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Steepletown Neighborhood Services assistance programs.

Steepletown Neighborhood Services is a great place to get help if you are low income or struggling to make ends meet. They can help you access state benefits or provide assistance from their own Community Assistance Program. The goal is to help low income families and those that are struggling in Kent County to improve their situation.

Both hope and compassion can be given to working poor individuals and families who live in the community. Non-profit organizations can provide the resources that people need to get out of poverty or homelessness. This can help break the cycle of poverty or homelessness. The Steepletown Neighborhood Services organization uses a “neighbor helping neighbor” concept, as well as donations from members of the community, to provide resources and solutions to promote stability and independence for people in need.

Community Assistance and financial help from Steepletown Neighborhood Services

The main programs offered at Steepletown Neighborhood Services include the CAP which focuses on providing services to low-income clients who are struggling. An individualized plan of action will be created by Steepletown staff after an appointment is made. This plan will need to be reviewed and agreed upon by both the staff and the individual.

This means that staff may need to find local charities or agencies that can help with a client’s living expenses or bills. All applications must be completed and submitted at the same time to ensure that the process is done correctly and that all benefits are received in a timely manner. Some examples of emergency rental assistance are the Kent County Rental Assistance Program and the Grand Rapids Housing Commission.

Steepletown tries to help people sort out their financial problems by working with Kent County’s Department of Human Services. They also act as a site where people can get information about other resources that might be helpful to them. The collaboration between the two organizations enables people to reapply or update their paperwork and applications for assistance while they are at the center.

Educational services for kids, adults and older youth

Steepletown also offers a preschool program that low-income parents can use for safe and affordable childcare. The program is offered most days of the week. This service helps prepare children for kindergarten so they can transition into school easily.

The teachers and staff at Steepletown Neighborhood Services support the parents of their students by hosting events and activities throughout the year. They aim to help the parents create a solid foundation for their children to thrive on while attending school. The program offers scholarships to eligible preschoolers in the form of services.

Steepletown offers GED preparation and tutoring courses for youth under 25 who want to finish their GED. Participants are evaluated and assessed to determine which coursework is most appropriate for their academic level. In turn, they may attend afternoon or morning sessions, working and studying until they are at a sufficient or passing level to take the GED exam.

There is a literacy program available for Spanish-speaking adults who wish to increase their literacy skills while living in the United States. This community program, sponsored by Steepletown Neighborhood Services, is called La Plaza Comunitaria. It was created in partnership with Grand Valley State University. This means that if you take ESL classes and do well in them, you might also be able to get your high school diploma.

Steepletown Neighborhood Services Legal Aid

The Tenants’ Rights Project provides free legal services to low-income residents in Kent County. This service was made possible by partnering with various local community agencies, including Cooley Law School, Davenport University, Grand Rapids Urban League, as well as by getting volunteer pro-bono work from local attorneys.

Legal support provides income qualified individuals and families with a way to find answers or resources for their pending financial or housing concerns, such as paying rent, unsafe housing, dealing with eviction notices, landlord issues, and more. All the legal aid is given out on a first-come first-serve basis at the Steepletown Neighborhood Services center. Finding an attorney to help stop an eviction may be difficult, but it is possible. There are many organizations that offer legal assistance to low-income individuals, and some of these organizations may be able to help with an eviction. It is also possible to find an attorney who specializes in landlord-tenant law.

There is help available for people who have difficulty understanding and completing their taxes, including the working poor, low-income individuals, seniors and families. The VITA Tax Preparation Assistance program is a free program that provides legal aid to people who need it.

Kent County Job placement

The Steepletown Center provides job placement as part of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). This helps people learn work skills in areas that interest them, which leads to a stable job and income.

The Summer Work Experience Program in Kent County offers eligible interns the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge and skills in certain fields. This experience will give them the opportunity to get certified, which will help them get a job in the future.

Applying for Steepletown Center Services

A focus is also giving out referrals. The non-profit Steepletown Neighborhood Services offers assistance and their phone number is (616) 451-4215.

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