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Vigo County assistance programs.

There are programs in Terre Haute and Vigo County Indiana that can help people with low to moderate incomes. There are many different organizations that can help people in need by providing things like food, money for bills, rent assistance, counseling, and more. There are a variety of services and resources available to you. You can learn about them by asking around, looking online, or visiting your local library.

Non-profit agencies that provide help

Catholic Charities provides assistance to those in need in the Terre Haute area, including the poor, homeless, elderly, neglected children, and others. The Bethany House Emergency Shelter offers housing for individuals and families in need, as well as a Clothes Closet with free clothing and other necessities. Terre Haute Catholic Charities Foodbank provides 2.5 million meals each year to more than 32,000 individuals living in west central Indiana. In addition, it partners with 90+ other nonprofit emergency food assistance agencies to provide meals to those in need.

The Ryves Youth Center is another service that is available to young people. This center provides a variety of services including a place to hang out, participate in activities, and receive counseling and other support. The location provides educational and recreational activities, as well as meals, to youth ages 5-17. The Christmas Store helps families by giving them new clothes, household items, and personal hygiene products for Christmas. If you need more information, please call (812)232-1447.

Catholic Charities of Terre Haute provides assistance to low-income individuals and families through a variety of programs. The Bethany House provides homeless housing, the Clothes Closet provides clothing, the Soup Kitchen provides food, the two Simeon Houses are for the elderly, the Day Activities program provides activities, the Food Bank provides food for agencies and charities, the Household Exchange provides free household items, Ryves Hall is a youth center, and the Christmas Store provides free Christmas items. Call the agency at 812.232.1447.

The Salvation Army in Terre Haute provides many different types of assistance programs to help those in need. You can reach them at 232.4081. This non-profit agency is dedicated to helping those in need with their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. They may have limited financial assistance available for paying bills and expenses from time to time.

They work with other agencies in Indiana to provide financial assistance for first time new employment; energy needs, medical appointments, food, rent and mortgage assistance. There are other social services in the county besides prescription medications and disaster relief, such as shelter. The Vigo County Salvation Army provides assistance programs to help those in need. Some of the programs offered include food assistance, rent assistance, utility assistance, and more.

Vigo County community action agency

The area is served by a community action agency that provides assistance to low-income residents. The organization is based in Terre Haute but provides assistance to low to moderate income families and individuals in need across the region. To reach customer service, please call (812) 232-1264. The programs they administer are listed below. The services and resources they offer include:

It is a statewide program that provides medical care for low-income people who are not eligible for other assistance programs. The program helps low-income households pay for medical care and hospital bills. This program provides treatment to those who do not have health insurance.

The Indigent Medical Care program staff work with Vigo County doctors, physicians, specialists, medical centers, hospitals, health care clinics, laboratories and testing facilities to provide medical care and health care services to low-income households free of charge. The Indigent Medical Care Program provides financial assistance for paying for prescription medication through private donations to the health care program. There is more information available on health care programs.

The Program provides a one-time financial assistance payment to help eligible low-income households with their summer cooling and winter heating bills. The Western Indiana Community Action Agency, Inc. provides Vigo County residents with access to an Energy Bill Assistance Program. This program provides a one-time payment to help low-income households with their summer cooling and winter heating bills. This organization helps over 5,000 people each year with the costs of their home energy bills. The program has two main parts. The Program will provide assistance with heating bills beginning in October. The second stage is the summer cooling and air conditioning bill assistance program. This program helps people with their air conditioning bills during the summer months. Every year in June.

The Home Repairs and Weatherization Program helps low to moderate income families repair and improve their homes. The program provides money for home repairs, insulation, and weatherization to help reduce heating costs and improve comfort.

Community action agencies are always a great resource to learn about all low income programs and options available. They can provide information about programs that can help with things like food, housing, and healthcare. They can refer people to government assistance programs that can help with things like food, housing, and healthcare. There are a variety of programs that offer assistance with mortgages, debt, foreclosure counseling, loans for security deposits or rent, and other services.

There are many other grant-based programs available from Vigo County non-profits. Other social services can also be contacted for help. More programs from Community Action Western Indiana.

Location of free food and basic needs in Vigo County

If you need assistance with food, the best place to go is a local food pantry. The centers focus on two main topics. They make sure that every family has enough food to eat. Non-profits can also help support the community by providing things like clothing, household goods, or applications for programs like WIC or food stamps. Some of the main tourist attractions in Los Angeles are listed below.

There is a church in Terre Haute that provides both meals and a food pantry for those in need. The phone number is (812) 234-5277.

Victory Christian Church helps families in need, no matter their religion. Call (812) 877-1502.

The Salvation Army can help you with things like finding a local food pantry, getting holiday assistance, and getting school supplies. The case managers can be contacted at (812) 235-0436.

There are about 20 other charities that also provide food to residents in an emergency. Some residents have access to other resources. Search for food pantries in the Terre Haute area.

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