Macon County North Carolina assistance programs.

Resources and organizations that provide help with bills, expenses, job training, and more.

and the United Way of Central Georgia The Macon Program for Progress, Inc. and the United Way of Central Georgia are two organizations that help Macon County residents. CareNet connects people who need health care with providers who can give them the care they need. Together, they offer assistance with medical bills, job training, grants for utility bills, and much more. They offer a variety of resources, including the following:

The government provides assistance for food, utilities, and medical bills or debt. This organization provides food assistance to people who need it in Franklin and Macon County. Each year the organization will help thousands of people with food, energy bills, and clothing.

The organization also offers assistance to people to help with medical bills, in addition to the free food programs it operates. They receive money from the government and private programs to help pay for medical bills.

Duke Energy provides monetary grants to help with utility bills through the Share the Warmth program.

For more information on how to receive assistance,apply for any type of programs, or to give assistance in the form of donations or volunteering, please contact CareNet at 130 Bidwell St. Franklin, (828) 369-2642.

The Macon Program for Progress is the second organization that has tried to help improve the city. This is the Community Action Agency that helps with Macon County North Carolina. The company provides residents with various options and resources to assist them.

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The self-sufficiency program will help those who are dedicated to furthering their education or learning new job skills to get a stable job. This will in turn help them become independent and not rely on others long term. Some of the resources and support services that the Self-sufficiency program offers are: -Tuition for education and/or job training -Free or discounted child care -Uniforms/clothes for job search -Job connections -Car repair and maintenance -Credit and debt counseling -Other financial skills

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program is designed to help people improve their employment skills, keep their jobs, and find better employment opportunities. The program also aims to help people learn new occupational skills by providing job training services. This program provides assistance for books, tuition, computer skills, and other supplies to attend the community colleges. Some other services that may be offered to help you with work include things like help with transportation costs, child care, car repairs, getting work clothes or other tools you might need.

If you want to contact the Macon Program, you can do so by going to 350 Orchard View Drive, PO Box 700, Franklin, NC 28744, or by calling (828) 524-4471. Many other things are offered. If you are having trouble with the Macon Program for Progress, there are other resources that can help you. Here are some places to look for assistance: -The Macon Program for Progress website -The Macon Program for Progress Facebook page -Your local library -Your school’s guidance counselor or career center -A trusted family member or friend

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