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Union County Urban League assistance programs.

Low income and struggling families who are unemployed can contact the Urban League of Union County for assistance. They help people with a lot of different problems, especially with finding a job and being able to support themselves in the long run. The staff can also help connect clients to emergency financial aid programs for things like food or shelter.

There are many places in Union County New Jersey where you can get help with your career. The organization provides job-search tips to anyone who requests them, in order to help them with socialization, acquisition, maintenance and adaptation. Individualized sessions offer mock interviews and assistance with job searches while group workshops offer general information about job searching techniques. This includes advice on how to fill out applications and résumés correctly. If you know someone who is looking for a job, you can refer them to the company.

The agency has a career center that helps connect employers with Union County residents who are looking for work. The website provides a variety of services to both employers and job seekers in Florida. These services are available to individuals or small groups, and are often provided in partnership with Work First New Jersey training department staff.

The agency also has specific job fairs that target a specific population that the sponsoring business is looking for. The Urban League of Union County sponsors job fairs to help community residents find employment opportunities with local businesses, including non-profit organizations and government agencies.

TUL is focused on providing housing. The agency is responsible for repairing housing, preventing evictions and foreclosures, and making homes more energy efficient through weatherization services. They are a HUD approved agency and offer workshops for first-time homebuyers.

The services offered by TUL help clients, including tenants and homeowners, address foreclosures and landlord-tenant issues. This will typically involve budgeting workshops as well as sessions to address pre-purchase concerns, mortgage delinquencies, and defaults.

The foreclosure-counseling program helps people who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments. The program offers advice and assistance to help people stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure. Urban League staff help people with mortgages communicate with their lender or mortgage company about their options to avoid foreclosure. The goal of these counselors is to help people who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments to catch up. Housing counselors help homeowners make payment plans or change their home loans to avoid foreclosure.

If you are a homeowner in Union County who is facing foreclosure, you can also go to the Court system for help. Many times, judges will tell people to try to work out their differences by talking to each other. This is called mediation. The terms of the loan need to be acceptable to both the lender and the borrower.

This mediation program takes care of cases that have been filed in the county court. Housing counselors and attorneys help eligible homeowners by meeting with them free of charge to prepare and submit workout packages to lenders.

Monthly first-time homebuyer workshops help people understand both the good and bad parts of owning a home. Sessions are held every month by Union County Urban League or its partners. These sessions are designed to help individuals in the community learn about and access different resources that are available to them. Those who successfully complete all requirements will be given a certificate of completion. There may be government funding available that can help with the down payment.

The housing rehabilitation program helps low- and moderate-income homeowners repair their homes, with a focus on homes with senior citizens. In order to be eligible, clients must make a certain amount of money and live in Union County.

The Housing and Community Development Department is the service that can provide, in limited instances, funds for housing expenses or utility bills. This service is typically only available to low-income individuals or families who are struggling to make ends meet. There may be money for rent in a crisis, heating bill help, and even some funds for a mortgage. In other words, there may be some financial assistance available if you find yourself in a difficult situation. The options for financing range from loans with no interest to other sources of financing. In order to qualify for a hardship exemption, you will need to provide proof of your financial hardship and meet other conditions.

Some utility companies in New Jersey offer waivers that can help lower your bill. One example is SHARE. Union County residents who are behind on their utility bills can seek help from the county through a payment plan. This means that they will need to agree to any future terms and conditions that are set. The clients must also give evidence of their income, a contract for their lease, and a form of photo identification.

The financial empowerment center helps Union County residents to manage their resources and to save money. The agency helps clients make financial plans and gives them help to reach the goals they have set for themselves. Debt and credit counseling sessions will be offered to help meet this goal.

Food is available for people in a crisis, especially low income families. Urban League partners with universities, businesses, churches, local pantries and community members to procure donations of monies and non-perishable food in order to provide this service.

How to get help from Urban League in Union County

The Union County office is at 288 North Broad Street, Elizabeth New Jersey 07207. To reach someone by telephone at (908) 351-7200.

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