Moore County assistance programs.

There are charities and non-profits in Moore County that offer emergency financial aid and free stuff. There is help available from the government for things like rent or utility bills, as well as assistance with housing or mortgage payments. There are also church-run pantries that give out free food, free Christmas gifts, or back-to-school supply drives. You can also get free furniture from these pantries. The residents of Carthage and the surrounding area can apply for programs to reduce debt and prevent foreclosure, as well as legal advice.

Assistance with prescription drugs and medicines

The FirstHealth Cares program helps low and middle income residents in Moore and Montgomery Counties, North Carolina get access to affordable prescription drugs and medicine. A large donation has been made to expand the services offered.

The plan helps people who can’t afford prescription drugs or who don’t have health insurance. To qualify, you must meet certain financial requirements, says Ms. Leopper of First-Health Community Health Services.

The FirstHealth Cares program helps patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension get the medication and drugs they need from pharmaceutical manufactures. Some organizations in Moore County NC offer free assistance to low-income and impoverished individuals.

This means that the program will be able to help even more people in the future. Overall, the group saved $2.5 million for people who needed assistance by getting the average wholesale price for the medicines from pharmaceutical companies. Please call (910) 715-1000.

The Moore Free Care Clinic is a community clinic that is the leading provider of care in the region. The health care organization provides basic, preventative and specialized care to low-income and uninsured residents of Moore County, North Carolina who lack the financial means to access health care. After completing the screening process for low-income individuals, they can access medical care for prescription medication assistance, short-term illness, check-ups, minor injury, continuing care for ongoing illness, specialty care by referral, North Carolina dental assistance programs, and mental health care. This is a phone number.

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Financial help for paying bills in Moore County North Carolina

The Salvation Army of Southern Pines ((910) 725-1054) can help with some emergency expenses like utilities, rent, and clothing. They also offer free clothes, school supplies, groceries, shelter, and Christmas gifts and toys to students. When it comes to financial aid, either loans or referrals to other sources of aid may be offered.

There are programs that can help with rental costs, called Community Services Block Grant Housing and Self-sufficiency Programs. The agency is located in Carthage, North Carolina. The main service of the housing program is to help families and individuals with the first month’s rent or security deposit, and the funds can be used to help low to moderate income individuals with moving costs from substandard housing to standard housing. This program provides budgeting, education, debt counseling, training and seminars to help participants become self-sufficient. The phone number is 910-947-5675

The Community Action Agency of Moore, Salisbury, Rowan can help you with referrals to resources in the community. You can learn about government programs that can help with things like rent, food, and other essentials.

The organization may also have referrals to more local resources, such as food pantries or clinics that are located in the Carthage North Carolina area or nearby towns. Shelters, places for homeless people to live temporarily, and programs to help pay for security deposits may be available. There are many social services and emergency financial aid programs available in the area. A community action agency is an organization that helps people in a community by providing services and resources.

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The Sandhills/Moore Coalition for Human Care is another non-profit agency in Southern Pines. They provide financial assistance to people who are unemployed, working poor, and low income families. There are a number of resources available to those in need, including food pantries, clothing assistance, financial aid to prevent eviction, utility bill assistance, and medical and dental care. They also help people in North Carolina get energy assistance. If you would like to reach our team, please call (910) 693-1600.

Sandhills Community Action Program of Carthage NC provides the Head Start program, which helps low-income self-sufficiency, and can direct Moore County and Carthage individuals to rent assistance programs. This means that they not only provide information on food and nutrition, but also on government programs related to food. There are a number of programs that the SCAP organization offers in order to help people. These programs include things like financial assistance, housing assistance, and more. If you are interested in learning more about what the SCAP organization can do for you, please visit their website or contact them for more information.

Food banks and programs

There are a few different ways to access free food, groceries, or commodity programs. Many places also offer free hygiene supplies, diapers, or Christmas meals or gifts for kids. St Anthony’s Food Pantry provides food for people who are in need, and Word of Truth Food Pantry also provides food for people who are in need.

The Interfaith Food Pantry partners with churches and religious groups in Moore County, including Village Chapel, Community Presbyterian, Bethesda, Bronson, and Page Memorial. Together, they work to provide food and other resources to those in need. The Aberdeen Police Department’s phone number is (910) 944-1093.

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