Southwest Human Resource Agency.

The Southwest Human Resource Agency provides support to counties in Western and Central Tennessee, including Decatur, Chester, Hardin, Hardeman, Haywood, McNairy, Henderson, and Madison. The non-profit provides assistance to those who are less fortunate, seniors, and working poor.

The center will do its best to help, even though the demand is high. They provide residents with resources for food, housing, and energy bill assistance. The goal is to help people in poverty overcome challenges and improve their lives. Case management is one way to do this. The Southwest Human Resource Agency provides a variety of services, including but not limited to the following.

Weatherization is a program that helps low-income households make their homes more energy efficient. This can help lower energy costs and make homes more comfortable. The weatherization measures will help improve the living standards of the people by making their houses more efficient. This program provides financial assistance to both homeowners and renters in the Southwest region. The weatherization program is funded by the Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

The Housing and Homeless Assistance Programs help people who are homeless in Jackson City and other counties like Chester. A shelter facility is operated in collaboration with other charities. There are also two houses which are used for temporary shelter, with an additional couple of off-site houses which are used for short-term transitional housing. The staff also offer basic services. This can include things like referrals, counseling on credit and budgeting, and employment assistance.

If you are behind on your rent, there are homeless prevention services available to help you from being evicted. In these cases, help is provided in the form of funds for rent. If you are homeless and need help, please call the Homeless Shelter Office at 731-427-2147. Federal government provides funding for Emergency Shelter Grant and Community Development Block Grant.

The public transportation system can be used by elderly and disabled people. It allows the community to get help with transportation when needed. I Crucial transportation services are being arranged to the rural areas of the state and Southwest Tennessee, including the nearby counties of Hardin and Madison. This will ensure that residents in these areas will have access to the resources and opportunities they need. The rides can connect the residents with their places of employment, physicians, grocery stores, dentists, and senior citizen centers. In addition to medical and health-related trips, cities such as Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville are also provided.

The TennCare Bureau works with the non-profit on TennCare Transportation to help people with transportation needs. The Human Resource Agency needs to give SWHRA Transportation a heads up before extending these services. If you qualify, the government will pay for all your trips to important appointments. This means that the medication can be obtained from a variety of sources, including doctors, pharmacies, and other medical service providers. A fee may be required from the rider in some cases.

The USDA provides surplus groceries and canned goods to eligible families through a distribution system of commodities and food resources. The commodities are given out at Community Service Centers in each of the counties that HRA provides assistance to.

The Summer Food Service Program ensures that children from working poor families in Tennessee receive nutritious meals when schools are not in session. Children who go to approved SFSP sites, such as parks or churches, can get free meals or snacks. They are located in Hardin, Henderson, Hardeman, McNairy, and Madison, as well as other sites.

All food served is required to meet Federal Nutrition guidelines. This program operates during school vacations, mainly in the summer months. The program is sponsored by the state of Tennessee through the Department of Human Services and is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Program.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, offers financial assistance to families who are struggling to pay their utility and heating bills. To be eligible for LIHEAP assistance, families must meet certain income requirements. The applicant’s family income must be less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

This means that if you are approved for a grant or financial help, you will get a one-time payment that will go towards your utility account. You can only get help from your local Community Service Center once a year. This program is funded by both the federal government and State of Tennessee.

The LIHEAP program is made up of two parts. This organization provides both regular and crisis assistance. More common of the two is regular help. This program is available every three months, and applicants will be notified within three months of their eligibility for any cash assistance. The second option from Southwest Human Resource Agency, which is called LIHEAP, is available to all eligible families who are facing the danger of electricity disconnection or that are out of fuel. This means that the services are provided quickly and efficiently.

Another Food/Nutrition program offers free meals with all the necessary nutrients five days of a week to those that qualify, such as seniors and the disabled. There are many places where you can get a meal. This means that every meal served must have at least one third of the current daily recommended amount of food as set by the USDA and the Federal Drug Administration.

The program also has benefits relating to reducing isolation among the elderly. So this also promotes better health through enhanced nutrition. An arrangement has been made for Congregate Meals to be served at senior citizen centers, churches, and other private or public charity facilities where some social services are offered.

Southwest HRA delivers meals to the homes of eligible persons through the Meals on Wheels program. There is a strong possibility that some elderly or disabled people may be forced to stay in their homes. Some of the most frequent reasons for people not being able to work are health problems or disabilities.

The Senior Food Assistance program offers elderly homebound and disabled people both at locations in the towns or at their homes. The goal is to help seniors and disabled people in western Tennessee become more independent and self-sufficient.

Other programs that are available for seniors. The Homemaker Program was created to help both aging and disabled persons who are struggling to do everyday activities. The services offered include a wide variety of services such as personal care, housekeeping, home delivered meals, and respite care. This means that the housekeeper will do things like run errands and do laundry for you. Stand-by assistance means that someone is available to help if needed, but not necessarily providing hands-on assistance. The staff also help with things like getting dressed, taking a bath, and brushing your hair. Care that is offered to those who are eligible and full time is called respite care. This type of care is given to help relieve the main caregiver, and is typically given in short-term situations.

The Southwest Human Resource Agency’s Head Start program helps children grow and develop. The curriculum is designed to help students grow and develop skills that will be useful in future academic and social settings.

Many studies have found that the preschool years are crucial in the development of young children. The Head Start program provides free dental, education, medical and nutritional health services to eligible children and families. Social services can also help support parents. This means that children who have a disability or special needs are given extra attention. The parents of all students are involved in every aspect of the program, and they are supported in their roles to their families.

The Southwest Human Resource Agency’s Workforce Investment Act program is a federally funded employment program. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development is the state’s primary workforce investment agency. The department works with local partners to provide a comprehensive approach to workforce development activities.

Local workforce investment activities help people who are looking for jobs or new skills. The WIA will provide assistance to workers who have been laid off, unemployed individuals, incumbent workers, veterans, and residents with disabilities. It helps with increasing local employment, retaining jobs, and improving job satisfaction. It can help participants have more stable earnings and develop more skills for their occupation. The workforce in central and western Tennessee is better quality and reduces dependency on welfare.

Locations of Southwest HRA centers

Chester County Community Service Center is a center that helps with different services located in Henderson, Tennessee. The Decatur County Community Service Center is a similar center located in Parsons, Tennessee and the Hardeman County Community Service Center is located in Bolivar, Tennessee. The phone number for the Hardin County Community Service Center is 885 Pickwick Road, Savannah, Tennessee 38372. The phone number for the Haywood County Community Service Center is 140 South Wilson Street, Brownsville, Tennessee 38012. The phone number for the Henderson County Community Service Center is 145 South Main Street, Lexington, Tennessee 38351. Please call 968-6802 for the Madison County office, located at 1124 Whitehall Street, Suite 201A in Jackson, Tennessee. The McNairy County Community Service Center is the primary phone line for the county and is located at 145 South Y Square in Selmer, Tennessee. The center provides a variety of services to residents, including emergency assistance, information and referral, and community development. The center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

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