Saturday. The charity also provides lunches every weekday in addition to other services. The recycling center is located behind Labor Ready on Sherman Avenue in Coeur d’Alene. To reach someone by phone, dial their number. In this case, the number to dial is (208) 704-0908.

The Coeur d’Alene Tribe has a food distribution program that can help you get food if you need it. The phone number is 208-686-6309. This agency provides assistance to households in need, lower income seniors, persons with disabilities, families, and individuals and children in the local community. The charity provides assistance programs that help individuals and families in need, such as the Second Harvest USDA food assistance program.

The Post Falls Food Bank provides household products and emergency food assistance to individuals in need. For more information, please call (208) 773-0139. They help around 3200 to 4500 families in the Coeur d’Alene and the Post Falls area every month. They also provide other services and resources such as free coats for kids, school supplies (for over 1200 children), senior blankets, hair cuts, salvage program, information on how to get financial assistance for bills, referral program and holiday baskets and gifts. They are dedicated to helping those in need and bettering the community as a whole.

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There are several other food pantries and soup kitchens in the area. They provide families in need with social services, with the main service being an emergency box of food or hot meal. Some organizations may offer supplies for personal hygiene or meals through a mobile service. Search for: “Kootenai County free food pantries”

Uninsured and low income health care programs

At Dirne Community Health Center, patients can get the health care they need. The center provides those with low incomes, who are under or uninsured, with access to high quality, low cost or free, comprehensive services. There is free or affordable integrated, and preventative health care available to those who are underserved, low income, or working poor in the Kootenai community. To make an appointment or to learn more about this call (208) 292-0292

For information about where to go for health care, contact Panhandle Health District / Helping Hands Medical Access Program at (208) 415-5100. The non-profit was created to help low income families have access to medical care by partnering with the Panhandle Health District, local doctors, and health care providers. You can find state and local government health care clinics by clicking here, or you can call (208) 415-5100.

Social Services and financial assistance programs

Family Promise of North Idaho provides families in need with resources that help to empower them and improve their situations. This includes things like access to education and career resources, financial assistance, and housing support. By helping families to gain stability and independence, we can make a lasting difference in their lives and in our community. The goal is to help people become self-sufficient by providing temporary shelter, aid to prevent eviction, employment, housing and rent assistance, and individual/family counseling. This is a phone number.

Saint Vincent de Paul can help connect people with financial assistance programs that can help with things like energy bills and rent. The non-profit offers assistance to low-income and homeless people in the community through programs that help them become independent and productive members of the community.

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The support is set up from the HELP Center Coeur d’Alene. In addition to those programs, residents can go to a cold weather warming center, get a hot meal, or apply for USDA food aid. To find out more about Kootenai County St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs, call (208) 664-3095.

The Community Action Partnership (Lewiston) provides services to the Kootenai County area. They can be reached at (208) 746-3351. The community action agency provides free food and applications for utility assistance programs such as LIHEAP. They also offer other aid such as weatherization.

This is a non-profit organization that helps people in need. Staff from the center partner with clients to help them overcome any challenges that they are facing, with the goal of addressing the root cause of the financial hardship. In addition to providing financial assistance, the partnership also provides information on educational and job training, referrals to government benefits such as SNAP food stamps and TANF, and general budgeting classes. If you need help with things like food, housing, or job training, the Community Action Partnership Lewiston can help. They have a variety of services to help low-income people in the area.

Northern Idaho Volunteers of America helps people in need by providing them with food and clothing and also works to help those who are homeless by providing them with housing. There may be financial aid available for partial rent or heating bills in some cases, or the charity may have referrals to government grants. The main focus is on housing.

The VOA also helps people who have served in the military, those with disabilities, single parents and older adults. So there are resources like Healthcare for Homeless Veterans to help with this problem. Hope House provides a safe and supportive environment for single mothers and their children as they transition to independent living. The program offers a variety of services to help families succeed, including housing, education, and support. Volunteers of America will also offer educational, budgeting, and job placement services during this process. For more information on Volunteers of America in Northern and Eastern Idaho, please click here.

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The Health & Welfare Department is a government assistance office that provides care and services to those in need. They are responsible for processing applications for food stamps, cash aid, Medicaid and other public assistance programs. These are assistance programs from the government that help families in poverty, the disabled, or the elderly. Other resources that may be available to low-income residents in Idaho include assistance with housing costs and energy bills, as well as care for elders. There are also other government resources available. The address is 1120 W Ironwood Dr, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. Please call (208) 769-1456.

St. Pius works with other churches to provide help. Different resources available to people in need include a soup kitchen run by a religious organization and a food pantry. Other sources of financial assistance may include vouchers for medications, funeral dinners, school supplies, clothing, and general outreach. For more information about St. Pius Kootenai County programs, click here.

Some charities offer help during holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. This help may include things like food or presents. If a family is struggling to make ends meet, they can apply for help for their children or elderly household member. This help can come in the form of a toy or food basket. Free holiday programs are available from Kootenai.

The Salvation Army of Coeur d Alene provides assistance to those in need through various social services. This can include help with food, clothing, housing, and other basic necessities. The goal of the Salvation Army is to help people in need to get back on their feet and improve their lives. The organization focuses on operating a thrift store, but there may also be vouchers for medications, rent, and more. Other assistance includes free holiday meals, Christmas help, and help with heating bills from Project Share. If you need school supplies including uniforms, Chromebooks, sneakers and more, you can get them for free. To find more information on the Kootenai County Salvation Army, visit their website or contact them directly.

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