Salvation Army assistance programs Hickory and Catawaba County.

The Salvation Army offers assistance programs that include emergency financial help, free food, Christmas toys, vouchers, and school supplies for kids in Hickory, North Carolina. Some of the most common requests are for groceries, rent, and utility assistance, as well as referrals. The organization has few resources and relies heavily on donations and contributions from the public. The Catawaba County North Carolina government will do its best to provide for the needs of lower income families that qualify for assistance.

The Salvation Army is seeing an increase in the number of people seeking financial assistance in the form of food and other resources. Families are using up their savings and are still needing help from organizations like the Salvation Army. The programs and resources that are offered are listed below.

There is food and/or meal(s) available. The Salvation Army provides meals to those in need. In some years, they have served almost 50,000 meals. A tribe is typically made up of over 2000 families. Many programs, especially those that provide food or meals, rely heavily on donations from the community. If you can help, please do.

Different organizations have different standards for how much money they require from donors, and this can change depending on the time of year. Donations to the Salvation Army tend to be higher during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The demand from the community is usually highest when there is a big event going on. The Hickory Salvation Army centers receive the least amount of donations during spring and summer. The Salvation Army relies on the support of the community to help them through their busy times and fundraising drives.

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The Salvation Army has a staff of volunteers and case workers who may be able to help you with other needs. If someone is qualified, they may be able to receive money to help pay for things like food and housing during a crisis. There are certain requirements that applicants must meet in order to be eligible.

You may be able to get help with your housing expenses, like rent and utility bills. A thrift store will also sell gently used clothing and furniture. Families or children who are low income and qualify may receive free clothing or household goods.

If you are in a difficult or dangerous situation, you may be able to get help from someone. This program offers help for those in need of financial assistance or other emergency situations. The Emergency Assistance program provides financial assistance and support for people in emergency situations. If we have enough money, we may be able to help with paying rent, mortgages, rent, and electric bills. This service is offered at six locations in North Carolina: Hickory, Boone, Morganton, Granite Falls, Taylorsville, and Marion. The clients of this program are also able to receive ongoing case management and self-sufficiency which helps to stabilize their crisis situations. This will help individuals maintain their self-respect and dignity.

Donations are needed. The Salvation Army of Catawaba County is an organization that helps people in need within the community. We will keep helping people in the community who need it. They rely on the support of kind people in the community to do their work. The agency will ask friends to make a donation to the Salvation Army so that they can help those who are in need, including children from low income families and seniors.

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How to find assistance from Salvation Army in Hickory area

The Catawaba County centers are located at the High Country Regional Coordinate, which is at 750 Third Ave. This is an address in the United States. The first part is the state, North Carolina. The next part is the city, Hickory. The last part is the street address. The Salvation Army Family Store in Hickory, North Carolina is located at 248 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd SE. Call the number 828-322-8061.

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