Sauk County assistance programs.

Financial and emergency assistance

The Saint Vincent De Paul Society Of Sauk Prairie – Roxbury Resource Center is a charity that can provide assistance to those in need. The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Sauk County and Baraboo is a local organization that helps residents in need by providing various types of assistance. They help an average of 10 people per day with housing assistance, gas vouchers, utility assistance, medical assistance, and health care.

St. Vincent looks at each request and application on its own merits. A review committee decides whether or not to approve it. The organization has seen an increase in the number of requests for access to the food pantry and rental assistance paid out from last year. Some organizations may offer a small amount of money to people or families who have an unexpected expense and need financial assistance.

If you are low income and facing a crisis that was not caused by you, you may be able to get financial assistance from the government. However, funding is limited, so not everyone who applies will qualify. There is financial aid available for people who cannot afford to pay for housing, including rent, mortgage payments, campground or motel fees, mobile home lot fees, and utility bills. Other educational and non-emergency fees may also be able to be paid for by Saint Vincent. This includes money for an academic record and education related fees, school supplies, gas vouchers, summer camp scholarship, limited prescription expense assistance, and even bus/train tickets for individuals who are stranded in the area.

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There are three different locations in the county. The address is 1906 North St, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578. Please call the center at (608) 644-0504. There is another Saint Vincent located at 16 E Main St, Reedsburg, Wisconsin 53959. This is a phone number. The final center is located at 100 S Blvd in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The telephone number is (608) 356-4649.

This non-profit provides additional housing assistance to the community. They are responsible for the homelessness prevention program. The organization is helping almost 20 families per week now. This agency helps people who are about to be evicted or who are already homeless. It gives them money to help them pay for a place to live. The government provides grants and funds to help pay for rent. The government has given this group an extra $250,000 to continue their program.

Other resources offered by Central Wisconsin Community Action include the following. The agency helps people who cannot afford their mortgage or rent payments. All applications that are submitted by clients go through a review process. The applications are then approved based on certain criteria. Some of these criteria include the ability of the client to resolve the crisis and the availability of funding. There are other factors that can be considered as well but these are two of the main ones.

The community action agency offers a supportive housing program for homeless families or individuals funded by a HUD Continuum of Care Grant. The primary goals of the housing/homeless prevention program are to help participants obtain and remain in permanent housing, help people achieve greater self-determination, and increase participants skills and/or income.

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Clients will be assigned a case manager from Community Action. This individual will work with program participants for up to two years. They will attempt to provide them with the skills and resources necessary for independent living and emergency situations. The Salvation Army can help you with a number of things including finding a place to live, getting a job, and providing food and other government benefits. They can also help you with getting an education or job skills training, and counseling for mental health or AODA issues. This means that the non-profit will work with landlords on behalf of the clients to help them get housing. The agency will try to provide things people need for employment, like clothing and tools. They will also help with educational needs, like GED classes. The agency will also help with expenses related to taking care of children, transportation, and getting household goods. They will also help pay for medical and dental exams and prescriptions. The address is 522 South Blvd, Baraboo, WI 53913. The phone number is (608) 355-3140.

The Salvation Army in Sauk County may be able to help with vouchers for financial assistance and provides help based on emergency need. If someone does not have the money to pay for something, referrals are offered. Other financial assistance is offered for low-income individuals and working families who need help paying rent. If you need help, we might be able to give you some. It depends on the situation and we have a process you need to follow to apply. Other resources that may be available are food, clothing, and assistance with Christmas expenses. This is a phone number.

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If you’re about to be evicted, homeless, or need a more affordable place to live in Sauk or the surrounding counties, there are organizations that can help you. Services offered by this organization include but are not limited to providing temporary shelters, housing for those making a transition, and offering counseling and guidance services. This sentence is asking what would happen if the speaker didn’t have a phone. The speaker would not be able to communicate with other people and would feel isolated.

Food pantries in Sauk County Wisconsin

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church has a food pantry where people can go to get food. Call the center in Reedsburg at (608) 524-2412. You can only use it once per month. The pantry may contain fresh food, non-perishable foods, and even personal hygiene products.

The Spring Green Community Church is a food bank that can be used by people once a month. Items that may be given out for free include diapers, fresh food, meat, personal hygiene products, laundry soap, pet food, cleaning products, milk, and free formula. The address of the location is 151 E Bossard Street, Spring Green, Wisconsin 53588, and the phone number is (608) 588-2442.

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