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Toco Hills Community Allianc assistance programs.

The Toco Hills Community Alliance can help families facing a crisis by providing a free food pantry. The church will help people who are struggling to get by in Atlanta, including those who are homeless or living in poverty. There are many organizations that offer help in times of need, such as paying rent, energy bills, food, and transitional housing.

The organization may help pay for rent, mortgage, or utility bills. Our goal is to help families who are at risk of being evicted or having their electricity shut off. The applicant must be experiencing a difficult situation, such as losing a job, having a medical emergency, or dealing with a death in the family. Some of the people who meet the requirements will have their rent or energy bill paid.

The Toco Hills Community Alliance runs a food pantry that provides free groceries to people in need. The center will give out non-perishable food, such as canned food, meat, and other household items. Both families in poverty and homeless families can receive assistance. Other items that may be given out include kits with personal hygiene items and snacks. We are always in need of donations, so please give what you can.

Workplace clothing may be given to employees. The charity provides new workers with uniforms, work attire, equipment, and other necessary items for a job. The Toco Hills Community Alliance provides access to computers and the internet for people looking for employment. This includes preparing resumes and applying for jobs online. Some homeless people may receive a voucher for a short-term stay in a motel when they start a new job.

The Transitional Housing Program is a program that helps homeless families in Atlanta become stable and have a place to live. The program provides families with housing, food, and other resources they need to get back on their feet. The charity will provide them with better housing that is more secure and safe. Clients can also access workshops and classes such as personalized case management, money management education and other support social services for 18-24 months. Clients who use the transitional housing will need to set aside a portion of their income for paying down debts and for saving up money. Matching grants are a type of financial aid that can help pay for educational expenses. With a matching grant, the grantor (usually a government agency) agrees to match the amount of money that the recipient (usually a student) has been awarded by another source. At the end of the program, staff will help people locate more permanent housing in Fulton or DeKalb County. They may also help with paying security deposits or rent.

A program that helps people from becoming homeless is offered. The goal is to help low-income workers who qualify to avoid eviction and become financially stable in the long term. The agency’s staff is proactive in preventing evictions and homelessness. Those families will also be able to enroll into long-term strategies, credit classes and gain general education in an effort to avoid similar situations in the future. This will help them improve their circumstances and break the cycle of poverty.

The program may offer short-term assistance for paying rent and utility bills. The participants need to agree to improve their financial situation for the long term by saving and reducing debt. If people agree to follow the rules of the Toco Hills Community Alliance, they may be able to keep living in their homes or apartments.

A money management service is available for 20 weeks at a time. It can help families develop the skills they need to manage their household finances and also learn about long term strategies for managing their finances. Couches and staff will help clients practice the lessons they have learned.

The Toco Hills Community Alliance provides assistance to families during key times throughout the year, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and back-to-school.

The Christmas resources at the church include adopting a family in need and shopping for toys for children. Parents can get gift cards or vouchers to use towards buying toys and gifts. This year, volunteers from In the Black will be adopting families from the Atlanta area. For the Adopt a Family program, kind-hearted people from all over Atlanta sign up to buy presents and even holiday decorations for entire families. This year, volunteers from In the Black will be adopting families from the Atlanta area. These items are then given to children and families in need. People donate clothes, toys, and other gifts to churches, which then give them to children and families who need them.

During Thanksgiving, people can get free gift certificates to buy turkeys and other perishable items. The certificates can help them buy everything they need to have a happy Thanksgiving meal.

School items include clothing, backpacks, supplies, and even items for prom. The Toco Hills Community Alliance and its churches provide clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks to those in need. The charity partners with high schools to provide free tuxedos, Prom dresses and accessories to low income and at-risk girls and boys from the Atlanta area.

The charity operates a store where people can donate and buy used items. For the poorest members of the region, they may receive free items and basic needs. People who live near Atlanta can go to the store and buy things at a lower price. Everything that is sold will be cheap. All clothing, household items, and other various items are for sale to the public and any profits go towards the Toco Hills Community Alliance financial aid programs.

Apply for help from Toco Hills Community Alliance

The churches that are a part of the Toco Hills Community Alliance are listed below. Call (404) 325-0677 for more information on assistance programs.

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