Northwest Assistance Ministries emergency assistance programs.

The primary programs offered by Northwest Assistance Ministries are designed to meet basic needs during an emergency. If you are a low-income family in Houston or Harris County, you may be eligible for assistance with many different types of needs. There are free vouchers for gasoline, prescription medications, food, rent, utility bills, and more.

Northwest Assistance Ministries helps clients with employment and education services. The onsite learning center will offer classes for people who want to learn English or get a GED. The non-profit will also focus on providing help to senior citizens and operates a community clinic that provides medical care to Harris County residents.

Funds for rent, mortgages or paying utilities from Northwest Assistance Ministries

If someone is in need of financial aid from the Emergency Basic Needs Program, a trained volunteer will assess the person’s needs to see if they qualify for assistance. After they finish this, if they meet the requirements, they will be sent to the right service. This could mean that the program provides food, bus tokens, non-narcotic prescription medications, school supplies, vouchers for gasoline, or gently used clothing. There is also limited financial assistance, or short term loans, for rent, housing or mortgage payments. There may also be funds to pay for utility bills, which could include electricity, water, and air conditioning. NAM offers free holiday food and toys to those in need in the Houston area.

NAM also provides a number of other government or non-profit programs to residents in the area. The Harris County Social Services Satellite provides services such as phone 713-696-7900. There are also people available to help with SNAP food stamps benefits. Please call 281-583-5600. Other government programs that help people with disabilities include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications.

There are programs available for the thousands of homeless people in Houston. The fastest-growing segment of the homeless population in Harris County is made up of families with young women and children or single parents.

If you or your family are struggling and need help, the Interfaith Hospitality Network is a great resource. This program is successful because it is a collaboration between different area congregations, NAM, and churches. The IHN organization helps homeless families by providing them with a place to stay and food to eat.

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At Northwest Assistance Ministries and Interfaith Hospitality Network, homeless families are provided with safe shelter. It will give them time to learn new skills, build their confidence back up, and think about a different way to manage their lives. Nights are spent at shelters that are run by 15+ different congregations or churches. These churches provide support for the program. All of these aspects and local churches or charities help families by teaching them how to be productive, independent and self-sufficient.

The Shelter and Energy Assistance program can help with financial assistance. The program provides housing assistance to eligible low and moderate income families, the disabled, and the elderly. The NAM Assistance program provides financial assistance to low-income households to help cover the cost of basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. The program is made up of two parts: the Emergency Basic Needs Program, which provides one-time assistance for families in crisis, and the NAM Assistance program, which provides ongoing assistance for families who are struggling to make ends meet.

The Housing Services segment helps veterans in Harris County Texas by providing financial assistance with rent, mortgage, or security deposit funds so they don’t become homeless. The program also helps families who are currently homeless to become independent again. Please call 281-885-4531.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Supportive Housing Program from NAM offer rent and housing subsidies as well as support services to homeless or low income families. In order to apply for an emergency grant from Supportive Housing, applicants must participate in interviews.

If you are a Harris County resident and you can’t make your mortgage or rent payments because of a sudden loss of income or an unexpected emergency expense, the Emergency Food and Shelter program may be able to help you. The program will pay for up to one month of your mortgage or rent. There are no specific income requirements to qualify for this program, but the overall goal is to reduce evictions in the county. The client must agree to be responsible for payment before the loan is issued.

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Free food and hunger fighting resources in Harris County

The Food bank needs help from different places like congregations, markets, schools, community groups, families, and individuals. The Joanne Watford Nutrition Center provides free food for residents who qualify, which is made possible by donations and other support.

The donations are used to stock shelves, sort donations, and assemble bags of groceries. The bags of groceries are selected based on each recipient’s nutritional needs. The Center provides groceries or meals on a monthly basis to low-income seniors or the disabled in the region. This program provides food for seniors.

Meals on Wheels from Northwest Assistance Ministries provides assistance to those who are unable to leave their homes, including seniors, the elderly and those who are ill and disabled. The MOW program provides meals that are balanced and delivered straight to the client’s homes. This program happens every weekday, or in some cases, on the weekends. Additionally, volunteers and drivers deliver groceries to seniors through the Senior Food Program once a month.

These cheap or even free hot, nutritious meals help improve overall health and keep some clients from having to go to long-term care facilities. Not only does this organization help to address hunger, but the volunteer drivers also provide a much-needed link to the outside world for many of the clients. MOW coordinators refer people with additional needs to agencies that can help them, such as SNAP food stamps or Medicare for seniors.

The program is part of the Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston and the Houston/Harris County Area Agency on Aging network. The program is also funded by government grants from the Harris County Community Services Department Offices of Housing and Community Development.

Senior Centers offer many services to seniors and their spouses in the northwest Houston area, including health, food, nutrition, and recreation. This is also part of the services that help people as they age.

Additional NAM resources and services

NAM also provides programs that help improve the lives of children in the area, such as the Children’s Clinic. This program provides free, high-quality medical care to infants and children through the age of eighteen. A group of nurses, medical assistants, doctors, support staff, and volunteers work together to provide various medical services, from preventive to acute care. They take the child’s overall health, nutrition, and home environment into account. These clinics provide families with medical care, who have Medicaid, are self-pay/uninsured, have Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or even those with private insurance.

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The Back-to-School Project is a program that helps low income families in Houston and the county by providing them with basic school supplies and age-appropriate gifts through the Holiday Project. The majority of items are free to keep, or in some cases vouchers may be used instead.

The Family Violence Center helps people who are experiencing family violence find safe shelter in Houston. This is supported by services that help them find new ways and start over. FVC services from Northwest Assistance Ministries include: -Counseling services for adults and their children -Telephone crisis counseling -Emergency shelter or food -Clothing -Transportation -Medical bill assistance -Community outreach -Referrals to intervention programs -Free legal referrals -Court accompaniment if needed To make an appointment, please call 281-885-4673.

The Educational and Learning Center provides services to Houston residents, either free of charge or at a reduced cost. This includes services such as tutoring, GED and ESL classes, and computer classes. The center offers classes in topics such as English as a Second Language (ESL), literacy in reading and writing, preparation for the General Educational Development test, credit counseling, and financial literacy.

Other seminars offered by the NAM learning center include topics such as _______. They talk about finding a job, applying for US Citizenship/Naturalization, legal issues, and many computer classes. The Neighborhood Art Museum also works with the Spring Independent School District’s Even Start Program to provide free educational sessions for families.

The main programs available from NAM – Northwest Assistance Ministries are food assistance, rent and utility assistance, and medical assistance. However, staff may be able to offer other types of help as well. This is the address and phone number for Kuykendahl in Houston, TX.

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